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Oberlin College is a liberal arts college located in Oberlin, Ohio, USA. It's only appearance was in That's Too Much, Man!, in Season 3.

Physical Appearance[]

It is presumably based off of the real-life Oberlin College located in that same city. Several details from the actual college are depicted, including the Mudd Library (especially the well-known ball chairs), the front porch of Tank, one of the student-run cooperatives, and the graphic layout of the "You Are Still at Oberlin" sign.


Season 3[]

In That's Too Much, Man!, BoJack has a blackout on his drug bender withSarah Lynn and wakes up in the car, driving to Ohio to make amends with Penny and to see if he messed up her life. He demands to Sarah Lynn, that they turn the car around, but they end up at the Oberlin school library.

They spot Penny using the computer, and BoJack says that they should stop following her, although he then blacks out again. It's now later that night, and they are outside of a party Penny is attending.

BoJack says that she seems fine and that maybe he didn't ruin her. He agrees to drive them home after he pees, but he ends up bumping into the Obertones. They topple over, and Penny notices him. She begins to freak out and tells him that he can't be there, and, thinking he came there to find her, she says "I was seventeen, I didn’t know any better!" The people around them start to recognize Sarah Lynn and BoJack, and begin to take pictures of them, so they leave as a frightened Penny disappears into the crowd.

Back in the car, Sarah Lynn tells BoJack that Penny was probably doing great before they showed up, and that they should've just left her alone, to BoJack's annoyance.


  • In the BoJack Horseman universe, it is noteworthy for being the college which Penny Carson attended.
  • It is also the home of the Obertones (played by musician Rufus Wainwright).
  • The choice of Oberlin College is likely due in part to Raphael Bob-Waksberg's sister being an alumnus. Lucy Wainwright Roche is also an alumnus (her brother, Rufus, plays the Obertones), as is the father of BoJack production designer Lisa Hanawalt.
  • In the library, only four book titles are visible, and they are all animal-related references to books about sexuality (a topic Oberlin is known for having a particular focus on).