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...My life is a mess right now, and I compulsively take care of other people when I don't know how to take care of myself.

—Princess Carolyn, Out to Sea

Aw fish!

—Princess Carolyn’s catchphrase


Princess Carolyn is a female pink Persian cat and one of the main characters throughout the BoJack Horseman series. She is BoJack Horseman's former agent, manager, and ex-girlfriend.

Princess Carolyn worked as a talent agent for Vigor before leaving and starting her own agency, VIM, which she eventually had to close, but later reopened as a management company. She served as the producer for Philbert in Season 5 and Birthday Dad in Season 6. At the end of Season 5, she adopts a baby porcupine girl, who she eventually names Ruthie in The New Client in Season 6. In Angela, Princess Carolyn gets an offer from Lenny Turteltaub to start her own production company called Girtletaub, however, it is implied that she may have turned down Lenny's offer and instead started her own production company with Judah Mannowdog, whom she marries shortly before the finale.

Physical Appearance[]

Princess Carolyn is a female Persian cat. She has pink fur, with a curl of pink hair on her head. She has green eyes with bags under them and long black whiskers. According to model sheets, she is only about 4'9" tall when barefoot and 5'1" in heels.

She wears a knee-length teal green dress with a yellow fish pattern on it and a grey belt around the waist, a yellow sweater, a gold necklace with an upside down triangle-shaped pendant with a red gem in the middle, and dark pink high heels. Yes And shows she apparently wears lipstick the same color as her fur.

In 2007, she wore a blue and white striped short-sleeved cropped shirt, a light wash denim mini skirt with a yellow circle belt buckle, a cropped brown button-down jacket, and pink fur-lined Ugg boots with white pom-poms dangling from them, along with a white fedora with a blue and white horizontal striped ribbon on the brim outdoors, which was destroyed after she accidentally tossed it into a ceiling fan.

In the mid-late 90s, after she started working for Marv Sbarbori at Vigor in 1993, she had a "Rachel" style hairdo—a shoulder-length layered cut with long, parted bangs that framed her face, and it was a darker shade of pink. She wore a button-up yellow vest over a sleeveless black top, a green skirt with a white and yellow plaid design, and black platform shoes.

As an eighteen-year-old in 1992, she didn't have bags under her eyes, her eyebrows were a little thicker, and her hair was in a styled back fashion. She wore a cropped magenta pink sweater, high waist, knee-length, light blue jean shorts with a black belt, and white sneakers. She began wearing her necklace when her mother gave it to her before she left for California.

In The Amelia Earhart Story, she is briefly seen as a little girl with her hair in curled bangs similar to her mother and wearing a long-sleeved purple shirt.


Princess Carolyn is the earnest, clever, hard-working agent. She is quite skilled at what she does, being able to network and multitask almost effortlessly at times. Due to the nature of working in Hollywoo show business, she can be stubborn, sweet-talking, and even manipulative when it comes to making deals or convincing people to agree with her and getting what she wants, even if it is morally questionable. However, she does have a good-natured and considerate side to her.

Princess Carolyn is very ambitious, having gone from the daughter of a maid, an agent's assistant, an agent, then to the head of her own agency and management company. She takes pride in her work and loves her career as a talent agent, despite the stress and little free time. Despite saying that she wants a "quiet life," she actually loves the excitement of her career-oriented life as a talent agent and wouldn't trade it for anything. When she is seen looking at a beautiful Thomas Kinkade painting of a cottage in a museum, she has a fantasy she is living inside the painting, with her rival Vanessa Gekko being her maid in the fantasy world—she quickly grows bored and realizes an idealistic, quiet country life is simply not for her due to her competitive nature.

Princess Carolyn believes she can fix anything with hard work and that she “always lands on her feet." She aims to turn her problems into happy ending, trying to meet problems with optimism, and avoiding help from others when it comes to her personal problems—as she wants to be seen as "easy." She also doesn't want to show her weaknesses, insecurities, or vulnerabilities due to her reputation of being able to do anything.

Princess Carolyn claims to separate her personal life from her professional life, but she is shown to have at least a little difficulty in doing so. She almost compulsively starts relationships with men without much foresight, which often leads to complications in her relationships. BoJack notes that she does this because she is lonely. She tries to pep-talk herself into staying career-motivated after they broke up because of his constant intrusion into her work and personal lives makes it difficult for her to separate the two from each other.

Princess Carolyn has a maternal side and admits that she compulsively takes care of others, despite her own life being "a mess," and it is shown she gains satisfaction, pride, and a sense of purpose from helping others and fixing their problems. She greatly desires a family of her own, including children, as indicated in Season 4. For the first half of the season, she tries to get pregnant but fails due to being infertile. Ironically, she already serves as a mother figure to the main characters, often solving their problems and putting their needs before hers, whether she wants to or not—something she has been shown to struggle with. Ralph, Judah, and BoJack have all told Princess Carolyn that she has the potential to be an excellent mother. In Season 5, her wish finally comes true when she adopts her daughter "Untitled Princess Carolyn Project."

However, it is evident that motherhood may clash with Princess Carolyn's workaholic nature, and the importance of her career, as pointed out by Sadie and Tracy. In the Season 6 episode The New Client, she is utterly exhausted and stressed with taking care of a baby and balancing work, so much so she hadn’t thought of a name for her yet, leaving her to be worried she isn’t a good mother as she doesn’t feel like she actually loves her daughter like she loves work. A pep talk from Vanessa Gekko encourages her to accept the ruthless job of motherhood. She begins to bond with her daughter, starting by getting her to stop crying and making her laugh with tongue twisters and finally decided to name her Ruthie. However, she still worries being at work all the time will affect Ruthie and ruin their mother-daughter bond, but she loves her job and career advancement. BoJack tells her to stop doing everything herself when she is the boss, and to get herself a "Princess Carolyn" of her own. She hires Todd to be her permanent nanny and makes Judah a job offer as Chief-of-Operations, which they gladly accept. She then tells Judah she needs every third Friday of her schedule cleared so she has time to spend with her daughter.

Throughout her teen years, Princess Carolyn would have to cover for her alcoholic mother at her job as a live-in maid for a wealthy family, while her mother attempted to guilt her into not leaving her for college and a better life. This and her favorite movie as a child, The Amelia Earhart Story, which gave her the belief if you really want something you have to work hard and convince others you deserve it, gave Princess Carolyn her workaholic attitude, along with her savior complex and obsession to fix people in her life, particularly BoJack. Similarly, her fertility problem has persisted since at least her late teens, as demonstrated by the 5 miscarriages she had between the ages of 18 and 44.

Princess Carolyn shows a pretty no-nonsense attitude towards BoJack, does not put up with his crap, and often calls him out on his mistakes. The two of them seem to share a long history and have known each other a good while, both romantically and professionally. As a result of their long history, she can also see the good qualities in BoJack such as his love of art and his potential to be a decent person if he puts his mind to it. In Sunk Cost and All That, Princess Carolyn reveals to BoJack she’s stuck with him all this time because she’s loved him for twenty-five years and she’ll never find that again, and she wants it to have a happy ending—essentially a sunk cost fallacy— BoJack suggests perhaphs her happy ending is letting him go. While attempting to defend himself during his second interview with Biscuits Braxby, Princess Carolyn is hurt when BoJack claims he loved Sarah Lynn unlike the other women he’s hurt in his life, feeling as if her love was never reciprocated—furthered by BoJack offhandedly staying later "we dated for like seven years." This, plus likely the realization of the toxic pattern BoJack has with women, leads to Princess Carolyn to leave BoJack to his own defenses. However, she gets BoJack out of jail for a day to attend her and Judah's wedding and the two dance together, but if BoJack were to get back into the industry, she tells him she can "recommend some excellent people" indicting she still cares for him but both their professional and romatic relationships have come to an end.



S5E05 Young Princess Carolyn with her mom and siblings

Young Princess Carolyn with her mother and siblings

Princess Carolyn was the youngest runt in a litter of twelve and was born on June 6, 1974. She was born and raised in Eden, North Carolina.

Princess Carolyn came from a very poor family. Her mother, Cutie Cutie Cupcake, was a live-in maid for the Wallace family, a wealthy family in the answering machine tape business, and she and her children stayed in a room above their garage.

However, as Princess Carolyn got older, she would often have to do most of the work herself—as Cutie was an irresponsible alcoholic, and was usually too drunk to do any work. By the time she was a teenager the rest of her siblings had long since moved out, making her feel like she had to stay as she was all her mother had left. Her father was separated from Cutie and lived in Raleigh.

Princess Carolyn's favorite movie as a little girl, and the only VHS tape her family-owned, was The Amelia Earhart Story. She loved this movie so much she knew the dialogue by heart. She watched it so much the tape began to wear out, as it helped her escape from her poor living conditions. This movie, along with having to cover for her drunk mother, so they wouldn't be homeless—factored into Princess Carolyn's workaholic personality. It also strengthened her persistent attitude and the belief you must work and try hard to get what you want.

As an eighteen-year-old teenager, she befriended the Wallaces' teen son, Cooper Thomas Rodgers Wallace III, and the two were involved in a romantic fling one day after Cooper becomes the first-string quarterback for his football team after Princess Carolyn encouraged him to try out.

S5E05 Cutie berating Princess Carolyn

Cutie berating Princess Carolyn for thinking she has "lucky numbers"

That same night, she and her mother got in a fight about Princess Carolyn wanting to go to California for college, one of them being UCLA. Cutie drunkenly warned Princess Carolyn to not aim too high for your dreams and berated her for wanting to leave her. She also mocked her for thinking she could get into one of those schools and being able to find a way to pay for it.

She told Princess Carolyn, "life is like a game of roulette" and she needs to stop believing she has lucky numbers, attempting to crush her aspirations of a better life away from poverty.

Shortly afterwards Princess Carolyn discovered she got pregnant by Cooper, to her dismay, believing her life was over. However, her mother reacted positively, telling Princess Carolyn the Wallace family will now support them for the rest of their lives after she marries Cooper. She then gives her daughter her necklace, telling her it came from the old country, and that when she looks at it she should remember she came from "a line of strong women who can take a licking and keep on ticking."

She meets with Cooper and his father later that night and he tells her she'll marry Cooper, and she'll be financially and emotionally supported for the rest of her life—albeit with the entirety of her life planned out for her, which she seemed to have no problem with.

Unfortunately, Princess Carolyn miscarries, and her mother blames her for ruining their plan. As Princess Carolyn sobs over this, her mother comforts her by telling her she's now free and reveals she got accepted into UCLA.


Cutie begging Princess Carolyn at the last minute to stay home for one more year

As Princess Carolyn and her mother said goodbye to each other at the airport, her mother at the last minute begged her daughter to stay home for another year, pleading "Can't you do this one thing for me?" when all Princess Carolyn ever did was cover for her. Princess Carolyn refuses, devastating her mother, and she leaves to attend UCLA.

Princess Carolyn started at Vigor Talent as an intern for BoJack's agent, Marv Sbarbori, in 1993, in order to pay for college.

S3E09 90s PC hosing BoJack down

Princess Carolyn's first encounter with BoJack

She first met BoJack Horseman when she had to drop scripts off at his house. She found him on his front lawn passed out and covered in tapioca pudding. She hosed him down, dragged him inside, and covered him with a blanket.

S3E09 90s PC about to introduce herself to BoJack

Princess Carolyn's second encounter with BoJack

The second time she met him was after a taping of Horsin' Around. She went backstage to introduce herself, but he told her that he was tired of pretending to be nice all night and to leave him alone.

S3E09 90s BoJack sees Princess Carolyn

Princess Carolyn's third encounter with BoJack

S3E09 90s Princess Carolyn "It’s nice to see you again!"

"Hey! It’s nice to see you again!"

The third time she met him was when BoJack went to see Marv at his office. He saw Princess Carolyn at her desk and thought she was cute. She greeted him and said "Hey! It’s nice to see you again!"

She attended BoJack's Halloween party in 1993, where she was put on door duty and handed out Emmy screeners to trick or treaters, which would happen to her every year at said party, where she would always dress as Amelia Earhart.


Princess Carolyn at BoJack's Halloween party in 1993 dressed as Amelia Earhart.

She eventually became Marv's secretary and assistant. In 2007, Marv quit, giving Princess Carolyn his position. This made her BoJack's agent, whom she started an on-again/off-again relationship with at that time. She broke up with BoJack after becoming his agent, because she wanted to have a family before she was forty, and she didn't want to spend the next seven years waiting around for him to be serious about starting a family.

S3E09 Princess Carolyn "Don’t You Break My Heart BoJack Horseman"

"Don't you break my heart, BoJack Horseman."

However, she sleeps with him again after she goes to his house to comfort him after his new show, The BoJack Horseman Show is a failure. She woke up before him early the next morning, and she said: "Don’t you break my heart, BoJack Horseman."

At one point they go to the Bahamas together for vacation and BoJack gives her a bracelet for her thirty-eighth birthday.

She rose to be one of Vigor's top agents through her dogged pursuit of new talent, a large network of personal connections to other agents, and skill for being in the right place at the right time.

She also has a lot of nieces and nephews. She attended a niece's wedding in Chickens.

Her father passed away sometime between late 2007-2014. In Best Thing That Ever Happened, it is revealed that BoJack went to the funeral with her and held her hand.

Her mother also died sometime before 2014, which was the last time Princess Carolyn went back to Eden until 2018.

