Pinky Penguin is a recurring character throughout Season 1 of BoJack Horseman.


Pinky is a very timid, anxious, extremely worrisome penguin, who is desperate for a best-seller to earn enough money to take care of his children and keep his company in business.

He is not a bad person at all, he does care about the companies he works for.

Physical Appearance

Pinky is an adult male penguin who wears a pair of large-framed glasses.

Pinky wears a button-down collared light pink shirt, dark brown jacket, dress pants, and black dress shoes.



Not much is known of Penguin's childhood or early career. He is from Cincinnati, Ohio. He the former owner of the Penguin Publishing house, where BoJack's book was published, and currently works for MBN.

Season 1

He worked at the publishing house Penguin for some time. He was involved in many business failures, notably the Swamp Monsters of Malibu, where twenty million dollars were spent in marketing.

After giving BoJack several extensions, over a year and a half to complete his memoirs on his own, he hires Diane to help complete the manuscript.

Penguin manages to save the publisher by getting BoJack's autobiography published. However, he leaves the company before the book is published, and is hired at the network MBN.

He has a troubled relationship with his children, who he wants to care for and see, but often cannot—due to his publishing house failing and him nearly going bankrupt.

Season 5

In Mr. Peanutbutter's Boos, Pinky is seen at the Halloween party in 2009 wearing a "Will Publish for FOOD" sign as Will Work For Food Loafer in Interstate 60. He won the costume contest, but then it turned out he'd just lost all his belongings in a fire, and those clothes were all that he owned.

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