Mr. Buenaventura is a minor character in BoJack Horseman. He is introduced along with the rest of his family in Planned Obsolescence, in Season 5.

Physical Appearance

Mr. Buenaventura is an adult male axolotl with six magenta gills sticking out from his head and light blue eyes.

He wears a blue button-down shirt, a mustard-colored pair of pants and brown sandals with a toe ring and a belt. He appears to have a chubby build.


Even though not much is known about him he seems to have a friendly demeanor and is humble about his work as a novelist.


Season 5

In Planned Obsolescence, Mr. Buenaventura is introduced as an erotic novelist when Todd and Yolanda go to the Buenaventura family home for dinner.

He and his wife insist Todd and Yolanda have sex in the family home. They hesitantly agree with this notion.

Mr. Buenaventura shows "Mindy" aka Yolanda some expensive lube which is a family heirloom intended to be passed down to Yolanda.

A fiasco happens when the twins start fighting and knock the barrel over the edge of the banister causing lube to spill everywhere and then the whole family is fighting.

Yolanda blurts out she is asexual and her family says they still love and accept her anyway.


  • He is the author of at least two erotic novels titled Depth and Girth.
    • He has probably written other novels although their titles are unknown.
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