Season 1[]

In Season 1 she is introduced as BoJack's agent and on again off again relationship (typically a sexual and romantic one) with BoJack, stating she's able to separate her work life from her personal life.

She is usually seen calling BoJack from her office, typically when he does something stupid, and attempts to help him fix the situation.

In Prickly-Muffin, it is learned she has a rival named Vanessa Gekko. After hearing Sarah Lynn fired her agent, Princess Carolyn goes to BoJack's house, where Sarah Lynn is staying and is throwing wild parties as she does so, and subtly tries to get her to be her client while dressing and trying to act young and cool.

However, she apparently inadvertently made Sarah Lynn want to ask Vanessa to be her agent, and Sarah Lynn thanks her for it. Despite this, Princess Carolyn apparently planned this, as she tells her assistant to get the word around that Andrew Garfield’s ex, Sarah Lynn, was meeting with Vanessa Gekko, who is also his agent and to get her a meeting with him.

She also signs Todd Chavez as her client in Zoës and Zeldas, and assists him with his David Boreanaz scheme in Live Fast, Diane Nguyen, although she abandons him when the cops arrive.

Say Anything gives Princess Carolyn more focus. She gives BoJack a pep talk after he goes on a week-long bender due to his dismay over Diane's engagement to Mr. Peanutbutter, and books him to shoot a commercial for Guten Bourbon. Things are coming together for Princess Carolyn's upcoming Eva Braun movie project until her agency Vigor merges with rival agency FME.

Her longtime rival from FME, Vanessa Gekko, begins to share Princess Carolyn's workspace due to the sloppy merger. She also begins to take over Princess Carolyn's Eva Braun project and her clients.

She is further hindered by BoJack abandoning his commercial shoot and coming to fawn after her, to which Princess Carolyn points out he does so every time something bad happens to him. However, she finally relents to date with BoJack after much pestering, to pursue happiness by going on a date with him.

The two enjoy their date but simultaneously get a phone call. Princess Carolyn gets a call from Vanessa Gekko indicating that her former client Cate Blanchett has switched Gekko. Dismayed, Princess Carolyn decides to commit to pursuing happiness with BoJack to take her mind off of her career.

BoJack, meanwhile, is called by Herb Kazzaz, who is responding to BoJack's voicemail from the episode Live Fast, Diane Nguyen. Herb scathingly tells BoJack to visit him at his home in Malibu if BoJack has anything to say to him. The call sobers up BoJack, and he admits to Princess Carolyn that she was right earlier when she said they don't love each other and that they're just lonely and trying to hate themselves less.

Princess Carolyn gathers herself after that evening, swearing to become a "heartless, hard career gal." She is called on the way to work by BoJack, who tells her he is on his way to visit Herb and wishes to get work when he returns. At first, she dismisses him, saying he is not her client anymore, but begins to find him work after finding out Vanessa coldly shredded his contract to drop him.

Princess Carolyn's persistence pays off in the end when she wins back the Eva Braun project from Vanessa, and maneuvers a position for BoJack to star in a new movie project based on the events of the stolen Hollywood "D" from the episode Our A-Story is a "D" Story. When she calls BoJack to tell him of the news later that evening, BoJack simply tells her he doesn't care and that nothing matters before hanging up on her.

Princess Carolyn then dismisses her assistant Laura from work. When asked by Laura if she was heading out soon, Princess Carolyn simply asks back "Where else would I go?" She stares out at the city alone, as realizes she has sacrificed many of her dreams pursuing BoJack who she finds is unattainable to her personally, and he just takes what she does for him for granted. Her phone alarm reminds her it is her fortieth birthday.

In Horse Majeure, BoJack gathers her and Todd to formulate a plan to stop Diane's wedding. Princess Carolyn refuses and begins flirting with Vincent Adultman to both spite and ignore BoJack.

BoJack is the only one who believes that Vincent is three little kids stacked on top of each other in a trench coat, although when he points this out he is passed as just being jealous. She attends Diane and Mr. Peanutbutter's wedding and the Golden Globes and BoJack's after-party in Later with Vincent.

BH S01E09 SS 001

Princess Carolyn flirting with Vincent Adultman

In Later, she convinces Lenny Turteltaub to produce the Secretariat film, as BoJack decides he finally wants to do it due to his book's success and the rising fame that came with it, and hires Diane as a character consultant for the film, as she wrote a book on Secretariat and the job will be very easy.

She also goes through a rough patch with Vincent, as he works a full-time job at the business factory, and when he gets home he just wants to unwind by watching R-rated movies.

She then has an argument with Vincent over him only talking about and wanting to do "business" and "adult things" all the time, leaving herself to think she's not ready for an adult relationship yet, and she breaks up with Vincent.

However, he reconciles with her at Mr. Peanutbutter's launch party for Smoodies, telling her that he had an attitude problem, but he then took a timeout and realized it takes a big man to tell the truth, and the truth is that he loves her. She forgives him and the two plan to go to Hawaii together.

Season 2[]

In Season 2, she begins to interact with her coworker Rutabaga Rabitowitz, whose office is directly below hers. The two typically talk about their clients, while Rutabaga complains about his marriage and the things his wife, Katie, makes him do.

In Still Broken, she attends Herb Kazzaz's funeral in an attempt to schmooze with the other celebrities there. However, after Henry Winkler turns down some, and then vents to her about people using funerals for business opportunities.

She ends up having to lie about how she knew Herb, and with coaxing from Mr. Peanutbutter has to lie about how they did charity work together. As a result, she is given the responsibility to spread Herb's ashes, which she neglects throughout the rest of the season, as the urn is seen in the back of her car and later in her office.

In After the Party, Princess Carolyn notices a boy crossing the street with his mother that looks just like Vincent. She angrily believes Vincent has a secret family. Later, the boy, named Kevin, stops by her apartment and claims to be Vincent's son. While he steps into the bathroom, Vincent shows up at her apartment as well.

After a few interactions with "both" of them, while the two are never seen together, Princess Carolyn realizes that she was looking for something when they met and wanted to believe their relationship was it. She says that believing something to be real isn't the same as it actually being real and their relationship isn't, and she breaks up with Vincent.

She is shown to be under-appreciated at work in Higher Love, as her boss Mr. Witherspoon berates her for showing up late and missing the opportunity to snag the now late agent Ronnie Bonito's clients. The only client no one wanted was Mr. Peanutbutter.

However, Rutabaga helps Princess Carolyn and tells her Ronnie had another client no one knew about: author J.D. Salinger, who faked his death and now owns a bike shop. She finds Salinger and convinces him to be her client, and he pitches his idea for a game show to Wanda for MBN: Hollywoo Stars and Celebrities: What Do They Know? Do They Know Things?? Let's Find Out!.

She green lights the show and casts Mr. Peanutbutter as the host as his big comeback role. Despite two big successes in one day, Princess Carolyn receives no praise whatsoever from her boss nor coworkers, as once again her actions go completely unnoticed.

She confides in Rutabaga over her frustrations. He then gives her the movie star speech which he offered to give her earlier, the is the part of the movie where the world turns its back on her and she gets her heart broken, but this part of the movie has to happen in order for her to deserve her happy ending. The speech appears to give Princess Carolyn some hope. Rutabaga then reveals to her he thinks he and his wife Katie are getting a divorce.

In The Shot, Rutabaga offers Princess Carolyn to leave Vigor with him and start their own agency. Princess Carolyn is reluctant, as she's worked at Vigor for twenty years—she even still waters their plants, and things have been "crazy" for her.

Rutabaga gives her time to think about it, but he says if she's not interested he'll just go ask Vanessa Gekko to do it with him. Princess Carolyn is dragged into BoJack's plan to break into the Nixon Library to film a cut but crucial scene for Secretariat with Kelsey.

She, Todd, Allen the cable repair guy, and Character Actress Margo Martindale break into the art store down the street to create a diversion.

Princess Carolyn's Dream

Princess Carolyn dreaming of an idealistic life inside a painting where Gekko is her maid

While Margo Martindale gets into a shooting spree with the police, Princess Carolyn is distracted by a calm, serene painting of a cabin in the woods. After imagining living a calm life in the painting, with Vanessa Gecko as her servant, and becoming bored with it—she realizes that if she wanted a simple life she'd have a simple life. The next day, she accepts Rutabaga's offer before she kisses him in the elevator, starting their romantic/sexual relationship.

Rutabaga purchases the property for their new agency in Yes And, and he tells Princess Carolyn that it'll be ready in June, giving them two months to move out of Vigor. He had to register their new corporation in her name because of his divorce, to her surprise, but he promises it's only temporary.

Mr. Peanutbutter interrupts them and Princess Carolyn tells him about how they are leaving Vigor and starting their own agency. She asks if he'd go with them to the new agency and Mr. Peanutbutter says he's in. Earlier in the episode, she asks BoJack if she left Vigor would he follow her to a new agency, and he agreed.

In Out to Sea, Princess Carolyn visits BoJack and chastises him for not being able to contact him for two months (as he ran away to New Mexico during that time), and she tells him she did what he told her and gave his Horsin' Around residuals to an orphanage, in fact, he had enough money to build a brand new orphanage, and the two of them go to the opening.

Later, Princess Carolyn and Rutabaga go visit the location where they're going to open their agency. Just when Princess Carolyn believes everything is perfect, Rutabaga's wife texts him, and Princess Carolyn learns that they are trying to work things out even though she and he have been sleeping together for the past three months. Rutabaga tells her that nothing has to change because he is definitely gonna divorce her.

Princess Carolyn hires Diane, who was in a slump and had been sleeping on BoJack's deck for two months, as a celebrity Tweet ghostwriter. When Diane asks her why she's helping her, Princess Carolyn says that it's because her life is a mess right now so she compulsively takes care of other people because she doesn't know how to help herself.

As Princess Carolyn and Rutabaga leave Vigor forever, Rutabaga tries to kiss Princess Carolyn in the elevator, but she tells him that she doesn't want to do that anymore.

Rutabaga tells her she's a single woman in her forties so she shouldn't be picky and probably won't find another guy like him, and if she keeps holding out for something better she's gonna be alone for a long time. Princess Carolyn says with the realization she's not afraid of being alone, and she refuses to let Rutabaga with her, as she's the owner of the company.

Season 3[]

In Season 3, Princess Carolyn is running VIM on her own, and she has a new assistant, Judah Mannowdog. However, she quickly begins to struggle with her new leadership role. She is flustered with keeping track of clients, calls, and meetings she has to make, as seen when she's late to a conference call with BoJack and Ana and J.D. Salinger and Pinky Penguin respectively, much to the annoyance of both groups.

J.D. Salinger drops her as his agent, believing her to be unprofessional, to Princess Carolyn's dismay, and before that, he decided to cancel his show Hollywoo Stars and Celebrities: What Do They Know? Do They Know Things?? Let's Find Out!, leaving Mr. Peanutbutter out of a job. Judah tells a stressed Princess Carolyn that he'll take up more responsibility, but that they need to focus on the clients that they already have, which Princess Carolyn thinks is a great idea.

She then calls Mr. Peanutbutter and asks him what he's going to do now that his show was canceled. He says that he was planning to take time off, but Princess Carolyn tells him to come up with new ideas and go get the money. Mr. Peanutbutter takes her advice and reopens PB' Livin.

In BoJack Kills, she helps out Mr. Peanutbutter and Todd after they get sprayed by a skunk.

In Love And/Or Marriage, Princess Carolyn gets the night off, and she jokingly tells Judah to get her three dates for the evening, as she doesn't know when her next night off will be. Judah, who admits he's bad at detecting jokes, actually gets her three dates, One at 7:00, one at 8:30, and one at 10:00. She asks him to reschedule two of them because she was joking, but he says it's going to be a really long time until she gets another day off, so she reluctantly decides to go along with it.

Her first date is a total bore and only talks about his job in auto glass, her second date, who is an albino rhinoceros, starts well until he tells her she's too old to have kids. When she angrily questions how he knows that, he tells her he's a gynecologist.

Princess Carolyn is about ready to give up when her next date arrives, a mouse named Ralph. They laugh at the irony, and when Princess Carolyn is about to leave, Ralph offers to take her to another restaurant that does a great cheese plate, and she agrees.

The two have a great time together and laugh as they walk together to her car. However, Princess Carolyn doesn't know when she'll be able to see him again, as running VIM doesn't give her a lot of nights off. He accepts but still gives her his number, saying whenever she is free to give him a call and kisses her on the cheek.

Princess Carolyn arrives at her office to find Judah there working. He tells her he prepared their agreement, and he filled out the holiday cards with personal sayings, all she has to do is sign her name. Princess Carolyn sits down to fill out the cards, and she notices a card addressed to Judah saying how she appreciates him.

In Brrap Brrap Pew Pew, Diane, who recently discovered she's pregnant and is getting an abortion, accidentally tweets out as pop star Sextina Aquafina "I’m getting an abortion." Princess Carolyn tells Diane at her office the next day that VIM is hanging by a thread and clients like Sextina are all that's keeping it afloat. Sextina arrives and wants to fire Diane, but after Diane discovers Sextina is trending and getting support from celebrities and social media outlets for her bravery,

Sextina decides to go along with the lie, and Princess Carolyn supports her. After she releases a raunchy song and video and announces she'll have her abortion live on pay-per-view TV, which she and Princess Carolyn tell Diane they'll fake and pre-record and edit to look like it's live Diane decides the whole thing has gone too far. Princess Carolyn angrily tells her it's what Sextina wants and to stop making the whole situation about herself.

