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Phoebe is a one-time character in BoJack Horseman. She is an actress. Her only appearance is in Underground, in Season 4.


Phoebe seems to be very over-dramatic, most notably by tying up Woodchuck and setting Zach Braff on fire and eating his cooked flesh. Little else is known about her.

Physical Appearance[]

Phoebe is an adult female fox. She has orange fur with light spots around her mouth and eyes.

She wears a purple one-sleeved dress with ruffles on her right shoulder that is above knee length. She also wears light purple high heeled pumps.


In Underground, Pheobe and Parrot Lady both support Jessica Biel, agreeing with all of her decisions, such as tying Woodchuck to a fan, pinning Mr. Peanutbutter to a cross, and eating Zach Braff.


  • Her surname is unknown.