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Princess Carolyn meets the Stiltons

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Sissy in rehab.


Stilton Family Model Sheet

Missy Stilton is a one-time character in BoJack Horseman. She is the wife of Sissy Stilton. She appears in The Judge, in Season 4.

Physical Appearance[]

Missy is an adult female white mouse with a pink snout and nose. She has thin eyebrows and whiskers. She wears heavy purple eyeshadow.

According to the model sheets, she is less than 5 1/2 ft tall.

She wears a deep purple and yellow plaid peplum dress that is knee-length with checkered grey high-heeled pumps.


Season 4[]

In The Judge, Sissy is introduced by his mother when Princess Carolyn comes to greet Ralph's family.

The Stilton family and Princess Carolyn are eating for the Feast of St. Squeaky. Princess Carolyn expresses how much she's enjoyed her stay, and Ralph's father says they love having her. He announces to let the festivities begin and tells a relative to hand out the cat ears.

As this happens, Ralph explains the feast is meant to remember the ancient tale of a brave mouse named St Squeaky and how he defeated the tyrannical cat King Puss Puss.

The family begins to sing a song about said cat king, saying how dumb, smelly, and evil cats are, and how St. Squeaky defeated him by stabbing him in the belly. Princess Carolyn whispers to Ralph that she wishes he told her the family was anti-cat, and Ralph tries to explain the song is just about one bad cat, not all cats. A relative shouts “Death to all cats!” Princess Carolyn is of course offended by this and leaves.