She says she's tired of her creating problems and sarcastically pities her for having a husband and being able to have children, which may be two things that are not possible at her age. Sextina figures the conversation isn't about her anymore and begins to leave.

Princess Carolyn and Diane later watch Sextina's "abortion" on television at the former's apartment. The two are surprised at how tasteful and informative it actually was. Princess Carolyn asks Diane how she's feeling, and she says she feels shitty but that she's glad she did it. However, she felt old when she did it because all the other women there were teenagers and women in their early twenties, and she should feel ready to have kids, but Princess Carolyn cuts her off and sternly tells her she shouldn't have to explain anything to anyone.

Princess Carolyn gets a call from Sextina who tells them that she's been having a lot of sex, as dolphins have sex for pleasure, and she just found out she got pregnant for real, and she thinks she wants to keep it. However, this will confuse her fans as they just saw her get an abortion.

Princess Carolyn tells her to meet them at her office in twenty minutes. She and Diane then come up with a perfect plan to hide Sextina's pregnancy—they'll film a bunch of videos right now and release them over the course of a year to keep her relevant, in the meantime Sextina can go to a farm where celebrities disappear before she starts showing, and when she returns she can say she adopted her baby.

In Stop the Presses, she is present at the meeting with BoJack, Ana, Lenny, and Diane for Secretariat's "For Your Consideration" ads.

In Old Acquaintance, she wants to get BoJack cast in the new David Pincher film Flight of the Pegasus. However, Rutabaga and Vanessa want their client for the role. Both agencies need to land this gig because neither of them is doing well. Princess Carolyn in the process reaches out to her old assistant, Laura, to put in a good word for BoJack, because she apparently put in a good word for Laura to get promoted.

In the meantime, BoJack's old Horsin' Around costar Bradley wants to do a reboot called Ethan Around, and doesn't know how to turn him down, and Charley Witherspoon talks to Judah about an offer, and he says he'll tell Princess Carolyn at a later time. Rutabaga and Vanessa then contact Kelsey Jannings to ask BoJack to star in her movie to secure funding.

He decided he would rather do that then the Pegasus movie, but Princess Carolyn says she can try to get him both. Laura later calls Princess Carolyn and tells her BoJack has the part. Laura calls Princess Carolyn and tells her that BoJack has got the part. Vanessa then calls Princess Carolyn to sign the deal for Kelsey's movie. Princess Carolyn, confident with her success, tells her that she has to work around his Pegasus schedule, or Kelsey with have to offer more money, which she doesn't have.

This upsets Vanessa, and warns Princess Carolyn she's overplaying her hand. Princess Carolyn hangs up, frustrating Vanessa. However, Rutabaga bursts in the room announcing he's found something by looking through old emails that'll blow the situation wide open. He hands Vanessa a sheet of paper, and she reacts positively to what's on it.

Laura calls Princess Carolyn and tells her that BoJack is no longer going to be in the Pegasus movie, and claims she did everything she could. As Laura does this, she sits across from Vanessa, having shown her the piece of paper Rutabaga gave her earlier, an email from Princess Carolyn saying not to promote Laura so she can keep her as an assistant.

Kelsey calls BoJack Kelsey calls BoJack and angrily tells him his agent kept demanding more money, and the option for the movie has expired, meaning BoJack is no longer in it. She hangs up, leaving BoJack confused as to what happened as the party guests countdown to midnight.

Judah comes in Princess Carolyn's office, and she reveals BoJack didn't get either of the movies he tells her they're going to have to cut costs. She yells at him in frustration, yells at Judah out of frustration. She apologizes and tells him to just go home. He wishes her a happy new year as he does. Princess Carolyn looks out the window to watch the fireworks. She gets a call from BoJack, but hits decline, as she sighs.

In Best Thing That Ever Happened, Princess Carolyn meets with BoJack at Elefanté. She admits Princess Carolyn admits she knows she lost both the Kelsey and Pegasus films and Ethan Around for him, but she assures him not getting the roles will be the best thing that's ever happened to him. BoJack is obviously not pleased with her failures, and, after she attempts to stall their conversation, he fires her and leaves.

She follows him outside and angrily asks him if Ana gave him this idea, but he tells her that she had nothing to do with it. BoJack tells her she screwed up, but Princess Carolyn points out that it was once in twenty-three years.

She goes on to rant about nobody wanted to work with him and how everyone told her to leave him, but she stayed with him and still got him jobs, despite the fact he would always flake, sabotage them, or get wrapped up in some crisis or vague sadness. Princess Carolyn admits that BoJack is right and thanks him for firing her. She heads back into the restaurant but BoJack follows her back inside.

At the bar, BoJack claims all she does it make him feel like a bad person, and she only likes solving his problems because it makes her feel good about herself. She angrily says all he's ever done is make her rescue him and make her listen to him complain.

BoJack scoffs at her "abuse," and then blurts while mocking her insulting him "BoJack you wasted my thirties!" Princess Carolyn says she never said that, but BoJack claims she said it with her actions, and she makes him feel bad about himself. Princess Carolyn asks if that's the reason he's firing her, and BoJack says it's a lot of reasons.

Princess Carolyn walks away and tries to reassure herself in the bathroom. BoJack walks in and tells her this wasn't an easy decision for him, and admits he talked with Ana about it because he values her opinion. This infuriates Princess Carolyn, and she tackles BoJack and they start having a physical fight around the restaurant.

BoJack gets her to stop and tells her that this is what he means by her being unprofessional. She angrily says she'll talk professionalism with him. They move their conversation to the meat locker. Princess Carolyn angrily tells BoJack he doesn't want professionalism, just a "mommy" he can have sex with. BoJack says that he doesn't want to be around her because she makes him feel like a terrible person. She argues back he's such a self-pitying masochist that she can say ten nice things and one mean thing and he'd only hear the one mean thing. BoJack accepts this challenge.

Princess Carolyn tells him he has a natural charisma, and he's loved by millions, but BoJack scoffs these off. In the meantime, the restaurant staff quit and they have a food critic. The only waiter left has no idea how to cook. Princess Carolyn continues her compliments, saying number six is that he makes her laugh—but BoJack scoffs at this too. She laughs, and BoJack asks how she ever put up with him. Princess Carolyn says she didn't, she liked being with him and doesn't regret their relationship.

BoJack says that he's doing this for the both of them. Princess Carolyn asks if he ever loved her, but BoJack tells her that he doesn't do the love thing because you either hurt them or they hurt you. Princess Carolyn says she does this to herself and she doesn't know why. BoJack suggests that when you're good at putting out fires, you just run from fire to fire without thinking.

Suddenly, the waiter opens the meat locker door and reveals that the kitchen, and himself, are on fire. They manage to put the fire out, but everyone has left, due to everything being on fire, except for the food critic, who is still expecting her mushroom risotto. Princess Carolyn says she knows how to make it, but BoJack tells her to go home. She realizes she should, and tells BoJack good luck. However, she ends up turning her car around back to the restaurant.

When she returns, BoJack says just because she's helping him doesn't mean he's obligated to not fire her, and she retorts back she knows he has no sense of obligation for her. As she makes the risotto, he asks her how she knows how to do this. She reveals her mom was a live-in maid for a rich family who loved Italian food, but since her mother was an alcoholic she would often have to cover for her so they wouldn't be homeless.

BoJack asks why she never told him, she says she has, but she knows he never remembers anything. BoJack claims he remembers the first time they met, she was working for Marv, and when he saw her he thought she was cute, and she said "Hey! It’s nice to see you again!"

This makes BoJack realizes this wasn't the first time they met. Princess Carolyn tells him the first time she met him was when she was still an intern and she had to drop scripts off at his house. She found him on his front lawn covered in tapioca pudding, and she hoses him down, dragged him inside, and covered him with a blanket.

BoJack thinks it's impressive she went from the daughter of a maid to the head of her own company. Princess Carolyn says the company isn't doing so great, but BoJack tells her not to guilt him. She tells him it isn't his fault, she didn't realize being an agent and running an agency are two different talents.

He asks why she's an agent at all if it makes her miserable, and she says it's what she's good at, and she doesn't know what else she would do. BoJack then tells her that he does love her or, as much as he is able to love someone.

They serve the critic, but despite liking it she tells them that she's going to give them a bad rating because she had to wait two hours for her food. However, she's only a critic for a blog on Tumblr so BoJack kicks her out.

BoJack and Princess Carolyn share a drink at the bar. Princess Carolyn tells BoJack the second time they met was after a taping of Horsin' Around, where Olivia put too much detergent in the washing machine, and Nancy Regan guest-starred. She went back estate to introduce herself, but BoJack told her he was tired from pretending to be nice all night and to leave him alone.

BoJack says he's a real jerk. Princess Carolyn agrees, but he still has many other great qualities to him, and she lists off multiple of them. For her final compliment, she says he let her help him tonight because he knew she needed it. BoJack says she's a good friend.

Princess Carolyn then begs BoJack to not leave her, to give her six months, and then he can leave, and she'll never ask anything from him again. She asks what he thinks. BoJack says no.

In It's You, due to BoJack's absence and her previous losses, Princess Carolyn is forced to close VIM. She fires Diane as a result. Diane is unaffected and thankful to be a part of her company. Princess Carolyn, in return, tells her it was an honor to work with her.

Judah advises Princess Carolyn to use this opportunity to restart her life.

She calls Ralph Stilton, who admits he hasn't stopped thinking about her, and the two agree to a date.

In That's Too Much, Man!, BoJack, with Sarah Lynn, tries to make amends to the people he's hurt while on a bender with her. He goes to Princess Carolyn's apartment building and tries to make amends by standing outside her apartment building on the roof of his car and screaming that he's sorry.

Princess Carolyn sighs but is then accompanied by Ralph, who appears to be staying with her as he is in pajamas. The two smile at each other, and Ralph leads her back inside while looking over his shoulder and glaring at BoJack.

In That Went Well, Princess Carolyn is enjoying her time off of work with Ralph, who has recently been on a trip to Egypt with her.

They have dinner with Diane and Mr. Peanutbutter. There, he reveals he owns a greeting card company—but his family owns Stilton Hotels, which provides him with free residency when traveling, and makes him extremely rich.

Princess Carolyn then tells Diane she should work for his sister, Stefani's, website Girl Croosh. However, when Mr. Peanutbutter talks on the phone with his new agent, Princess Carolyn gets frustrated at the way he's handling deals and is distraught that he's getting so many offers after she had to close her agency.

When she and Ralph return to her apartment, he tells her it was smart of her to tell Diane about GirlCroosh, and that she's good at making connections. He says that's probably why she was such a good manager, but Princess Carolyn corrects him that she was an agent.

However, this gives her an epiphany, she should be a manager. Ralph thinks that's the same thing, but Princess Carolyn says an agent helps a client find jobs, but a manager helps manage a client's career. Ralph still thinks that's the same thing, but he still supports her. Princess Carolyn exclaims she's going to be a manager.

She is shown reopening VIM as a management company.

Judah recounts her plans for the day and tells her that someone is trying to contact BoJack Horseman. He has no idea how the person got the number, and it sounds like it's a teenage girl.

Princess Carolyn tells Judah to tell her she doesn't work for BoJack anymore, as she relaxes in her chair. Judah hangs up the call. It is revealed who was on the other line: a female teenage horse who bears a bit of resemblance to BoJack, and who appears to be sad at not being able to contact him.

Season 4[]

In See Mr. Peanutbutter Run, Princess Carolyn is having a much more successful time running VIM as a management company, and she and Ralph are still going strong.

She agrees to support Mr. Peanutbutter in his run for governor. However, when Judah tells her about FX's biopic about Sarah Lynn and mentions BoJack, she starts throwing up.

She later meets Ralph for dinner, where he asks her to move in with him. She says it's a bad time to do so.

At Rock the Slope, Princess Carolyn tells Ralph she does what to move in with him, and reveals on the day he first asked she was pregnant, but she had a miscarriage.

Ralph isn't upset, however, and tells her he would love to have a baby with her.

In Hooray! Todd Episode! Todd arrives at Princess Carolyn's office, where Princess Carolyn tells Todd about Courtney Portnoy's new movie, Ms.Taken. Princess Carolyn tells Todd that Courtney's image is currently lacking support from the common folk, and asks Todd to go on a date with Courtney for the paparazzi to get some pictures. Todd mentions a meeting he planned on attending later that day but reluctantly agrees.

After their date goes haywire, Princess Carolyn calls and tells Todd he still needs to get pictures with Courtney. Todd quickly finds Courtney, and the two have a brief discussion. Todd reveals he won't attend a meeting he has later that night before the paparazzi catch them. Courtney tells the paparazzi that the two of them are engaged.

In Commence Fracking, Princess Carolyn and Ralph visit the gynecologist, who reveals Princess Carolyn is ruining out of eggs. He gives them a kit to help her get pregnant, including a watch voiced by Harvey Fierstein that tells her when she's ovulating.

Princess Carolyn and Ralph are at lunch when the watch tells her that her ovulating window is closing. Princess Carolyn insists that they leave so that they can go have sex.

