The Police Chief is Meow Meow Fuzzyface's superior officer.


Season 2

Police Chief is Meow Meow Fuzzyface's superior and boss. She describes him as being a "loose canon".

She and her colleagues try to decipher what kind of officer Fuzzyface is by discarding the categories he doesn't fit in on a whiteboard.

Chief then reunites entire LAPD to further organize their thoughts. In the end, they all unanimously agree he is indeed a "loose cannon who follows his own rules".


Police Chief is an adult African-American woman.

She is seen wearing a police uniform consisting of a collared shirt with police badges a necktie with a gold clip, black dress pants, and dress shoes. Her wavy black hair is in a bob above shoulder length.


All-in-all the Chief is a very no-nonsense lady who does things by the book, follows rules, and is a reasonable authority figure.

She is seen berating Fuzzyface due to his conduct. Her method clashes with Fuzzyface's more reckless style of doing things.



  • The Name of the Police Chief as of Season 5, is unknown.