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Nadia is a one-time character in BoJack Horseman. She was a stripper at Whale World. Her body was found in the pool of Cuddlywhiskers' house in BoJack Kills, in Season 3.


Nadia's personality is unknown.

Physical Appearance[]

Nadia was an adult female Orca. She wears blue eyeshadow.

She wore an orange tube top with lacing in the back, denim short shorts, and purple platform high heels.


Season 3[]

In BoJack Kills, BoJack asks Diane permission to stop and pick up Jill's letter from Cuddlywhiskers' home, though Diane retorts that she just wants to make their next appearance and then go home. BoJack attempts to salvage conversation with her by asking why he hasn't seen her in a while. She responds with quips about her marriage and job, while BoJack adds in that she's also avoiding him.

Diane begins saying that she and BoJack are similar in several ways. She notes that, while that is great by itself, it's also dangerous and can bring out the worst in both of them if they're together. Diane also adds that she's trying to get her life back together, and then requests that she and BoJack only get together under professional circumstances. BoJack accepts the terms, only to reveal that he went to retrieve Jill's letter from Cuddly's home against Diane's requests, passing it off as an accidental detour.

They knock on Cuddly's door, only for it to open on its own. They explore the house, which has been abandoned. BoJack admires an Oscar award, while Diane opens the back door blinds to allow light into the room. Upon doing so, she and BoJack discover the corpse of an orca in Cuddly's swimming pool.

Diane suggests that they call someone, while BoJack sarcastically remarks that no one calls anymore, preferring to text, roll their eyes, and send pornographic pictures. Before either of them can do anything, they are ambushed by Officer Fuzzyface along with some other officers. He reveals that they were waiting for the murderer(s) to return to the body, and assumed that BoJack and Diane were the murderers.

BoJack and Diane are being interrogated by the police over the death of Nadia, the orca they found in Cuddly's swimming pool. While BoJack is mostly oblivious to Fuzzyface's interrogation methods, providing straight answers to all of his questions.

Diane takes a stand against Fuzzyface and tricks him into allowing her to use her phone to look up her rights, discovering that he can't detain her and BoJack without putting them under arrest, much to his dismay. Once they get released from the Police Office, Diane reveals that she managed to grab Nadia's phone, which BoJack criticizes her for.

She reveals that a text in the phone states that, "BoJack is going to kill me." She suggests that someone may be trying to frame BoJack. BoJack reacts in shock, only to reveal that he was concerned with being late for the Bat Mitzvah he had to attend.


  • Her last name is unknown.
  • Whale World is meant to be a social commentary on how Orcas and other sea creatures are held in captivity in attractions such as Sea World.