He wants to wait and pay the check but she's impatient and wants to leave now or else her son Philbert will never be born. Ralph tries to speed home but they get stopped by Officer Meow Meow Fuzzyface for speeding. He arrests them after hearing Princess Carolyn's watch talk, thinking they were hiding someone in their car. As Ralph has really good lawyers, they decide to have sex in the backseat cop car.

In Thoughts and Prayers, a streak of mass gun violence threatens the release of Courtney Portnoy's new movie Ms. Taken which has a lot of gun violence. So Princess Carolyn calls a PR campaign to minimize the effects of recent mass shootings on Courtney Portnoy's new movie. To keep things smooth, Princess Carolyn calls Diane to make a blog about Courtney's movie over dinner.

In Stupid Piece of Sh*t, she is forced to team up with Rutabaga to plan Courtney and Todd's fake wedding. They come across a conundrum when it is announced Meryl Streep is retiring and that her party is the same day as the wedding. They try to come up with a plan to have her postpone it, and they devise a plan to pitch her a film that she could direct and play all of the parts in.

They successfully get her to agree by trapping her in a box with the contract underneath it.

However, the whole plan fails when Todd decides he doesn't want to go through with it anymore, as it would all be a lie. Princess Carolyn accepts, and after he hangs up tries to figure out how to spin this.

However, Rutabaga says that they'll deal with it in the morning and that he has to go home to his family. Princess Carolyn begrudgingly accepts, and Rutabaga laughs at her reaction and said it's a good thing she's not a mother, because she would be hilarious at it.

After he leaves, Judah comes in and tells her that people like Rutabaga are the reason he left his previous big agency. He assures Princess Carolyn that she's different from those people, and she would be a wonderful mother. Judah leaves, and Princess Carolyn goes in her purse and pulls out a plastic bag that contains a pregnancy test that reads positive. She smiles and holds it close to her.

In Underground, Princess Carolyn attends Mr. Peanutbutter's fundraiser dinner for his campaign. She asks Diane if there are any other bathrooms because all of them are occupied. She has to pee but makes it clear that it's not because she's pregnant. She goes on to say if she was was pregnant it would be bad luck to announce it that early. Diane tells her that there is a bathroom in the pool house.

Due to Mr. Peanutbutter's fracking under his house, an earthquake causes his house and property to collapse in a sinkhole. Joined by Todd, who was taking a bath in the pool house bathtub, Princess Carolyn decides she's not going to wait to be rescued and walks down a dark tunnel.

As they walk down the tunnel, Todd hears something scuttling, but Princess Carolyn tells him to just keep walking. Todd complains that he doesn't have a home anymore, but Princess Carolyn tells him that he can crash at her place, saying that even though she moved in with Ralph she still kept her old apartment "just in case."

Suddenly, they are surrounded by ants, all of whom are dressed in armor. When Todd says Princess Carolyn's name, they pause and ask if she's a princess. She says it's just her name, and that she's a manager. The lead warrior ant says that she can be of service and takes them away.

Princess Carolyn helps the ants negotiate a deal with their queen, Queen Antonia, that would let them have sex with her drones. However, when they learn Princess Carolyn and Todd are from the above ground, they voice their disdain for the "above grounders" and the Queen orders them to be taken away.

The ants save the trapped guests in the house by living it to the surface, as they want them out of there.

In The Judge, Princess Carolyn meets Ralph's family and becomes uncomfortable by their racist traditions against cats for The Feast of St. Squeakvas. While initially hesitant at first, Ralph sticks up to his family and tells them he loves Princess Carolyn and they're having a baby and he couldn't be happier.

However, in Ruthie, Princess Carolyn has potentially the worst day of her life. Courtney Portnoy fires her due to the failings of Ms. Taken and her and Todd's sham wedding, she miscarries again and is told it's very unlikely she can get pregnant again, her necklace breaks and when she tries to get the clasp fixed.

She, initially believing it was a priceless family heirloom from the old country, learns that it is actually worthless costume jewelry from JC Penny, and she fires Judah after learning he went behind her back the previous year and denied an offer from Charley Witherspoon to merge agencies.

She doesn't know how to tell Ralph the news about the miscarriage, so she excuses herself from their date, but instead of going to Ralph's house, she returns to her old apartment, only to see Todd's Clown Dentist practice at work.

Later that night, she drinks heavily at a party with Todd and the clowns when Ralph comes over. An argument happens with Princess Carolyn revealing the miscarriage, and adding in the reveal that this is the fifth one she had throughout her life.

While Ralph wants to try and look for other options to have a baby, Princess Carolyn, feeling as if she failed at being his "easy" girlfriend and refuses to give up on trying to get pregnant herself, breaks up with him.

Throughout the episode, Princess Carolyn's eighth great-granddaughter, Ruthie telling her class about her and her horrible day—promising the story will have a happy ending. However, at the end of the episode, when BoJack calls Princess Carolyn to tell her about the "horrible" day he had, she tells him that whenever she has a bad day she imagines that her future descendant is talking about her in class. While BoJack mentions that all of that is fake, she sadly notes that it makes her feel better.

In Lovin that cali lifestyle!! Princess Carolyn has been drinking heavily due to the events of Ruthie. She is called back into work for a meeting with an inspiring writer, Flip McVicker, but while she is ready to shoot down his TV show premise, she changes her mind when she sees the script and that the title is Philbert, which was going to be the name of the baby she miscarried in the previous episode.

Now determined to get the project green-lit, she asks Todd to get a meeting with her with Lenny Turteltaub before passing out. Deciding to use it as an opportunity to practice, Todd and the clowns manage to get Princess Carolyn to her meeting with Turteltaub. Turteltaub suggests that she pitches the show to, but when he asks who was the actor playing Philbert, she told him she didn't have a lead actor yet.

He tells her he won't pick it up unless she had a lead actor. She quickly listed multiple actors, but Lenny isn't interested in any of them. She then blurts out BoJack Horseman's name, who Lenny thinks would be perfect for, although he ran out on both Secretariat and Ethan Around. He tells Princess Carolyn to make BoJack sign a contract to finish the deal and to ensure he won't run off again.

In What Time Is It Right Now Princess Carolyn is at the What Time Is It Right office pitching Philbert as an online series. After describing the plot, the executives approve the show especially happy that BoJack Horseman is the lead, though Princess Carolyn is feeling guilty that she had to forge BoJack's signature and he is unaware of the show.

Princess Carolyn's assistant brings her home as she went on another drinking bender, and Todd brings her into the woods and ties her to a dentist chair to tell her to get herself together. Princess Carolyn, however, laments that when they find out that she forged BoJack's signature, the deal will end and her reputation and career will be over and she will be left with nothing.

Todd tells her that the woods are dark and scary, but the only way out is through, lifting her spirits. 

BoJack is back home as Princess Carolyn comes by. She reveals the truth about her actions, but BoJack agrees to do the show, which Princess Carolyn is thankful for. The two then converse over what has happened in the past months, with BoJack suggesting that Princess Carolyn should consider adoption because the world needs more good moms. Princess Carolyn decides to go with that suggestion and leaves with their friendship restored.

Season 5[]

Princess Carolyn is seen acting as the producer on BoJack's new show, Philbert.

She also begins the process to adopt a baby, going to an adoption agency, and paying $60,000 after getting a heartfelt pep talk from the lady she meets with. However, she gets duped and stuck with a lazy, rude caseworker named Tracy.

She at first has no luck finding a birth mother, and Tracy is still acting rude. During this, BoJack is having misgivings about the show and it's writing.

\When he implies this to Flip, he tries to force BoJack to do a nude scene. BoJack drags Princess Carolyn outside the adoption agency and tells her that he never wanted to do this show, and he doesn't like his character, Philbert because he's a drunk asshole. Princess Carolyn explains to him that it's just a character and that he can take off the character at the end and just be BoJack, and do this for ten more weeks for her.

In BoJack the Feminist, she decides to cast controversial actor Vance Waggoner as Fritz, Philbert's partner. While having dinner with him, where he reveals to her he's getting a Forgivie, She tells him as soon as word gets out he's on Philbert the offers will start rolling in. However, when she, Diane, and BoJack attend the Forgivies, BoJack makes a disgusted face when Vance accepts his Forgivie, due to smelling bad cheese.

The media interprets this as BoJack being offended by Vance being forgiven. Princess Carolyn has him go on The Squawk in order to clear things up, the hosts don't really let him speak, but he ends up taking a stand against Vance due to the positive reception it gets.

This angers Princess Carolyn, but after she calls Vance and he tells her he's not doing Philbert anymore since he did indeed get better offers and his new-found feminist views, she tells BoJack they're gonna take Vance down.

In The Amelia Earhart Story, Princess Carolyn returns to her hometown in Eden, North Carolina, to meet with Sadie, a pregnant eighteen-year-old who unsure about keeping her baby. During her visit, Princess Carolyn is forced to remember painful memories from her teen years of having to cover for her alcoholic mother at her job, and almost having her whole life planned for her after getting pregnant, only for her to have a miscarriage.

She also has to deal with incessant phone calls from BoJack, Todd, and Diane about a production stunt for Philbert, which she deals with by sweet-talking them in front of Sadie to not make it seem like her career would get in the way of raising a baby, all while trying to convince Sadie she's the right candidate to adopt her baby.

The stunt on Philbert goes awry, and BoJack ends up falling off a building and landing on a car, severely injuring his back. Princess Carolyn tells Todd she'll hook him up with a special doctor who'll give him drugs that’ll heal him fast enough so he can get back on set as soon as possible. At the same time, Sadie's boyfriend Strib announces to her at her family potluck that he wants to raise the baby with her.

The next day, Princess Carolyn tells Sadie to not fall for Strib's sudden proposal saying she herself has known and dated many "Stribs" throughout her life and that Sadie is too special and intelligent to fall for the first teenage boy who says, "he loves her, or whatever." Sadie then defensively says Princess Carolyn doesn't know her Strib. Then, Sadie begins to confront Princess Carolyn about being manipulative to her and her clients and treating her baby and the adoption like a sales pitch.

Princess Carolyn tries to explain herself saying she cares about her baby more than anything, but Sadie retorts back she thinks she's better than her because she left and is a fancy show business person, and is just upset she can't always bullshit her way into getting what she wants. Sadie also observes how Princess Carolyn is manipulative to every person she interacts with on her phone and calls her out on her shallowness. Princess Carolyn does not deny what Sadie is saying but tells Sadie to do what she wants with the baby but for her to make the decision, not anyone else.

Princess Carolyn returns to outside the mansion her family used to work for, which is now long abandoned and depleted. She gets a call from the adoption agency and learns that Sadie wants to keep looking elsewhere for adoptive parents for her baby.

Princess Carolyn is at the airport when she gets a call from BoJack. She tells him that she's on her way home and that she'll check on him. BoJack is happy because the accident made him everyone's favorite guy again, and the drugs they gave him worked wonders.

In INT. SUB, Princess Carolyn's bud to get an office on the Philbert set is jeopardized when Todd accuses her of taking the last string cheese. They call in Mary-Beth, a mediator, to mediate their argument. She fails to do so, however, and the argument develops into what is and isn't fair game in the apartment.

Later, Mary-Beth calls Todd when she realizes that Princess Carolyn was on set all day when the string cheese went missing Todd tells this to Princess Carolyn and admits that he wanted this to be a work dispute so she wouldn't kick him out.

Princess Carolyn tells him that she likes having him here, but she also needs her own space. He says he wants to help her pay rent and agrees to give her an office on site. He goes in his jacket for his pen but finds the missing string cheese instead.

At BoJack's annual Halloween party in Mr. Peanutbutter's Boos, Princess Carolyn is once again stuck on door duty and dressed as a pilot for her childhood hero, Amelia Earhart.

In Ancient History, Mr. Peanutbutter visits Princess Carolyn at VIM and tells her that since season one of Philbert has wrapped, he wants to auction a greeting card, which says "Happy Birthday Dad" with a father dog and his kids, for a movie—"Birthday Dad." Princess Carolyn is understandably confused but says that she'll look into getting the film rights. However, she realizes that she's going to have to talk to Ralph again as the card was made by Ralph's company.

While at dinner with Ralph, where they both reveal to each other they're still single, Princess Carolyn gets a call from Tracy saying a woman at the hospital doesn't want her baby, and she has to get there in half an hour. Princess Carolyn starts to panic, but Ralph calms her down and tells her he'll drive her and take the car seat with them.

On the car ride there, Ralph tells her he can't believe she's adopting, because she was so adamant about having the baby herself even though he actually suggested adoption, and she only decided on it after they broke up. Princess Carolyn apologizes, but Ralph apologizes for saying that and says she'll be a great mom. Princess Carolyn in return says someday he'll be a great dad.

At the hospital, they talk about their breakup, and how Princess Carolyn wanted Ralph to call her after they broke up. Ralph said he assumed she didn't want to talk to him, and she told him to get out of her apartment. Princess Carolyn jokes that the lesson of this is to never listen to her.

Princess Carolyn is later seen cradling the baby. The birth mom, Bridget, says she was nervous and felt guilty about adoption, but she's happy that her son is going to a good family, thinking that Ralph and Princess Carolyn are together. Ralph agrees with what she said, but Princess Carolyn tells him not to lie.

Ralph says he wants them to be a family because they wanted it a year ago and he still wants it. However, Princess Carolyn tells him that she's ready to do this by herself raising and loving the baby will give her the power to do so. Unfortunately, this inspires Bridgette to want to raise the baby on her own, so she asks for the baby back.

