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Morgan is a one-time character in BoJack Horseman. She is seen along with her business partner Mike in The Kidney Stays in the Picture, in Season 6.

Physical Appearance[]

Morgan is an adult brown female python with green eyes with black pupils.

She is seen wearing a knitted light pink button-down sweater, a dark purple and green scarf, black pants, dark brown socks, and pink shoes.


Morgan seems to be the more practical one out of the two business partners acknowledging why their business of selling body organs alongside musical organs was a flop.


Season 6[]

In The Kidney Stays in the Picture, Todd's stepfather Jorge tells him his mother Helen is sick and she needs his kidney. Todd tells Jorge he would give his mother his kidney, but he sold it for sock puppets.

Jorge, Todd, and Ruthie then show up at Mike & Morgan's House Of OrgansMike welcomes them and Morgan tells him to give it a rest. Todd asks what's with all the boxes, and Mike tells him they're going out of business. Jorge tells them they are trying to track down his son's kidney, but judging foolishness of their business plan, they probably don't keep records.

Morgan then tells him all their kidneys went to Chicago because Whitewhale bought them out. When questioned by Jorge on why she then tells them Jeremiah Whitewhale is stockpiling organs because he's a rich old guy who wants to live forever. Jorge says this excursion was pointless and he's heading back to the hospital. Todd apologizes for not being more helpful. Jorge says no, it's his own fault for believing things would be any different.

Todd decides he wants to buy a gigantic barrel of anesthesia. Jorge wakes up in Chicago, in Guy and Diane's apartment, after being knocked out and kidnapped by Todd. They all then make a plan to sneak into the Whitewhale building and retrieve Todd's kidney.