Michael Morgan is a minor character in BoJack Horseman. His only appearance is in Chickens, in Season 2.

Physical Appearance

Michael Morgan is a middle-aged human male. His hair is brown with streaks of gray, that is combed over to the right. He has a mustache, thick black eyebrows, prominent jawline, nose, and ears.

S2ep05 Chickens - Tom 02

Interview on MSNBSea

For his appearance on MSNBSea, he wore a tweed grey suit jacket, yellow collared button-down shirt, pants, and shoes.


Little is known about him other than his position as CEO of Chicken-4-Dayz. As CEO, it can be assumed he's invested in maintaining the company's profits and is responsible for the factory-farm structure with which the company is run.


Season 2

In Chickens, he does not seem to be concerned, with the ethical issues of factory farming. He told Tom Jumbo-Grumbo on MSNBSea that everything his company does is legal and "therefore it is fine."

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