Dejected, Princess Carolyn takes a taxi home. Before it arrives, she reluctantly lets Ralph wait with her.

In Head in the Clouds, before the Philbert premiere, Princess Carolyn has to deal with two writers, Ziggy Abler and Abe Ziegler, who refuse to sign a release for jokes the Flip plagiarized from the Popsicle stick jokes. She gets the two of them to reconcile and sign the release.

Philbert is a huge success, and filming for Season 2 begins in The Showstopper. However, ever since his accident in The Amelia Earhart Story, BoJack had become addicted to the opioid painkillers he was given by the doctor Princess Carolyn hooked him up with. Throughout the episode, BoJack's painkiller addiction becomes so bad he constantly swallows up to bottles worth of doses at once. He keeps hidden stashes of them around his house, and he begins to have trouble distinguishing reality from his show Philbert.

At one point, Princess Carolyn visits him in his trailer and warns him to keep it together and not ruin it like he always does.

She shows concern when BoJack takes more of his painkillers, and BoJack bitterly tells her he needs them ever since he fell off a building due to her negligence of being away from set that day, and sarcastically tells her she'll be a great mom.

She tells him to take the night off, because he's being a jerk and that when he returns he better be courteous and have his shit together. He agrees and apologizes for the mom comment, but she just angrily tells him to get some sleep.

BoJack becomes paranoid about the show secretly being written about him, especially he gets a note saying "You Did A Bad Thing And I'm Going To Tell," forgetting this was actually a promo flyer for Philbert based on a scene he was too high to remember to have shot. He tries to get to the bottom of it, fearing it'll ruin the show for Gina. He begins to believe the show was created to reveal his secrets.

At the end of the episode, while filming a scene where Philbert strangles Sassy, BoJack, high on pills, nearly strangled Gina to death for real and had to be forcibly removed from her.

The following episode, The Showstopper, has Princess Carolyn being tasked with covering this incident up to make sure it doesn't hurt the show, or Todd will have to pull the plug to cut losses. She plans to set BoJack and Gina up a fake interview with Biscuits Braxby to tell everyone nothing happened.

However, before this, she gets a call from Sadie, who is in the hospital in labor. Sadie asks Princess Carolyn how fast she can get to Eden and tells her that her boyfriend left her, her mom stole her truck, and she wants to give her the baby. A flustered Princess Carolyn tells Sadie it's all happening so fast and tells her she'll have to call her back. However, Sadie warns her if she isn't here by the time the baby is born she's giving it to someone else.

While sitting down with him on his deck, Princess Carolyn learns BoJack has no memory of what happened the previous night. She explains that Gina got injured, footage of it got out, and some people may have the impression that he was trying to hurt Gina.

Princess Carolyn says that he and Gina are going to have a sit-down interview with Biscuits Braxby and talk about the incident, and Gina and BoJack will convince Biscuits they were just doing their job as actors-nothing more, and nothing less.

She then apologizes to BoJack for the show getting messy and not looking out for him enough, but BoJack says he can take care of himself, and she has a lot on her plate. Princess Carolyn assumes everything will be more settled once she gets a baby.

Later, before the interview, she shows BoJack the video of him strangling Gina.

On the set of the interview, Princess Carolyn gets bombarded by Tracy from the adoption agency. Tracy asks her why she isn't in North Carolina getting her baby. Princess Carolyn tells her that she needs to handle the PR problem first. Afterward, she'll catch the first plane to North Carolina. Tracy tells her if she's too busy for a child, she won't give it the attention it deserves. She knows what it's like because her own mother worked all the time, making her feel all alone, and she never met her dad or twin brother, because their parents separate when they were babies, leaving her with half of a gold medallion.

Stuart interrupts her saying her story is boring—who hasn't been separated from their twin and still wears their half of a medallion. He then reveals he wears the matching half to Tracy's medallion but they don't catch on to the fact they could be long-lost siblings. Tracy tells Princess Carolyn that her point is not every woman is meant to be a mom, and maybe she should just live her life. Princess Carolyn starts freaking out, and orders Tracy to leave as the interview is about to start.

After sexual allegations against Henry Fondle force WhatTineIsItRightNow.Com to scale back, Philbert gets canceled. When Princess Carolyn and Flip are told this news, Flip tries to figure out another place they could air Philbert. However, when he turns around, Princess Carolyn is gone, having left for Eden.

Towards the end of the episode, Princess Carolyn is finally seen holding her baby, a porcupine girl. Sadie asks her what she's gonna name her, and a love-struck Princess Carolyn replies "Untitled Princess Carolyn Project." Sadie replies "But not really, right?"

Season 6[]

In A Horse Walks into a Rehab, Princess Carolyn calls Todd, asking if he got the black-market porcupine milk. Todd tells her he got it, but he is not looking forward to riding the bus through Porcupine Town. Todd then winds up being squished between the quills of two porcupines. Princess Carolyn then gets a call from Mr. Peanutbutter.

Mr. Peanutbutter then tells Princess Carolyn, that the filming for Birthday Dad is going well. However, his model helicopter crashed into the water tower, on the set of former VJ Downtown Julie Brown's new puppet show. He says the flooding ruined Julie Brown's new vintage dress she just bought and ruined the big finale of the show where her puppet plays Beethoven's fifth on the bongos. Princess Carolyn tells him she'll be right down, to help.

In The New Client, Mr. Peanutbutter is watching footage from his new film Birthday Dad, with director Flea Daniels and Princess Carolyn.

Mr. Peanutbutter says he feels as though his face does not reflect the honest, trustworthy face of a birthday dad. He says instead it looks like the face of a guy who cheated on his ex-wife with his girlfriend a couple of times. Instead of telling his girlfriend the truth, he asked her to marry him, and now they are engaged and his girlfriend still has no idea.

Princess Carolyn, who was asleep for most of this, asks if the character Birthday Dad cheated on his girlfriend. Mr. Peanutbutter says he didn't but his face looks like someone who cheated and they have to re-edit the scene.

Flea Daniels tells him they are not doing that. He goes on to say, Mr. Peanutbutter has been dragging it out too long, with his ridiculous demands. Flea Daniels then states, he needs to leave to prep for his next film project, which is The Diary of Anne Frankenstein. Daniels then says Birthday Dad is over. Mr. Peanutbutter says he is over the moon about continuing to work on Birthday Dad. Flea again says he is over it and harshly tells Mr. Peanutbutter to go home.

He asks if Princess Carolyn wants to hang out some more and come up with more movie ideas based on greeting cards. He lists several potential ones. She tells him she needs to get home to her baby. He says perhaps "congratulations on your new baby" may be a good one. Princess Carolyn hesitantly says that sounds fun.

She then gets in her car and drives home. When she gets there, the nanny Renata, tells her she is quitting. Princess Carolyn then asks, if she'll stay, if she names the baby after her. Renata then asks since she knows Princess Carolyn is respected in her line of work, she will ask her a question. Renata then asks if Princess Carolyn would work with clients who do not respect her time, health, or general well-being.

Princess Carolyn says that is how all her clients are. Renata goes on to say the baby is Princess Carolyn's new client now. She wishes Princess Carolyn luck, as she heads out the door. Princess Carolyn smiles, then looks concerned, as the baby starts crying again.

Princess Carolyn is seen, trying to soothe the baby, and change her diaper. This shows just how stressed and overworked Princess Carolyn is. This is repeated throughout the episode.

The next day, Princess Carolyn is seen overwhelmed, as she has to take the baby with her to work, due to not having a nanny—and also the fact, neither she or the baby got any sleep. Todd says that sounds fun, and he has to go to a lot of meetings, which he is referring to as Todd Day. He elaborates, saying a lot of people wanted to meet with him after he got fired from Princess Carolyn then tells him that is marvelous, and to have fun failing upwards, as she heads out the door with the baby. Todd replies he always does.

Princess Carolyn loads the car and drives to work. The baby starts crying, as she gets a phone call from BoJack, who is at rehab. BoJack then tells her he is making a list of people he wants to make amends to. BoJack then tells Princess Carolyn that he is not going to waste time apologizing to her again. Princess Carolyn sarcastically says that's very thoughtful of him.

BoJack then asks her the name of an assistant, from twenty years ago, who he screamed at for giving him a room temperature Capri Sun and told to quit the business. He says he wonders what happened to that guy. Princess Carolyn says his name was Derrick, and she thinks he quit the business.

Princess Carolyn then asks what BoJack thinks of the name Riley for a girl. BoJack says it's no good because he slept with a Riley. He then tells Princess Carolyn that asking him about women's names, is not a good idea, in general. Princess Carolyn gets off the elevator at work with her daughter. She is then seen doing various things around the office.

Princess Carolyn then asks her assistant, Stuart to clear her schedule, as she needs to find a new nanny. Stuart then reminds her, about the Manatee Fair photo shoot, for the Hollywoo Women Who Can Do It All Issue. Princess Carolyn asks when the shoot is happening, and he tells her it is happening right now. Stuart tells her that he was supposed to remind her yesterday.

Princess Carolyn heads upstairs when she gets a call from Amanda Hannity, asking why she is not at the shoot. Princess Carolyn tells Amanda she doesn't think she can make it. She then tells Princess Carolyn, that is too bad, as Vanessa Gekko is at the photo shoot. Princess Carolyn says it's fine if Gekko wants to promote her struggling business, however, she is too busy doing it all to pose for a photo for women who do it all.

Amanda then says sure, both she and Princess Carolyn know that. She questions though, whether the industry knows that. She then launches into a story about Karen Kitada, who is the creator of Med School Nights. Amanda says, Karen Kitada created two successful shows, Med School Nights and it's spin-off Med School Nights: Day Shift. Amanda then says everyone wanted to work with Karen Kitada.

Karen Kitada took three weeks off work, due to having a baby. She wasn't offered the projects Tumbleweeds and Crickets, due to the studios being dubious about her priorities. Amanda then challenges Princess Carolyn, asking if she has her priorities in order. Princess Carolyn says of course she does. Amanda then tells her if nothing else, she should leave work, and participate in the photo shoot for Karen Kitada's sake.

Princess Carolyn then phones Todd, asking him to take the baby for an hour or so, telling him she will meet him at VIM in fifteen minutes.

Princess Carolyn then arrives at the photo shoot. Once she gets there, she is told they were supposed to bring their kids with them. She then tells Todd to drop off her daughter at the photo shoot. Princess Carolyn tells the other women, about the Birthday Dad project. One of the ladies says that the project sounds incredibly masculine. Vanessa Gekko says the new "women who can do it all," is helping other women, not yourself.

Vanessa says the whole discussion is empowering, and Amanda suggests a type of low-key salon where women can exchange ideas. Vanessa says she can host and higher a caterer. Princess Carolyn blurts out she can co-host. This suggestion, then turns into an event, hosted at the foyer at VIM. Gekko tells Princess Carolyn she'll handle all the big picture stuff, and leave the organization to Princess Carolyn, so no one steps on anyone else's toes. Amanda then thanks Princess Carolyn for stepping up to the plate.

The photographer then takes the photos, and Princess Carolyn gets stabbed by her baby's quills, as the picture is being taken. Princess Carolyn then returns home and takes care of a bunch of tasks, she finally falls on to bed in exhaustion. The baby then starts crying again, and Princess Carolyn gets up.

On her way to work the next day, Vanessa Gekko calls Princess Carolyn, telling her about the dietary restrictions for the event, which has now become a gala.

Princess Carolyn is then sitting in her office working, when Diane excitedly calls from an interview with a boring senator in a field, with baby name suggestions. Diane then reveals her parents didn't name her till she was four. Princess Carolyn then tells Diane she has to go. Diane then spots the senator's missing wife in the field they are standing in.

Princess Carolyn is then at the grocery store, shopping for the gala. Gekko calls her, with a few tweaks to the dietary restrictions. Princess Carolyn recites a rhyme, to help her remember the changes, and that causes her daughter to giggle. They bond over the silliness of it.

Princess Carolyn then gets another phone call from BoJack, who stole Mr. Peanutbutter's phone, to make a phone call. Princess Carolyn, thinking she is talking to Mr. Peanutbutter, refers to him as her favorite client. BoJack expresses resentment at Mr. Peanutbutter being her favorite client. BoJack asks Princess Carolyn, to pick up Mr. Peanutbutter from rehab, as he came to visit on the friends and family day and now won't leave.

Princess Carolyn then leaves the grocery store and is driving, when she gets a phone call from Flea Daniels, asking what Princess Carolyn did to Birthday Dad. He complains that the flashbacks are mixed in with the current day scenes, the relationships are incomprehensible, and they don't know how Birthday Dad dies. Princess Carolyn counters this, saying audiences are sophisticated and don't need everything spelled out for them. Flea Daniels says the film is forty-two minutes long and ends in the middle of the sentence. Princess Carolyn says that leaves room for a potential sequel.

He tells Princess Carolyn he is directing a sensitive, coming of age story about a young girl in hiding made out the reanimated corpses of other young girls in hiding and he does not have time for this. Actress Chloë Grace Moretz recites her lines, and Flea tells her not now. Princess Carolyn says maybe birthday dad needs another pass, Daniels cuts her off and says no. Flea says he just now realizes his other film project, The Diary of Anne Frankenstein, may be in poor taste. He then says, "there are only so many times you can take something apart, and put it back together."

