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Mr. N. Knickerbocker is a one-time character in BoJack Horseman. He is a TV or film exec who meets with Todd to discuss new projects to work on after he was laid off from WhatTimeIsItRightNow. He was seen in The New Client, in Season 6.


Mr. Knickerbocker seems to be enthusiastic though little else is known about him.

Physical Appearance[]

Mr. Knickerboker is a human man with brown hair which is greying at the roots and thick eyebrows. He wears a pair of thick black glasses.

He is seen wearing a white collared button-down shirt, grey pantsuit with jacket and dress pants, red and orange striped necktie, and shoes.


Season 6[]

In The New Client, There is then a flashback to Todd waiting for a meeting, when he gets a call from Princess Carolyn, saying she needs him to pick up the baby from her workplace; as she needs to go to the photoshoot. Todd then goes to pick up the baby. He arrives at the place where his meeting is happening with the baby. The secretary tells him Mr. Knickerbocker will see him now.

He then gets another phone call from Princess Carolyn, saying there has been a change of plans, and the baby is needed at the photoshoot. Todd then drops the baby off at Smashbox Studios for the shoot. Todd then arrives late to his meeting with N. Nickerbocker who says Todd's being late made him angry, which made him respect Todd. Todd then apologizes, saying he has his hands full with Untitled Princess Carolyn Project.

N. Nickerbocker asks if his project has legs, and Todd says she has legs. Todd goes to another meeting, with a Melinda Golightlier who says the whole town is buzzing about Untitled Princess Carolyn Project. She asks Todd if Untitled Princess Carolyn Project is the type of thing that can make a lot of noise. Todd says she can, and the lady says she's in and asks Todd to name his price. Todd replies "ummm...Jonathan?".


  • His first name is unknown, but starts with the letter N.