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The Obertones are minor characters in BoJack Horseman. They are a male acapella trio at Oberlin college. They make a brief appearance in That's Too Much, Man!, in Season 3.

Physical Appearances[]

The first member of the group is a human male with short brown curly hair.

He wears a teal button-down shirt, navy and white patterned necktie, dark grey sports jacket, khaki pants, and brown loafers.

The second member is also a human male with tan skin and shaggy brown hair.

He wears a lilac button-down shirt, white necktie, dark navy sports jacket, black pants, and brown loafers.

The third member is a male rodent.

He wears a blue button-down shirt, red striped necktie, dark maroon sports jacket, dark khaki pants, and brown loafers.


Nothing is known about their individual personalities.


Season 3[]

The Obertones made a brief appearance in That's Too Much, Man!, when Penny Carson walked past them on the Oberlin campus and complemented their sound.

BoJack and Sarah Lynn were watching Penny from behind the bushes at the time and were about to leave. BoJack drunkenly stumbled into them and knocked them over like dominoes.

The trio harmonized as they fell, thus alerting Penny to BoJack's presence. Penny then states she doesn't want to see BoJack, as the last time she saw him was when she was seventeen and didn't know any better. The crowd of college students recognizes BoJack and Sarah Lynn, and begin to take pictures of them, so they leave as a frightened Penny disappears into the crowd.


  • As of the end of Season 3, the group consisted of a trio of two humans, and one albino squirrel, a reference to Oberlin’s albino squirrel mascot, Yeobie.
  • All three Obertones are played by musician Rufus Wainwright:
    • His sister Lucy Wainwright Roche, also a musician, is an Oberlin alumnus.