Princess Carolyn then arrives at Pastiches Malibu, looking for Mr. Peanutbutter. The receptionist notices Princess Carolyn's arm has poke marks from needles, mistaking her for a substance abuser. She explains they are from her baby's needles. Princess Carolyn is then offered chamomile tea and meditation. She says a quick break couldn't hurt.

Princess Carolyn then changes into a Pastiches robe and falls asleep on a chair outdoors. She is awakened by BoJack, who informs her she has been asleep, for a really long time. Princess Carolyn then asks where Mr. Peanutbutter is. BoJack then says, "oh yeah, Mr. Peanutbutter." He then tells her what happened when Mr. Peanutbutter came to Pastiches two days ago.

She looks shocked, having completely forgotten about the gala and her daughter. She leaves Pastiches and calls Todd, who reassures her the baby is fine, and with him. Todd then asks if she is referring to her daughter. Princess Carolyn asks who else would she be referring to.

There is then a flashback to Todd waiting for a meeting, when he gets a call from Princess Carolyn, saying she needs him to pick up the baby from her workplace; as she needs to go to the photo shoot.

Todd tells Princess Carolyn on the phone that Pinky canceled the baby, but the network needs a show. This gives Princess Carolyn the idea to pitch Birthday Dad as a TV show to Pinky. She tells him the pilot was directed by Flea Daniels, and the show would be run by Karen Kitada. Pinky says the network will take anything.

Princess Carolyn then gets a phone call from BoJack, who apologizes for always making her life difficult. Princess Carolyn accepts this and asks BoJack why he didn't invite her to his visiting days. BoJack tells her he didn't want to be a burden. Princess Carolyn reassures him she would have come.

Princess Carolyn then walks into VIM, only to find the gala has ended, and they are cleaning up. She sees Gekko, who tells her sarcastically it was good of her to show up. Princess Carolyn then tells Gekko to shut up. Gekko asks if Princess Carolyn is OK, as she is not being her usual medium clever self.

Princess Carolyn asks Gekko for advice. She says work makes sense to her, and she's good at it, but she doesn't feel the same about her baby. She says, of course, she loves her daughter, but she doesn't know if she loves her. She then says, she feels like a terrible person, for even thinking it.

Vanessa then asks her if she loves every single client and their projects. Princess Carolyn says of course she does. Gekko tells her no she doesn't, but it is her job to keep those projects alive, and in the same way she has a new job to keep her baby alive. She goes on to tell her the job is a ruthless one, and she doesn't have time to second guess herself, she just has to keep going and do the job.

Princess Carolyn remarks, she and Gekko have so much in common, she doesn't know why they spent so much time hating each other. Gekko says she never hated Princess Carolyn, and questions if Princess Carolyn hated her. Princess Carolyn detracts her statement by saying no.


Isn't that right, Ruthie?

The episode ends at home, with Princess Carolyn trying to soothe her daughter, she then tells her the silly rhyme about Fijis for the Fugees. They both giggle at how silly it sounds. She then says "isn't that right, Ruthie?"

In Surprise!, at Mr. Peanutbutter and Pickles surprise wedding, Pickles' parents Franco and Demi, are seen talking to Princess Carolyn, who is holding her daughter Ruthie. Demi tells her husband, nobody wants to hear about his time-traveling orthodontist pitch. Franco then tells his wife she is "lighting a long fuse on a short stick of dynamite." Demi shakes her head at this. She says, "oh, whoop and a big one at that." They both then walk away.

Diane then arrives at Mr. Peanutbutter's house where she sees Princess Carolyn and Ruthie and comments on how cute the baby is. Princess Carolyn says she wasn't going to bring her out, but another nanny quit on her. Todd then assumes Carlotta, the nanny quit in disgrace for not making good airplane noises when feeding Ruthie. Princess Carolyn, sounding irritated, says it's because she felt like she was being watched all day. Todd then says that is impossible, as he is there around the clock, watching her every move; if she was being watched he'd know.

Mr. Peanutbutter and Pickles come home, and Mr. Peanutbutter confesses his infidelity to Pickles. The party-goers come out of their hiding spots and yell Suprise! They then retreat back to their hiding places.

Later, Princess Carolyn who is holding Ruthie in her car seat and Todd crawl around the island, while Mr. Peanutbutter makes his way to the sink. Mr. Peanutbutter hears the sound of Pickles crying from upstairs, and runs up the staircase, saying out loud he needs to talk to her with concern in his voice.

Various guests pop out from their hiding places, and there is a universal sigh of relief. Everyone then makes a mad dash for it. Princess Carolyn says they should hit the bricks. Todd then gestures to Ruthie's car seat, pointing out she is missing.

Downstairs Todd and Princess Carolyn are looking for Ruthie around the sofa in the living room. Princess Carolyn scolds Todd, saying it's all his fault. She says Todd scared of every nanny with his creepy monitoring. Todd retorts, he wouldn't have to, if she hadn't hired a bunch of quacks. They hear Mr. Peanutbutter coming back down, and Princess Carolyn tells Todd to duck.

Mr. Peanutbutter whimpers sadly as he walks towards the kitchen. Princess Carolyn expresses her annoyance with all the mid-century furniture being so close to the ground. She then asks if no one had to hide in the '50s. Hearing the words "close to the ground" gives Todd an idea, he says they have to think like a baby. Todd then puts himself in the mindset of a baby. He says babies have no jobs, love being wrapped up in hoodies, and when they are feeling low they like to get to a higher place. Todd then excitedly figures that Ruthie is a climber.

Todd then crawls on the floor, panting. In the foreground, Mr. Peanutbutter is seen holding a tub of ice cream sadly. Todd spots fresh drool on the stairs, he licks it with his finger and concludes that it's Ruthie. Todd licks the drool a few more times, and Princess Carolyn says they should go upstairs.

Princess Carolyn and Todd are seen at the door of the master suite. Pickles commands the door to open and they both gasp caught off guard. Ruthie then crawls out from under the bed. BoJack grabs the carpet and pulls her back under the bed. Pickles yells out to Mr. Peanutbutter to talk her to the park. He yells back that he can do that, and Pickles tells him she'll be right down. Princess Carolyn and Todd are standing in the doorway. Todd looks relived that Ruthie wasn't discovered by Pickles, while Princess Carolyn looks worried.

Pickles then asks the Pickle Pack, to help her choose the perfect outfit, for her outing with Mr. Peanutbutter. BoJack finds a frisbee under the bed. He puts Ruthie on it, and she slides midway across the floor. Princess Carolyn pushes Todd into the room. Ruthie then ducks, because she thinks Pickles is going to squish her. Pickles is completely oblivious to Ruthie being in front of her, engrossed in her livestream.

Princess Carolyn leaps into the room, grabbing her daughter. Ruthie starts to crawl away, but Princess Carolyn grabs her. The mother and daughter look at each other and smile.

Diane and BoJack come out from under the bed. Diane and BoJack make there way to the side of the bed Princess Carolyn and Ruthie are hiding. All four of them go into the closet. Pickles continues to be oblivious to what's happening, as she points out various photos of Mr. Peanutbutter to her followers, to illustrate how perfect he is.

Pickles then reenters the closet. The others have found spots to hide behind the clothing racks.

Pickles then concludes she's not the problem. Pickles flips the photos of Mr. Peanutbutter upside down and says she shouldn't even be in his house and decides to pack her suitcase and leave. BoJack is seen holding Ruthie on his shoulder in the back of the clothing rack.

Pickles starts grabbing various items of clothing off their hangers, and Princess Carolyn and Diane duck in the shadows to avoid being seen. Princess Carolyn tells Diane she hates to leave her hanging and leaps out. She then goes to the other side, to the opposite rack, where BoJack is with Ruthie.

In the closet, Princess Carolyn asks BoJack how his sobriety is going. He scoffs, saying it's impossible.

Just as Princess Carolyn reemerges from out of the closet with Ruthie, Mr. Peanutbutter's voice is heard calling out for Pickles, startling everyone. Diane bumps into BoJack, who then crashes into Princess Carolyn, which sends Ruthie flying. BoJack then catches her, and then he slips on the pile of Mr. Peanutbutter's clothes, which then sends Ruthie in the air again. Diane leaps up and catches her, and they all scramble for the closet.

Ruthie then crawls under the bed and out the bedroom door. Princess Carolyn chases after her, leaving BoJack and Diane standing in the bedroom.

Todd and Princess Carolyn are downstairs looking for Ruthie, again. They hear balloons popping. They hurry into the room that was decorated for the surprise wedding. Ruthie is popping a bunch of balloons. They finally manage to get a hold of Ruthie. Todd then says they should get her away from the balloons, which are choking hazards.

Princess Carolyn says he has a real knack for this and asks him to be Ruthie's nanny. Princess Carolyn says she found Ruthie and had a blast, as they head out the door.

In A Little Uneven, Is All, Princess Carolyn approaches Mr. Peanutbutter, and asks if it's just her it, or does it seem that the cast and crew have really turned on him. Mr. Peanutbutter casually tells Princess Carolyn, that the cast and crew hate him since word got out that he cheated on his fiancé. He goes on to say that the people who dislike him the most are young women, much to Princess Carolyn‘s dismay who says that young women are part of their eight main target demographics for Birthday Dad and she tells him that they need to “juice [his] Q." Mr. Peanutbutter says, that the only thing he’s interested in, is making things even between him and Pickles.

Princess Carolyn asks Mr. Peanutbutter about his reputation. He answers, by saying he's not too worried about it, as he feels people generally want to like him. He says if he doesn't do anything, the universe will align, and the public will love him again. As he talks to Princess Carolyn, a boom operator flips Mr. Peanutbutter the bird, as he walks past him, and Donna throws a scarf at Mr. Peanutbutter’s face.

Mr. Peanutbutter looks through a script while on the set of Birthday Dad, Princess Carolyn approaches him and shows him a meme she made about Mr. Peanutbutter entitled “Sad Dog" and the different variants of it. Mr. Peanutbutter says that he’s not sad, he’s happy and everybody knows that. She insists people will love it, and that love will transfer over to Mr. Peanutbutter. Pickles then calls Mr. Peanutbutter.

Mr. Peanutbutter responds to Pickles by saying “that’s my girl," and walks past Princess Carolyn who mistakenly thinks that Mr. Peanutbutter is talking to her.

Princess Carolyn then gets a call from Diane. Diane then asks Princess Carolyn for advice. She tells her about the new book she's writing. She says she's thinking about not starting, till she sells the book to a publisher. Princess Carolyn asks what is it. Diane says it's a half essay, half memoir and a work in progress. She then recites the very convoluted working title. Diane then tells Princess Carolyn she is getting another call.

Princess Carolyn says while Diane was blabbing away, she had her lit assistant take care of everything. Diane starts to protest, and Princess Carolyn interjects that a navel-gazey book of observations sounds fun. She then informs Diane she sold it, and she has six months to work on it. Princess Carolyn tells her to enjoy the process. Diane, who is shocked, hangs up the phone, and then groans.

Sometime later that same day, Mr. Peanutbutter is filming a scene of Birthday Dad, with his costar Melodie. When the scene is cut, Mr. Peanutbutter again tries to complement Melodie but she tells him to “drop dead." Princess Carolyn approaches Mr. Peanutbutter and she is confused when she spots Joey Pogo driving through the set. As he approaches Mr. Peanutbutter and Princess Carolyn, Princess Carolyn pushes Mr. Peanutbutter in front of Joey’s car, and Mr. Peanutbutter is left slightly puzzled when he doesn’t get hit by Joey’s slow-moving car.

When Joey yells at Mr. Peanutbutter to get out of the way, Princess Carolyn claims to have watched Mr. Peanutbutter jump in front of the car, saying that Mr. Peanutbutter yelled, “I’m a sad dog” before doing it. She goes on to say that she believes that Mr. Peanutbutter is a really sad dog just like the meme. Joey tells him life is precious, and that's something he learned in rehab.

Soon, the hatred that the cast and crew are commended for destigmatizing mental illness, he comments that it all worked out “depressingly."

In The Kidney Stays in the Picture, at VIM, Princess Carolyn and Lenny discuss the strike. Lenny tells Princess Carolyn this is a catastrophe. She says, "you know it." He then says the strike has shut down the whole city. He asks if they give assistants respect, how are they going to work through their rage issues. He asks if they now have to take out the rage on their spouses, and children.

He remarks that it doesn't seem fair. Princess Carolyn declares there has to be a better way. She says maybe they could circumvent the assistants, by giving them what they want, by giving them what they think they want.

She says like how they satiate TV creators, by giving them little vanity cards at the end of episodes, then sell the shows to streaming networks, that auto-skip the end credits and no one ever sees the vanity cards. Lenny tells her that's good, but what do assistants want. He asks if they want gift cards. He says he honestly can't think of another thing an assistant would want. Princess Carolyn tells him when she was an assistant all she wanted was not to be an assistant anymore. Lenny then says triumphantly, "that's it."

Casey is meeting with Lenny and Princess Carolyn. Casey tells them she doesn't feel comfortable negotiating without her fellow assistants. Lenny tells her this is not about that. Casey says their demands haven't changed, and Princess Carolyn says she finds it thrilling to see her grown into her role as strike captain. Lenny then tells her there is an opening in his company for a development executive. He asks if she'd be interested.

