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Old Town Horseberg is an old horse reenactment town BoJack visits in The Face of Depression, in Season 6.

Physical Appearance[]

Old Town Horseberg appears to be a historical Puritan reenactment town for horses. It has many old-fashioned looking buildings, including the church and Public House.


Season 6[]


BoJack finds solace in church reenactment in The Face of Depression

In The Face of Depression, BoJack walks into his hotel in Washington D.C. and picks up a pamphlet for Old Town Horseberg.

The episode ends with BoJack going to the horse town where he finds a church. He attends a reenactment of an early horse service. BoJack shakes hands and offers peace to the other horses around him. The minister tells BoJack it looks like he found solace in their show. He invites BoJack to stay, as the show starts again in thirty minutes.


  • During the reenactment, a horse woman named Goody Oates stands up and is taken away presumably being accused of witchcraft.
  • The actors in the town are all seen wearing old-fashioned costumes from that era.