Mr. Witherspoon was a minor and recurring character.

Physical Appearance

Mr. Witherspooon was a middle-aged frog with a heavy build.

He wore a navy pinstripe pant-suit, lilac button-down dress shirt, and maroon necktie, and dark-brown loafers, and a pair of thin framed glasses.


Mr. Witherspoon was the owner of Vigor and the boss of Princess Carolyn. He was Charley Witherspoon's father and former occupier.

Season 1

Mr. Witherspoon first appears in Say Anything, when his company Vigor is hastily merging with FME, to greet Princess Carolyn and her new co-worker Vanessa Gekko.

He states how he is excited about the new merger, even tough most of the employees are panicking because he is unsure of who is getting promoted and who is losing their jobs, due to the sloppy way the merger was handled.

Season 2

Charley was Princess Carolyn's Personal Assistant. In Out to Sea, it is revealed that Mr. Witherspoon has had a stroke.

Season 3

Mr. Witherspoon's death is confirmed by Charley in Old Acquaintance.

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