Casey says she's never really thought about it and would have to think about it. Lenny tells her she would get overpaid to read scripts, a company credit card, and a parking spot in the good garage, plus her own assistant. Princess Carolyn says, that is, of course, if the strike ends. Casey says it's a generous offer but she'd have to talk it over with her colleagues.

Princess Carolyn asks "Why those are assistants, you're not one of them anymore, your one of us." Lenny slides the contract to her, telling her it's a two-year contract, and once she signs her troubles will be over. Casey signs the contract. As Princess Carolyn shows Casey the door, she reassures her she's made the right decision and she'll love the new job. Lenny calls her Stacey and welcomes her to the team. She tries to correct him, and Princess Carolyn slams the door on her face.

Princess Carolyn and Lenny then look at photos of various agents. They kidnap a rabbit man and have him sign to run development of Saoirse Ronan's production company Saoirse and Rescue. Princess Carolyn then asks a lady to sign a contract, and she says she can't be an assistant anymore, with tears in her eyes. She then tells Princess Carolyn about how Shirley MacLaine threw a cactus at her head, for setting up a meeting with the wrong Steve McQueen. Princess Carolyn then tells her to orchestrate her own great escape. They then look at Stuart's photo.

Princess Carolyn and Lenny are meeting Stuart. Stuart says he is sure the other assistants are coming soon. He says traffic is probably bad because of the rain. Princess Carolyn then tells him no one else is coming, and Lenny tells Stuart they all got promoted. Lenny goes on to say his leadership has abandoned him and the strike is over.

Stuart accepts and just says OK. Lenny tells him he gets none of the things he asked for and starts work again on Monday. Stuart just shrugs and says the sounds fair. Stuart asks if he signs the contract will he get promoted too. Lenny says sure, someday.

Princess Carolyn then gasps as she has a flashback to when she was an assistant. Her boss Marv tells her he would love to give her a raise, however, he tells her she's thinking too much like an assistant. Marv tells her she's going to sign a new contract to become an agent any day now. He then asks why she's concerning herself with "assistantly trifles." She then asks if he really thinks she has what it takes to be an agent.

Marv tells her sure she has potential, but for now, he needs her to try on an apology bikini for an angry lady he fell on at the post office since they both have a similar build. He tells her to report back on where it pinches. Princess Carolyn reluctantly takes the bikini and tells him she'll do it.

Coming to a realization she tells Stuart not to sign the contract. She then tells him that she just remembered there was a typo on page twelve. She says she wrote "Billy Bob showers" instead of "billable hours." Lenny then tells her that's not going to fly since that guy hasn't showered since Bad Santa. Princess Carolyn then tells Stuart she'll fix a new version for him and he can sign it tomorrow. She then offers to show him to his car.

Once they are outside, Stuart confesses to Princess Carolyn he doesn't actually have a car, he just felt under pressure because he's never had to decide to go somewhere before. Princess Carolyn questions why they walked several blocks in the rain. She then offers him a business card. Stuart misunderstands thinking she is making him an offer. She then explains it's a phone number. Stuart then asks for a ride home.

At VIM Princess Carolyn and Lenny walk back in the conference room. Lenny then notices someone sitting in his chair. Judah turns around tells him he's three minutes late for their meeting. Judah then says if he's serious about negotiating with the assistants it is imprudent to send the message he doesn't respect their time. Judah then suggests they adjourn for the day and start tomorrow. Lenny then questions what that was about. Princess Carolyn simply says to let the negotiations begin.

In The Face of Depression, at VIM Princess Carolyn and Lenny meet with Judah, trying to wrap up the strike negotiations. Judah agrees with the contract Princess Carolyn gives him except for getting rid of office birthday cakes—while he agrees everyone hates office parties, in a stressful work environment employees crave any small morsel of satisfaction. Princess Carolyn gives in saying they can group birthdays so they only happen once a month. Judah says they accept those terms, and there is one last thing left to deal with, the matter of treating assistants like garbage. Princess Carolyn hands Judah another part of the contract that now states assistants will be treated like recycling. She says there is a new understanding that all assistants one day may be up-cycled to a higher status. Princess Carolyn and Judah shake hands in agreement.

Outside, Princess Carolyn tells Judah she meant to reach out, but Judah tells her there is no need to explain, he knows she's been busy with Ruthie and work. Princess Carolyn says the strike is the most amount of time she's been able to spend with Ruthie. As Princess Carolyn watches Judah ride off she tells him she's the best assistant she's ever had. He tells her she does not need to use "ever" in that sentence as it's implied. Princess Carolyn smiles at this.


Princess Carolyn seen narrating Earhart's story to Ruthie

Princess Carolyn is seen narrating the story of Amelia Earhart to Ruthie when BoJack shows up at her door. He gives her the painting that he had hanging up in his office, saying it’s a “baby shower gift” and that he’s trying to get rid of things in his house that remind him of the past. He also asks her to lie about him like she’s done for the last twenty years and be his reference for a job recommendation for a drama professor position at Wesleyan University. She tells him she'll be back in the office tomorrow and to have them call her cell because her assistant is terrible.

BoJack then notices Ruthie has started walking, and Princess Carolyn says she started a few days ago. She starts crying, explaining they have a real mother-daughter connection now and worries it'll go away when she goes back to work. BoJack suggests not going back, but Princess Carolyn insists she loves her job and abandoning it is not an option.

BoJack questions why she is juggling so many things on her own when she's the boss, and he tells her she needs her own Princess Carolyn taking care of her. Just then Ruthie backs into the painting and rips it with her quills. BoJack remarks it was priceless and Princess Carolyn says they'll just tape it up and call it a Rauchenberg.


Ruthie seen ripping painting with her quills.

Princess Carolyn offers Judah a job as Chief-of-Operations, which he gladly accepts. She then tells him she needs every third Friday of her schedule cleared so she has time to spend with her daughter and to investigate the burning smell from the copy room. She thanks him as he leaves, and he says it’s his pleasure.

In Intermediate Scene Study w/ BoJack Horseman, at Wesleyan, BoJack has Princess Carolyn teach the class the business side of acting. The students then ask her various questions about getting discovered. A student named Stan who was sitting in the back and the only one not asking a question catches the eye of Princess Carolyn.

After class, Princess Carolyn asks BoJack about Stan and tells him she thinks he's got the looks and potential. She then tells BoJack she wants to sign Stan and BoJack counters he needs to finish school as he is a Sophomore. Princess Carolyn states this is perfect because he's a legal adult who looks young and therefore can play roles that other young actors can't because they keep going to rehab or getting in legal trouble.

BoJack once again states he thinks it's a bad idea. Princess Carolyn then says they should let Stan decide for himself.

In BoJack's office, Princess Carolyn tells Stan she wants to be his manager. BoJack tells him L.A.'s not going anywhere and that he needs school to keep him grounded. Princess Carolyn tells him he has a great opportunity and he's done with school. BoJack tells Stan that one day he'll realize that these were the last days he was truly free and in the brutal world of show business there is nothing to protect him. Princess Carolyn tells him he will get a Birthday Dad jacket for being in the show.

BoJack once again tells him the campus is a safe space and that his whole career he wanted to get someplace like where they are and he didn't know it and not to make the same mistake he did. Princess Carolyn then offers Stan a chair with his name on it. He then gets excited and runs over to Princess Carolyn who tells him he's a good boy and they are getting his teeth fixed.

In Good Damage, Princess Carolyn calls Diane and proceeds to tell her Birthday Dad is a huge hit and about the successes of her company. Diane asks if Princess Carolyn just called her to brag and Princess Carolyn says she called to question her on how her book writing process is going. As she is walking out of the store, Diane replies she's still trying to figure out what her book is, exactly. Princess Carolyn questions what Diane thinks the book is about and Diane tells her it is about good trauma.

Princess Carolyn tells her she needs to have something ready for the publisher, as it has been six months.

Later, while Diane is at the pharmacy she gets a call from Princess Carolyn who tells Diane she's been pitching her book and everyone is excited about the movie adaptation. However, she needs to send Princess Carolyn some pages. The pharmacist calls out Diane's last name but she has left without picking up the medication.

In Chicago, Guy confesses to Diane he sent Princess Carolyn the Ivy Tran pages. Princess Carolyn tells Diane over the phone that she loved the Ivy Tran pages and she sees merchandise potential and she pitched it to a few studios. Diane protests saying that's not the book she wanted to write. Princess Carolyn says she's hearing a "maybe" as she hangs up.

At Wesleyan, Diane is seated next to Todd who is holding Ruthie for BoJack's showcase. Diane asks Todd where Princess Carolyn is. Todd replies Princess Carolyn said they should save her a seat. Todd then asks Diane about her book. Diane says it's a funny story. Todd replies he loves when stories start like that and she should put this story in her book.

After the showcase is over At Wesleyan, Princess Carolyn tells Todd it's time to go and she heads outside. Diane goes after Princess Carolyn and says she appreciates that she is trying to help but she does not want to write a middle-grade book. Diane then says that if she doesn't write her book all the damage she got wasn't good damage it was just damage. All those years she was miserable would have been for nothing. Diane says that all those years she felt the abuse and neglect made her special somehow. Diane says she wanted to write the book to help other little girls like her feel less alone.

Princess Carolyn says maybe the other middle-grade book can accomplish the same goal and she could visualize Ruthie reading a book like that when she's older. Diane then agrees to finish writing the Ivy Tran book.

In Sunk Cost and All That, in his office, BoJack narrates what happened with Penny and Charlotte in New Mexico to Todd, Diane, and Princess Carolyn. Princess Carolyn says that's not a story because BoJack did nothing illegal and even the not legal thing, he didn't do. BoJack counters that yet, this thing continues to haunt him. Diane then points out it's not about the legality and Todd says BoJack has been acting sketchy.

BoJack then agrees and admits he has been acting sketchy. Diane suggests New Mexico is not the story and the reporters are working on something bigger. Todd then asks him about before rehab to which BoJack replies they can't get him for old things he did in the past. Diane suggests it could be a combination of things. Princess Carolyn then says they should make a list of every bad thing he did.

BoJack starts making a list of all the bad things he did on a whiteboard. Princess Carolyn points out that none of the things he wrote are big stories. BoJack then asks what's the point of working on himself and getting better and sober if people out there trying to tear him down. He then questions who the reporters are and wonders if that maybe they can dig up dirt on them in order to teach them a lesson about not considering the fact he may have changed.

Todd then questions if he's really changed because this feels like the old BoJack and he likes the new BoJack who directs plays and is thoughtful. He then says he's putting Ruthie to bed and to call him when the new BoJack is back.

Diane, BoJack, Princess Carolyn continue to make a list of all of BoJack's past wrongdoings on two whiteboards. BoJack says they are not going to figure this out tonight and maybe he should go to the cast party. He is interrupted by Diane getting a phone call from Paige asking if she knows BoJack and what night she saw BoJack with Sarah Lynn. Diane then pretends to have sliced her finger in a bagel guillotine and says she requires medical attention and then hangs up on Paige.

Diane then tells BoJack and Princess Carolyn the story the reporters are trying to cover is about BoJack and Sarah Lynn.

Princess Carolyn says they can find some way to spin the Sarah Lynn story so BoJack looks good. Diane asks what are they spinning. She goes on to say that BoJack went on a drug bender with Sarah Lynn and at some point, they split up and she died. Princess Carolyn says if BoJack wants them to help he needs to tell them what's coming.

Diane then says the first thing she thought when she heard Sarah Lynn died was how sad it was BoJack had to find her like that. Princess Carolyn says "poor BoJack" should be the angle. Diane goes on to say she kept thinking about it. Sarah Lynn died of a heroin overdose and BoJack had BoJack brand heroin in his glove compartment. She then asks BoJack if he gave it to Sarah Lynn and BoJack admits he did. Diane then asks if BoJack left her with the heroin and BoJack admits he was with her up until the time she died in the planetarium and that he left and came back and pretended he had found Sarah Lynn that way.

Princess Carolyn asks if the reporters know that and BoJack responds he doesn't know how they could as he covered his tracks. Diane asks how he covered his tracks but they are interrupted by a knock on the door. A student tells BoJack they are doing end of the year superlatives and it would be cool if BoJack came out and read some. BoJack shuts the door and tells Diane and Princess Carolyn he is trying to figure things out and he wants just this one night with his students as this was supposed to be a celebration.

BoJack then reads the superlatives while Princess Carolyn and Diane listen from the door.

Later, BoJack then asks what he's supposed to do when the story comes out. Princess Carolyn says he'll release a statement saying how sorry he is about certain parts of the story but other parts of the story aren't true. She then goes on to say that in everyone's head BoJack has apologized for the really bad stuff without legally implicating himself. BoJack then asks if that works and Princess Carolyn says all the time.

Diane then asks why Princess Carolyn is telling BoJack to lie. Princess Carolyn says that this BoJack is good. She says this is working, but it's so precarious. BoJack questions if he'll lose his job at Wesleyan saying that has nothing to do with this.

Diane tells him he's about to be pushed out of a plane and Princess Carolyn and BoJack are talking about ways to get back on the plan but they can't because the plane is gone. Princess Carolyn counters she is speaking in absolutes and they can wriggle their way out of this. BoJack tells Diane he's asking her for help because this job is his lifeline. Diane tells him he should do the hard thing and be honest. She tells him things will get worse before they get better but he won't have to spend the rest of his life waiting for the other shoe to drop.

