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Marisa Tomei is based on the As the World Turns actress of the same name. Her animated self makes an appearance in a flashback in Downer Ending, in Season 1.

Physical Appearance[]

Marisa Tomei is a middle-aged human woman with thick, wavy dark brown hair that is shoulder length with light brown highlights, thick brown eyebrows, and dark brown eyes.

According to the model sheets, she is 6 ft tall in heels.

She is seen wearing a light pink halter jumpsuit with wide-legged pants, with lighter pink geometric half circles on it and dark pink ankle-length high-heeled boots, and gold hoop earrings.


Marisa is an exaggerated version of her real-life counterpart.


Season 1[]

In Downer Ending, Marisa appears in a flashback, at a Christmas Party, where BoJack accidentally sneezes on her.

BoJack then proceeds to fall off the balcony and ends up in the hospital, which is shown in a flashback montage in Say Anything. He then says the incident was, "the best thing that ever happened to him."

"The sneezing picture" is referenced many times throughout the series.

Season 6[]

Marisa is listed on the whiteboard in Sunk Cost and All That, as one of the bad things BoJack regrets doing as "Sneezed on Marisa Tomei."


The infamous "Sneezing Picture"

Marisa Tomei model sheet

Marisa Tomei Model Sheet


  • The infamous sneezing picture is referenced throughout the series:
    • In Out to Sea, it was used for the orphanage that was originally named after BoJack but then later renamed after Herb Kazzaz however, BoJack makes a typo and the name becomes "The Jerb Kazzaz Memorial Orphanage."
    • In BoJack Hates the Troops, the image is used by MSNBSea against BoJack.