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Phil is a minor character in BoJack Horseman. He is the stock boy at Hammerhead Hardware. His only appearance is in The Old Sugarman Place, in Season 4.

Physical Appearance[]

Phil is a male donkey with brown and taupe colored fur and buck teeth. He has a diamond birthmark on his forehead.

He wears a red Hammerhead Hardware shirt with a white hammerhead shark and the words "HAMMERHEAD HARDWARE" on the top and bottom, khaki pants, a green apron, and grey boots.


Season 4[]

BoJack goes to Hammerhead Hardware, to get supplies to repair his grandparent's depleted summer home, where he is currently squatting.

He is bothered by the two teen girls who work there, Tamera and Tamara. They keep questioning if he's BoJack and ignore him when he says he isn't, saying he's fat and asking about Sarah Lynn’s death.

They also say he looks like Phil the stock boy, who is a donkey, the only real resemblance between him and BoJack is a similar diamond-shaped birthmark on their foreheads. Tamera later informs BoJack, calling him “not BoJack," on Paul Giamatti playing him in FX's biopic about Sarah Lynn.

Later, Eddie agrees with BoJack on how annoying and rude Tamera and Tamara are, with BoJack not wanting to go back to the hardware store due to them.