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Mort Creamerman is a minor character in BoJack Horseman. He was the unseen father of Corbin Creamerman and the owner of Creamerman's Creamy Cream-Based Commodities. He is mentioned in Time's Arrow, in Season 4.

Physical Appearance[]

It is unknown what he looked like.


It is unknown what his personality was like, aside from the fact that he didn't share his son's sense of wonder for his company's products, instead being focused simply on the money to be made.



Mort Creamerman was the owner of Creamerman's Creamy Cream-Based Commodities.

Beatrice's father hopes to marry her off to Corbin so that he and her father could form a partnership. However, Corbin is shown to be extremely awkward in social situations. He struggles to talk to Beatrice, can only think to tell her she looks nice, various times throughout the evening—during her débutante ball. Beatrice finds him extremely dull and boring and slips away to meet Butterscotch Horseman at the bar. Corbin later approaches her again so that he can accompany her for her presentation before her solo dance. 

During another date with Beatrice two weeks later, which she was forced to go on by her father, Corbin expresses his interest in his company's inner workings and specifically the chemical processes used to make cream. While Beatrice is initially bored by this topic, Corbin tells her he’s excited by the topic of food chemistry because he thinks of it as "magic," but he resents his father's lack of interest in their company's own product, and feels that he's being forced into an executive role he doesn't want to play.  

Reflecting on her own relationship with her father, Beatrice sympathizes with him and the two briefly connect, with mutual feelings of being trapped in their high-society world. However, Beatrice, who turns out to be pregnant with BoJack, vomits all over Corbin due to morning sickness—ending their relationship. Afterwards, she revealed the news to Butterscotch, and they decided to move to San Francisco and get married.  

In 1970, six years after BoJack is born, Beatrice, who is miserable with her life with Butterscotch, says during a fight with Butterscotch that she wishes she would have married Corbin—because he would have been kind for her.