And I’m Quackers! Quack Quack Quack!

—Quackers McQuack, Lovin that cali lifestyle!!


Hollyhock's Dads model sheet

Quackers McQuack is one of Hollyhock's eight adoptive fathers.

His gimmick is saying “quack” a lot.


Quackers McQuack is an adult male short duck with white feathers, an orange beak, and short “hair” in a styled up fashion. He also appears to have a chubby belly.

He wears a teal collared button down short-sleeved Hawaiian shirt with a pink and purple flowers and green leaves pattern and a pair of above the knee red shorts and green flip-flops.

He is slightly above 4 1/2 ft tall making him the shortest of the fathers.


Not much is known about Quackers, but he, like the other dads, is very protective of Hollyhock, getting angry at BoJack after she overdosed on amphetamines, angrily questioning how he let this happen.

He may have a bad temper, as Arturo tells him to calm down when he is yelling at BoJack, and after he says quack.

Like the other dads, he has a gimmick, which is saying quack a lot.


  • He is slightly reminiscent of Disney's Donald Duck, as they are both white ducks with short tempers.