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Patience Sinclair is a one-time character in BoJack Horseman. She is the sister of Paige Sinclair. Her only appearance is in Xerox of a Xerox, in Season 6.

Physical Appearance[]

Patience is a brown female pig with spiky neon green hair and three piercings in her right ear, which are two silver hoops and one silver stud. She wears a heavy purple eyeshadow.

She is seen wearing a purple floor-length cold-shoulder bridesmaid dress and pink shoes for her sister's wedding.



Patience Sinclair

Patience seems to be calmer and more laid-back than her high-strung sister Paige. Little else is known about her.


In Xerox of a Xerox, at her wedding, Paige is turning off the TV in what appears to be her dressing room at her wedding with her bridesmaids, saying says she can't believe she had the scoop of her career and then she got side-tracked by a second rate celebrity suck up. Her sister Patience tells her to relax saying that her story is clearly doing something if they are scrambling to do damage control this soon.

Paige then tells her "that these schmoozy charlatans will pour syrup on this stack of Shinola and try to tell you it's pancakes." Patience then points out that Paige has enough dirt for another story, but Paige says once she gets married she'll give up her career as a journalist and resort to domestic life.

Patience then suggests she just get married and forget the BoJack and Sarah Lynn story. Paige then agrees she should focus on her new marriage.


  • Patience questions her sister Paige on why she talks with a fake accent, as they are from Fresno.