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Mr. Buenaventura is a minor character in BoJack Horseman. He is introduced along with the rest of his family in Planned Obsolescence, in Season 5.

Physical Appearance[]

Mr. Buenaventura is an adult male axolotl with six magenta gills sticking out from his head and light blue eyes. He appears to have a chubby build.

He wears a blue button-down shirt, a mustard-colored pair of pants, and brown sandals with a toe ring and a belt.


Even though not much is known about him he seems to have a friendly demeanor and is humble about his work as a novelist. The only time he gets understandably violent and angry is when he finds out Todd deceived him about having sex with Yolanda, and as a result busted a family heirloom of lubricant that costs about $100,000. He is sex-crazed like his wife Angelica and daughter Mindy. While he has always wanted his daughters to have a sex companion, he does still have a loving and respectful conversation about Yolanda's asexuality after she confesses it (off screen). Yolanda brings up that it went very well because they are still her family and they all love her just how she is.


Season 5[]

In Planned Obsolescence, Mr. Buenaventura is introduced as an erotic novelist when Todd and Yolanda go to the Buenaventura family home for dinner.

Yolanda takes Todd to meet her parents and twin sister, and asks him to pretend they’re sexually active since they don’t know she’s asexual.

Todd and Yolanda are having dinner with her family, where it's revealed they're sex-obsessed—her father is an erotic novelist, her mother Angelica is a famous adult film star, and her identical twin sister Mindy is a sex adviser columnist. After Todd becomes uncomfortable when Mindy hits on him, he and Yolanda try to leave, but Yolanda's parents insist they stay the night and make love in their house. Yolanda reluctantly says yes to this offer.

Yolanda's mom, Angelica, asks Todd for some help moving something. Todd goes to help her but when he gets to her room, she drops her robe and exposes herself. When Todd does not show signs of being aroused, Angelica confirms her theory that he is asexual. Todd accidentally blurts out a confirmation to this and runs out.

However, he gets pulled into Mindy's room, and she tells him to meet her under the oak tree at midnight for sex. Todd escapes and gets back to Yolanda's room and tells her what happened. Yolanda comes up with a plan—after Mindy leaves for the oak tree outside, she'll dress up as Mindy, and tell their mom that Todd made a pass at her.

At midnight after Mindy leaves, Yolanda sneaks into Mindy's bedroom to steal her clothes. However, Angelica arrives in Yolanda's room and corners Todd, revealing she researched asexuality and is fascinated by it, and that she still wants Todd to seduce her—asexually.

Mindy returns to her bedroom mad that Todd stood her up, and sees Yolanda's clothes on the floor, which gives her a devious idea.

Yolanda, dressed as Mindy, knocks on her mom's door but hears Mindy being called by their father, so she goes to see him. Todd tells Angelica to go put on every piece of clothing she owns because asexuals do that so they don't appear sexy.

Yolanda's dad shows "Mindy" a barrel of her grandmother's secret lubricant that he wants to give Yolanda, and tells her it's worth $100,000 dollars. Mindy goes into Yolanda's room pretending to be Yolanda and tries to seduce Todd, although the real Yolanda comes in telling Todd about the lube.

She notices Mindy dressed like her, and they start wrestling on the bedroom floor. Yolanda's father brings the barrel up the stairs and hears the racket coming from the bedroom. Thinking Todd and Yolanda no longer need the lube, as he believes they are already having sex, he becomes disappointed. Angelica walks out wearing every article of clothing she owns, as instructed by Todd. Her husband then questions what she's wearing.

The two sisters then bring the fight out into the hall, accidentally opening the lube barrel and causing it to spill everywhere. Mr. Buenaventura slips down the stairs and Angelica trips over the balcony, breaking the railing. Yolanda and Mindy manage to grab on to her arms before she falls, and Angelica winds up dangling over the broken railing, with the sisters holding on to her.

Yolanda's dad tells Todd to plug the hole with his erect penis, but Todd, not wanting to blow his and Yolanda's covers, tries to pull his shoe off to use his big toe, calling it "the penis of the foot." He ends up slipping and pushing the barrel over the edge of the banister. In the process, he ends up pushing Angelica, Mindy, Yolanda, and himself over the edge of the banister as well. They end up falling back downstairs from the upper level of the house. The barrel then falls and breaks. It winds up covering everyone and the entire living room in lube. This situation further escalates the fighting.

Yolanda's family continues to fight each other. Yolanda's dad is furious at Todd for destroying their family heirloom, and Todd slips out of the house on the lube as he says sorry. As Yolanda and Mindy fight, Mindy then brings up the incident with her boyfriend in high school. Yolanda finally admits she didn't actually sleep with him, and, as she pushes Mindy off of her, yells that she's asexual, surprising everyone.

On the car ride home, it's revealed Yolanda's family was very accepting of her asexuality.

However, Todd asks Yolanda why she lied and told her parents that he went to college. She tells him that she wanted to make him look impressive.

Todd tells Yolanda that they need to break up because the only thing they have in common is that they're asexual.

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Yolanda Buenaventura

However, he makes a deal with her that if they haven't found anyone by the time they're one hundred, they'll get back together.

Todd gets dropped off, and when he turns around, Yolanda has left.


  • He is the author of at least two erotic novels titled Depth and Girth:
    • He has probably written other novels although their titles are unknown.