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I came all this way to jump out of a cake? Honest. With a new suit on...Aye-yai-yai.

—Paul Mcartney , After the Party

Sir Paul McCartney is an English musician, singer-songwriter and bassist for the Beatles. His animated counterpart made a cameo in After the Party, in Season 2.



Season 1[]

In Zoës and Zeldas, Diane thought BoJack's story was about him running into Paul McCartney in the bathroom at the Golden Globes.

In Later, at the Golden Globe Awards ceremony, the announcer mentions that BoJack was forcefully removed from the 1992 ceremony for exchanging blows with Sir Paul McCartney.

Season 2[]

In After the Party, McCartney, the famous musician, pops out of a cake at Diane's thirty-fifth surprise birthday party. Unfortunately, by then, everyone has left.


  • A newspaper of the Beetles is shown with actual beetles on it. It is possible that Paul McCartney wasn't a part of the famous band or his band had a different name in the BoJack universe.
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