Princess Carolyn and Mikhaela at the adoption agency.

Light Bulb Scene Tracy 01

Mikhaela introduces Princess Carolyn to Tracy

Mikhaela is a minor character in BoJack Horseman Season 5, in The Light Bulb Scene.

Physical Appearance

Mikhaela is a stork with a white body and orange beak and a thick green eye shadow.

She wears a teal sweater with a light purple collar and a yoke with a grey and white geometric pattern on it, black pants, and brown high-heeled ankle-length boots. She also wears a beaded bracelet on her wrist.


Mikhaela is a kind, wise lady who reassures Princess Carolyn she's not like her mother Cutie Cutie Cupcake.


Season 5

Mikhaela is the adoption agency lady who plays a crucial role in helping Princess Carolyn adopt her daughter.

They exchange a heartfelt dialogue where she reassures Princess Carolyn she is a hero for adopting stating that anyone can give birth. She also assures her she is nothing like her mother Cutie Cutie Cupcake.

She says as soon as Princess Carolyn writes the check for $60,000 to the agency she will get the help she is looking for.

She then introduces Princess Carolyn to her caseworker Tracy.


  • She is a stork that works at an adoption agency. This is a reference to the myth that storks deliver babies.
  • She appears to somehow know about Princess Carolyn's mother, stating facts such as her birthday and that she slept with lotion filled socks, and knowing about Princess Carolyn's childhood in The Light Bulb Scene.
    • She reassures Princess Carolyn she is not like Cutie.
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