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Miles is a minor character in BoJack Horseman. He was an intern on Felicity Huffman's Booty Academy: Los Angeles. He is a prominent character in The Judge, in Season 4.

Physical Appearance[]

Miles is a human male about the same age as Hollyhock who has a short black Afro and slight stubble under his chin.

Miles wears a cropped maroon sports jacket with black thread trim around the collar, bottom, pockets, and sleeves. It has two front pockets. It also has two tiger appliqués sewn on both sides of the black zipper and a large tiger appliqué on the back.

He also is seen sporting a white undershirt and blue beanie, and maroon pants. He carries around a brown wooden clipboard with a metal clasp to hold papers while doing his internship.



Miles briefly dated Hollyhock, he mentions that he attends UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles). He either regularly attends parties or hosts them. It is also mentioned that he and Hollyhock at one point slept with each other. Whether or not the encounter was sexual or not is unspecified.

BoJack is suspicious of him and warns Hollyhock to be cautious of him. It turns out he does genuinely like Hollyhock and is not terrible in the way BoJack originally suspected.

He treats her well, calls her, and does seem to be genuinely interested in Hollyhock as a person. Miles also enjoys spending time with her.

However, he is willing to break up with her, when an opportunity arises for his script to be discovered by an agent; showing the less desirable side of his personality.

Season 4[]

In The Judge, on the set of Felicity Huffman's Booty Academy, crew members dress BoJack up, in a judge’s robe and wig. At one point, an intern named Miles offers Hollyhock some water, which flatters her. BoJack retorts that’s just Miles doing his job.

Later, Sir Mix-a-Lot, another judge, questions why Hollyhock isn’t in school after BoJack says he should mind his own business, Hollyhock reveals she graduated early and is taking a gap year. Displeased with having to stay in a “butt-infested warehouse” Hollyhock leaves. However she runs into Miles, and they hang out together.

At BoJack's House, Beatrice is cooing over her baby doll. BoJack says she got something in the mail, holding a pink envelope. She asks if she received any gentleman callers, and then says she's expecting a visit from Corbin Creamerman. BoJack sarcastically says he'll check. She walks off saying he (“Henrietta”) could learn a thing or two from Corbin Creamerman.

Hollyhock arrives, and BoJack questions where she's been as Beatrice announces she'll make coffee. Hollyhock says she has been with Miles the entire time, saying he's sweet and they have a real connection. BoJack says she'll never hear from him again, however, Hollyhock says Miles promised he'd text her.

BoJack refuses to believe this and says if he does text her, he'll do a thousand push-ups. During this, Miles was texting Hollyhock and asks her out to a party. BoJack attempts to do push-ups but gives up after one. Miles then sends Hollyhock another text, saying he wants to spend the day with her.

BoJack asks if she wants breakfast, but Hollyhock rejects, saying she's good with her coffee and she'll be home for dinner. After she leaves, Beatrice is seen on the floor next to BoJack doing push-ups with ease, saying she could do this all day.

At night, Hollyhock returns home. BoJack is sitting in the dark across from her and says, “Hello Hollyhock.” He tries to turn the lamp on next to him, but the bulb is fused. He goes to get a new one and greets Hollyhock again after successfully turning on the light.

Hollyhock questions what he's doing, to which BoJack replies he's keeping her safe, while also looking dramatic. Hollyhock says she told him she would be home late, and BoJack demands that it's his house and she has to ask permission to stay out late. Hollyhock tells him he's not her dads.

BoJack says he's just looking out for her and is still suspicious of Miles. Hollyhock, as she puts more sugar in her coffee, tells him there's nothing to worry about because they like each other. BoJack retorts they like each other now, and begins to say something but hesitates.

He then says Miles is a teenage boy who's job is to hang around hot women in skimpy outfits, and then says “You think he’s gonna want...” but quickly cuts himself off. Hollyhock questions if he's implying she's not attractive enough. BoJack defends himself by saying she’s the one who said she was a blob.

Hollyhock, distraught, asks BoJack if he thinks she's a blob, and angrily questions why he would call his daughter one. BoJack says she said it too, but she says she felt like a blob. She angrily questions BoJack again if he thinks she's a blob. BoJack calmly tells her that he just thinks L.A. is a superficial town and she should be careful. Hollyhock angrily says Miles likes her just the way she is, and that's the kind of person she wants to spend her time with.

BoJack talks to Diane about his dilemma with Hollyhock. BoJack still thinks Miles is up to something. When Diane asks why it's so hard to believe someone could genuinely like his daughter, BoJack exclaims that she's like him.

Diane says this whole thing may be more about him, although BoJack claims it's about him trying to fix things with Hollyhock. Diane suggests an open conversation, but BoJack rejects this, saying it's “too Diane-y." He gets the idea to prove that Miles is a jerk so Hollyhock will like him again.

He goes to a contestant named Goldie and tells her she’ll advance to the final round if she seduces the PA. Later she tells him she had sex with him, to BoJack‘s confusion because he only wanted her to seduce him so he can catch him admitting he would sleep with her. BoJack learns from Miles that he is an intern, not a PA, so the contestant slept with someone else. When the other judges learn about what BoJack did, he is fired.

As he leaves, Miles catches up to him. He says if he didn’t want him dating Hollyhock he could have told him. He says they could’ve worked out some sort of deal. BoJack questions what he means.

Miles says, he has his own screenplay that could really go somewhere. He gives it to BoJack and tells him if he gives it to someone, he would never talk to Hollyhock again. This shows that BoJack was right about Miles being a jerk.

Later, Hollyhock is sitting on BoJack's couch with the TV on. BoJack arrives home, and after the two greet each other he apologizes for being an asshole and asks her what she's doing. She says she's seeing how fast she can change the TV channels, and earlier she found all the loose change in the house and organized them in alphabetical order by year.

She then asks if a guy like Miles could really ever love a girl like her. BoJack tells her he was just jealous that she was spending so much time with him. She says he hasn't texted her at all that day, and she's been trying to distract herself. BoJack tells her to forget him because she'll meet many more guys who will fall madly in love with her. Hollyhock thinks she might have scared him off.


Hollyhock (dated)


  • An in-joke between Miles and Hollyhock involves the world "kilometers," as kilometers are the metric counterpart to miles.