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Polly is a one-time character in BoJack Horseman. Her only appearance was in a flashback in Time's Arrow, in Season 4. She was the maid of the Sugarman household during Beatrice's early adulthood.

Physical Appearance[]

Polly was a young adult human woman with tan skin and midnight blue hair which is tied back in a bun. Given her appearance, she may be of Hispanic descent.

She was seen wearing a maid's uniform consisting of a black dress with a white frilly collar, a white apron around her waist, a white cap, and brown loafers.


Polly appears to have been the kind and obedient maid of the Sugarman household. Little else is known about her.


Season 4[]

In a flashback from Time's Arrow, Polly is seen lacing young Beatrice's corset. Beatrice then asks her to bring a "pretty pill" and a glass of water, to which Polly obediently leaves the room to retrieve.


  • Her surname is not known. It is also possible that "Polly" is a nickname, in which case, her full first name is also unknown.
  • In Time's Arrow, she calls Beatrice "Senorita Sugarman" implying she's Hispanic.