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Muffin Man Apple Muffins is a muffin company that is shown in BoJack Hates the Troops, in Season 1.


Season 1[]

Having returned from his service with the Navy SEALs in Afghanistan, Neal meets BoJack at the local J'Von's when he returns from the bathroom to find the last box of "Muffin Man Apple Muffins."

Screenshot (467)

Neal and BoJack arguing over who has "dibs" on the muffins

Neal called dibs on the muffins by leaving them in the produce section.

He and BoJack Argue: Neal states he already called dibs on it and placing it in the produce section should give the impression it was claimed. BoJack affirms one cannot call dibs on something, and leave it while putting it in a visually open place.

BoJack simply sneaks away and buys them at the checkout, before Neal has a chance to inform BoJack he feels he deserves the muffins after serving in the military, and it is his favorite brand of muffins. Neal angrily swears BoJack will regret this.

Later, when BoJack got home, he ate all the muffins.


  • J'Von's is a play on Vons, a chain of Southern Californian and Southern Nevadan supermarkets.