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Newtopia Rising, Book I: The Search for a New Utopia is a rock opera written by Todd in Zoës and Zeldas in Season 1.

Production & Development[]

In Zoës and Zeldas, Todd mentioned to BoJack and company, that he had been working on a rock opera for some time. However, he was unlikely to finish it. Todd then performed his rock opera, still a work-in-progress, in front of BoJack and the rest of the main cast.

In an effort to prove to Diane that he wasn't "clipping [Todd's] wings," as she put it, BoJack offered to mentor Todd and help him refine his rock opera into a real performance. He and Todd spent several weeks workshopping the story and music, although BoJack was excessively harsh in his criticisms, making hyperbolic comparisons such as "[it was] worse than 100 September 11ths" as well as "I’d [sic] rather have the Holocaust happen every four years like the Olympics."

After Todd brought Virgil Van Cleef into the production, however, BoJack became afraid that Newtopia might actually become successful enough for Todd to move out of his home. Fearing loneliness, BoJack made a plan to sabotage Todd's debut of Newtopia by getting him re-addicted to the Decapathon video game.

Todd's lack of sleep from playing Decapathon all night led his debut of Newtopia to be a failure, and the entire project fell apart, which Todd blamed himself for until the events of Horse Majeure when he figured out that BoJack had sabotaged him.


Todd initially described Newtopia as "Tommy by way of Cirque du Solei, set in space, with heavy erotic overtones, and the gripping psychodrama of a thriller with plenty of heart and more than a little humor." It is a sci-fi epic that follows the space-faring Turbidians as they escape from slavery and seek out a new planet to call home.


Virgil Van Cleef giving his review about the opera.


  • As Mr. Peanutbutter pointed out when he heard the title, Newtopia seems as if it was planned to be only the first entry in a series of works, perhaps a trilogy.
  • After the rock opera's failure, it is implied that Todd tried to recycle some of Newtopia's plot and concepts into Mr. Peanutbutter's Hollywoo Heist, as he and Tarantulino re-worked the script into a sci-fi adventure.
  • A small sample of music from an early draft of Newtopia was used as the wake-up alarm on Todd's phone in See Mr. Peanutbutter Run.