BoJack then gets a call from Paige who asks him questions about Sarah Lynn saying they are running a story about Sarah Lynn and his relationship with her next Thursday. BoJack denies the allegations against him. After BoJack hangs up Diane asks him what happened to being honest. He says he didn't think it would happen so fast. Princess Carolyn says they have a week to plan in order to minimize the damage.

Diane says she no longer wants any part in this as she has her book to write as she leaves the office.

Princess Carolyn asks him what he has written for his apology. BoJack reads what he has written and says there is no way to not sound insincere. BoJack then says Wesleyan and rehab were supposed to be fresh starts for him. He goes on to say no matter how many fresh starts he gets there is always the same ending—everything falls apart and he ends up alone.

Princess Carolyn then tells him she's still here. BoJack then questions why. She says she doesn't know it's probably because she's a fool and he was her first client. She says she has loved BoJack for twenty-five years and when she tells her daughter the story of the great love of her life she wants it to have a happy ending. BoJack asks if it's possible that letting him go is the happy ending. She tells him she has gone with him this far "sunk cost and all that."

BoJack then says Diane is right and he needs to take responsibility. BoJack says he wants to so that Princess Carolyn can tell her daughter she helped him do the right thing. BoJack tells her he's looking forward to it. She then asks if he's sure. He hesitates and then says no. She laughs at this.

In Xerox of a Xerox, at VIM, Princess Carolyn and Judah are preparing BoJack for the interview and telling him what to say when Mr. Peanutbutter walks in and asks BoJack to mention Birthday Dad in his interview and to welcome him to the MBN Thursday night family. However, he specifies BoJack should bring it up only if the interview is going well. Just then, Todd walks in with Ruthie and asks BoJack if he is ready for his interview. Todd then tells BoJack he has his work cut out because people hate him right now. BoJack says he's aware.

Todd then asks Princess Carolyn for a night off for his date with Maude. Mr. Peanutbutter expresses excitement over Todd having a new girlfriend. BoJack asks if they can take this part of the conversation elsewhere. As he and Mr. Peanutbutter leave Princess Carolyn's office, Todd suggests he and Maude go on a double date with Mr. Peanutbutter and Pickles. Mr. Peanutbutter replies he and Pickles have put their relationship on hiatus while she is on her work trip. Just then, Mr. Peanutbutter gets a text from Pickles saying they have broken up forever.

After everyone else is gone, BoJack asks Princess Carolyn where they are taping the segment. She tells BoJack she had the old Philbert set dug up so then they can have the intimacy and vulnerability of his home and they are making it look like it's night since they are pretaping the segment in the afternoon. BoJack shrugs and says that makes sense.

BoJack's interview with Biscuits goes relatively well.

As BoJack and Princess Carolyn walk out of the interview BoJack congratulates himself on how he did. Princess Carolyn hesitantly agrees it was good and BoJack asks if she thinks people are going to like it. Princess Carolyn says they'll find out in three hours when it airs.

The next day, BoJack gets a text from Princess Carolyn letting him know he nailed the interview. BoJack gets good publicity after this and he is invited to teach at Wesleyan again by the Dean.

At VIM, Princess Carolyn gets a call from Pinky Penguin who tells her the ratings are some of the best MBN has seen in years. He tells Princess Carolyn that BoJack should do a Part 2 of the interview to which Princess Carolyn says there is no Part 2 because the interview was called "The Last Days of Sarah Lynn." Pinky says BoJack should tell a few more colorful anecdotes before the Birthday Dad finale. Princess Carolyn says they got what they wanted out of this and shouldn't push it.

BoJack says he's starting a dialogue that could help people and if his openness and candor could help people he would be an awful person for not doing another interview.

BoJack's second interview does not go as well as his first one. Biscuits brings up many examples of BoJack having an established pattern of inappropriate relationships with women.

After the interview, Princess Carolyn hesitantly says the interview didn't go great. BoJack says that the gross part is Biscuits didn't even care as the interview was leverage for ratings and her next paycheck. BoJack then says Biscuits was all over the place and people will see she was out to get him. Princess Carolyn says they will find out tonight. BoJack then says Biscuits kept talking about him hurting a lot of women but he has also hurt a lot of men.

Princess Carolyn then tells him he should have done the one interview and then gone back to Connecticut. Princess Carolyn says she is going home to her daughter and BoJack should think about what he wants to do with the time he has before the interview aires and his whole world changes.

In The Horny Unicorn, at VIM, Todd, and Maude convince Princess Carolyn to let them open a daycare for the office employees. Princess Carolyn tells Todd they can carpool and Maude and Todd announce they are moving in together. Princess Carolyn congratulates them.

On the set of Birthday Dad, Mr. Peanutbutter is filming a scene and he gets his lines wrong. Princess Carolyn walks up to him and asks if everything is all right. He tells her is just distracted as he feels lonely in his big house after Pickles left. He then asks how Princess Carolyn manages being alone and she tells him she just takes it one day at a time. Mr. Peanutbutter then tells her he went to see his doctor in order to see if he could make him feel better. His doctor tells him the Sad Dog meme always cheers him up however, Mr. Peanutbutter told his doctor he is Sad Dog from the meme.

Later, at VIM, BoJack tells Princess Carolyn he needs a job seeing that he is now broke and homeless. Princess Carolyn tells him there are no offers. BoJack asks her to check and ask around. She finally tells him she can get him a small role on Birthday Dad. BoJack then tells her to have his pages delivered at the fancy hotel he's staying at. Princess Carolyn then tells him he's not staying at a fancy hotel because he just told her he's broke and homeless. BoJack then questions who else would have him. BoJack then winds up going over to Mr. Peanutbutter's house to live there.

Later, outside at Todd and Maude's house, Mr. Peanutbutter runs into Princess Carolyn and Judah and tells them sadly he is giving away Pickels' favorite alcoholic energy drink seeing that he doesn't need it anymore, as Pickles no longer lives with him. After Mr. Peanutbutter walks inside Princess Carolyn points out that they forgot to bring a gift and Judah tells her they can share the two gifts he brought and say they are from both of them.

In Angela, Princess Carolyn questions Judah on whether he is in a band. She tells him she saw the flier and heard others around the office say they were going to his gig. Judah says he thought about inviting Princess Carolyn but didn't want her to feel obligated. Princess Carolyn then receives a phone call from Lenny Turteltaub. Lenny tells her he wants her to run Turtletaub's new female-focused studio division called Girtletaub, indicating that the studio is in trouble due to two decades worth of executive sexual harassment. Lenny also tells Princess Carolyn her reputation for success is exactly what he needs to front the female-centric production company. Princess Carolyn asks if Lenny wants her to pitch her dream movie studio and he tells her he needs the pitch by tomorrow morning.

Princess Carolyn then asks Judah to get her box office numbers. She tells him they need firm financial figures to frame how fans flock to films with female leads. They then list off the titles of several films. Princess Carolyn then asks Judah about his gig and he reassures her he has time as what they are working on is important.

At VIM, Judah tells Princess Carolyn he's completed a projection of female-led films over the past five years. Judah says it is encouraging yet vague as he needs to know the specifics of her dream slate. Princess Carolyn sounding discouraged wonders if she ever had dreams, to begin with. She tells Judah if he leaves now she can still make his show. Judah tells her it's his job to be at work when she is.

Princess Carolyn then advises Judah not to give his whole life to this job because if he does one day someone will finally ask him what he wants and he'll realize he doesn't even know anymore. Judah says OK to this and Princess Carolyn apologizes for missing it. Judah tells her that missing it will make eye contact easier for them tomorrow which Princess Carolyn laughs at.

At his concert, Judah's bandmate asks if everyone from his office is here. Judah sadly replies that not everyone is here.

At VIM, Princess Carolyn is attempting to type her dreams on her computer. She picks up the flyer from her desk and decides to go to Judah's concert. When she gets there his bandmate announces that their lead singer had to go back to work and therefore they will be playing only instrumental versions of their songs. Princess Carolyn subsequently leaves and heads back to VIM.

At VIM, Princess Carolyn is surprised to find Judah working in her office. Judah tells her he would rather be with her. Princess Carolyn then asks Judah if he thinks she's an idiot for not working for Turteltaub and he tells her he'd never think that. Princess Carolyn then says they could get financers and do it themselves. Judah tells her if there is one thing he's learned it's to never underestimate what Princess Carolyn can do for herself. Princess Carolyn then says not all by herself. Princess Carolyn then asks Judah to play her one of his songs. He then plays a romantic song for her on his guitar and confesses that he loves her which Princess Carolyn smiles at.

In Nice While It Lasted, BoJack then comes across Princess Carolyn and tells her the wedding was incredible. Princess Carolyn asks if it wasn't too much with the fireworks, cirque performers, and procession of exotic peafowl. BoJack tells her she did a great job producing it. BoJack then congratulates her and Judah and asks where Judah is. She tells him Judah is putting together some contracts. BoJack then questions why the groom would be doing paperwork at his wedding.

Princess Carolyn explains that their real wedding was a week ago, and this one is for the industry. She goes on to explain she invited the town's top talent, took away their phones, and shuffled them together. Princess Carolyn says she gave them alcohol and got them chatty and the next day they call her to put them in touch with someone and that's how she attaches herself as a producer.

BoJack says he's offended he wasn't important enough for her real wedding but he's flattered to be invited to her industry one. Princess Carolyn tells him The Horny Unicorn is trending like crazy and all of Hollywoob is buzzing about his comeback. BoJack tells her he's not sure he should start any more projects and tells her he started a drama program at prison and he's thinking about volunteering there when he gets out. Princess Carolyn tells him that sounds fabulous.

He then starts talking about other opportunities and he didn't think he had any because a year ago people in this town hated him. Princess Carolyn tells him people have short-term memories and she's sure he'll come to a decision.

BoJack then asks her if she wants to dance as the music starts to play. The two dance together. BoJack then tells her when he got here he thought there would be a disaster, like a sitcom disaster. BoJack tells Princess Carolyn he thought he would cause it. He then gives the example of no one but him being able to find Princess Carolyn before the wedding. He tells her he would find her in a special spot and say "it's time to go." BoJack then says he would talk her into going through with the wedding as a symbol of how much he's grown.

BoJack then asks what she would be afraid of in this fictional situation created by him. Princess Carolyn tells him she would be afraid to lose some part of herself and if she lets someone else take care of her she won't feel like herself anymore and this thing that's supposed to make her happy doesn't make her as happy as it should. BoJack tells her those are some good arguments but perhaps she should be focused on being happy now.

Princess Carolyn jokingly asks if it's that easy. BoJack tells her it isn't but that's what Princess Carolyn wanted for herself, she's the smartest woman he knows, and that's why she ought to listen to herself. They then conclude BoJack wasn't really needed to tell her any of those things which she already knew.

BoJack asks her if she can get him some recognition once he gets out of prison and someone to look out for him. She then says she can recommend some "excellent people." The two of them then exchange a hug.


Episode Absents[]

Being one of the five main characters, Princess Carolyn has appeared in every episode except:

Season 1[]

Season 3[]

Season 4[]

Season 5[]

Season 6[]


  • She is one of the two characters to attend UCLA, the other being Miles the Intern:
  • Originally, Mr. Peanutbutter was going to be BoJack's agent, being described at that point as "easy-going and smooth-talking," and a human female named Chelsea would have been BoJack's on-again, off-again ex-girlfriend, who was "high strung and high maintenance," and dumped BoJack because he wouldn't have a baby with her after she wasted her twenties on him, but they keep sleeping together.[2]
    • Eventually, Mr. Peanutbutter became BoJack's frenemy and former sitcom rival, and the agent and Chelsea characters became Princess Carolyn.
  • Princess Carolyn's personal hero is Amelia Earhart.
    • She dresses like her every year for Halloween, as seen in Mr. Peanutbutter's Boos.
    • She is seen narrating the story of Earhart's flight to her daughter Ruthie in The Face of Depression.
      • The version of the story she tells ends with Amelia Earheart flying off into the sun, rather than disappearing over the Pacific. This is a retelling of the final scene of the romanticized movie that Princess Carolyn grew up watching. It is unknown if this is a sugarcoated Hollywood ending that she prefers, or if this is actually the accepted truth of what happened in the world of BoJack.
  • Princess Carolyn's desire for a child is ironic, as her voice actress, Amy Sedaris, has admitted to being uninterested in parenthood.
  • She has had five miscarriages throughout her life:
  • She has a knack for alliterations and tongue-twisters and uses them in her everyday speech as a running gag in the show.
    • Amy Sedaris, Princess Carolyn's voice actor, actually hates saying the tongue twisters, which is the reason she has to say so many of them, and why Courtney Portnoy's name was created.[3]
  • She spoke with a southern accent when she lived in Eden, North Carolina.
  • She seems to love cat-related media, as shown by her many posters in her apartment and her Cats ringtone.
  • Her favorite movie is Jerry Maguire.
  • She has a poster for the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie Junior in her apartment, which has never been brought up.
  • Despite being promoted from intern to secretary to agent at Vigor, she continued to water the plants until she left in Out to Sea.
  • Like BoJack, Princess Carolyn also hates honeydew, calling it “garbage fruit” in One Trick Pony.
  • BoJack gives her his painting of him sinking in the pool in The Face of Depression as a "baby shower gift."


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