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Pinky Penguin is a recurring character throughout BoJack Horseman. His first appearance was in the pilot, in Season 1.


Pinky is a very timid, anxious, extremely worrisome penguin.

He originally started his career in publishing to provide for his children and keep his company in business. He later takes on a job in network television.

He does care quite a bit about the companies he works for.

Physical Appearance[]

Pinky is an adult male emperor penguin who wears a pair of large-framed glasses.

Pinky wears a button-down collared light pink button-down collared shirt, dark brown jacket, a brown necktie with white stripes and polka dots, dress pants, and black dress shoes.



Not much is known of Pinky's childhood or early career. He is from Cincinnati, Ohio. He the former owner of the Penguin Publishing house, where BoJack's book was published, and currently works for MBN.

Season 1[]

In the pilot, at Silver Spoon Diner, BoJack is meeting with Pinky Penguin regarding his upcoming book. Pinky tells him that he would have invited BoJack but the electricity in his company shut off because they didn't pay the bill. Pinky tells him that his company Penguin is very eager to work with him, but he keeps missing his deadline for his memoirs.

BoJack apologizes and tells him he is making great progress, there is a cut to BoJack in his study talking into his tape recorder as the days go by, with him not make much further progress than the title of the first chapter. Pinky tells him they really need a bestseller since they are soon to go bankrupt. Pinky recommends him to hire a ghost-writer, but BoJack harshly declines the offer and tells Pinky to give him one more week. BoJack goes on to state that this book is a "top priority" for him, and Pinky tells him he will call BoJack in a week to check up.

One week later, BoJack is watching Horsin' Around and Pinky calls. BoJack gets reminded of his deadline and doesn't answer the call.

Later, BoJack's meeting with Pinky at Penguin Publishing. Pinky gets upset that BoJack doesn't have anything and says the company is in dire straights. He then tells BoJack they are tired of waiting and are hiring him a ghostwriter. Pinky then hands BoJck a business card with the name Diane Nguyen on it. Pinky then says Diane is great and she has a thing for horses. Pinky then hands BoJack a copy of Secretariat: a Life, which was ghostwritten by Diane. BoJack then says he always wanted to play Secretariat in a film.

Pinky then tells BoJack to give Diane a call and tell her that. BoJack later does end up meeting Diane at his party and hires her to be his ghostwriter.

In Live Fast, Diane Nguyen, BoJack, and Diane travel to New York to meet with Pinky Penguin, where he has relocated to avoid creditors while waiting for BoJack to finish his book.

During their meeting, Pinky asks how the book progress is coming along. BoJack tells Pinky it's coming along great, he is telling heartfelt anecdotes and Diane is "spinning them into gold." When Diane leaves the room to answer her phone BoJack tells Pinky she's not working out for him because he believes she's too functional and not damaged enough to tell his story.

Pinky then frantically asks him what he's talking about and tells him his book needs to be on shelves and making money by October.

Diane then comes back into the room and says she received a call from her brother Tommy about their father's passing. BoJack and Pinky give their condolences and say they are sorry. Diane says her father was old and also the worst. She is unfazed, much to BoJack's surprise, and she asks BoJack to come with her to Boston to pay respects before heading back to Los Angeles.

Season 5[]

In Mr. Peanutbutter's Boos, Pinky is seen at the Halloween party in 2009 wearing a "Will Publish for FOOD" sign as Will Work For Food Loafer in Interstate 60. He won the costume contest, but then it turned out he'd just lost all his belongings in a fire, and those clothes were all that he owned.

Season 6[]

In The New Client, Todd meets with Pinky Penguin. Pinky tells Todd his company took a big swing with Dick Wolf's Milwaukee show. He says it turns out audiences don't want to watch a whole night of Milwaukee, so now they have some slots to fill. Pinky then asks if "Untitled Princess Carolyn Project" can live for several seasons. Todd does not understand how those things are related, but he hopes so.

Todd then has Princess Carolyn drop off the baby at Pinky's office. He is surprised to learn it's a baby. Pinky tells Todd they need a show because they can't air a baby. He says they already designed the posters and promotional materials.

Todd tells Princess Carolyn on the phone that Pinky canceled the baby, but the network needs a show. This gives Princess Carolyn the idea to pitch Birthday Dad as a TV show to Pinky. She tells him the pilot was directed by Flea Daniels, and the show would be run by Karen Kitada. Pinky says the network will take anything.

In Xerox of a Xerox, Pinky calls Princess Carolyn and BoJack the morning after BoJack's successful first interview with Biscuits Braxby. He tells them that they did great, and signs BoJack up for a second interview with Biscuits.

In Nice While It Lasted, Pinky is seen reading the L.A. Gazette with the articles titled Horseman Sentenced to Fourteen Months in Super-Max and 'Bojeebies Kid Signs with Gersh.' He is also seen at Princess Carolyn and Judah's wedding.

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