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The Nixon Library Security Guard is a recurring character in BoJack Horseman. He may or may not be related to Richard Nixon. He appears in The Shot, in Season 2.

Physical Appearance[]

The security guard is a middle-aged human man who bears a strong resemblance to President Nixon.

He is somewhat on the heavier side, with spiky brown hair with light brown highlights, bushy dark brown eyebrows, stubble on his upper lip, chin, and neck.

He is seen wearing a guard uniform consisting of a light blue button-down shirt with two front pockets, black dress pants, shoes, a gun holster on his belt, a police badge.


Season 2[]

In The Shot, Todd distracts the security guard so that BoJack and Kelsey can use the office as their movie set for the particular scene they are shooting.

Kelsey begins to set up the shot but they are found out by a security guard. BoJack tells him that they're just trying to make a movie about Nixon, and offer to let him play Nixon. The security guard accepts as he thinks Nixon was his father.

Kelsey informs BoJack in this scene, Secretariat learns his brother, who was sent to Vietnam in his place, was killed in Vietnam, and the tears start to flow from the guilt.

A problem arises, however, because BoJack cannot cry in front of other people. Kelsey asks Mr. Peanutbutter and the security guard to give them the room.

She tells BoJack he has been told his brother is dead and it's his fault, "But this moment is bigger than that. This is the moment that Secretariat stops running. Because this is the moment you realize something inside you is broken, and it can never be fixed."

Kelsey says she got the shot, although BoJack didn't cry. She thanks BoJack for talking her into it, and says she's really glad they're making the movie together. BoJack says "Didn’t know I had it in me, did you?", to which Kelsey replies "No, I knew" as she leaves, to BoJack's surprise.

He goes outside and lights up a cigarette, but another he exhales the smoke he breaks down crying.

Later, on the Secretariat set, BoJack notices Kelsey isn't there. Lenny tells him he found out they went behind his back and filmed the Nixon scene, so he fired Kelsey.

Season 5[]

He makes a cameo appearance, at Mr. Peanutbutter's housewarming party, in The Dog Days Are Over.


  • He may or may not be President Nixon's illegitimate son