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Marcy Jerominek is a minor character in BoJack Horseman. She is the president of BoJack's fan club. She appears in Commence Fracking in Season 4. She is mentioned in Xerox of a Xerox, in Season 6.


Marcy was the deranged president of BoJack Horseman’s fan club.

Marcy is shown to be very jealous of all of BoJack's other relationships, and also psychotic in her obsession with BoJack.

S4e4 Commence Fracking09

Marcy's Scrapbook

She keeps a scrapbook with photographs of all of BoJack's previous relationships and drew x's over their eyes and creepily stalked their home addresses as well. She lies as a means of keeping BoJack around longer.

Screenshot (2094)

BoJack and Hollyhock show up at Marcy's home in Commence Fracking.

Physical Appearance[]

Marcy is a human woman who has wavy auburn hair with light brown tints which she clips back into a messy bun with a silver hair accessory.

She wears brown glasses and has freckles going across her cheekbones and nose. She is seen wearing a lilac button-down shirt with an open maroon cardigan and an ankle-length blue and white tie-dye skirt and gold sandals.

In the year 2000, she wore a yellow floral with a maroon belt summer dress with white wedge strappy sandals and her wavy hair down and clipped back with the silver hair clip. She is seen without her glasses.



Marcy was the deranged president of BoJack Horseman’s fan club. He had sex with her in 1999 and never contacted her again after that until Hollyhock contacted BoJack to find her birth mother.

She is the first person to be suspected of being Hollyhock Manheim-Mannheim-Guerrero-Robinson-Zilberschlag-Hsung-Fonzerelli-McQuack’s biological mother.

Season 4[]

In Commence Fracking, Marcy lies about being Hollyhock's mother as a means of keeping BoJack around longer.

Hollyhock makes this discovery of Marcy's lying after finding a picture of a young Marcy at a movie premiere of the movie Autumn in New York which came out in August 2000.

Hollyhock was confused as to why someone would wear a summer dress to a movie titled Autumn in New York only to find out the movie had not been released in the season of Autumn at all despite its title and decides to investigate further.

Marcy shows no signs of being eight months pregnant in the photo and looks nothing like a woman who would be expecting in that time frame. Hollyhock was born a month later after the movie was released, in September, of that same year. This evidence reveals Marcy is not Hollyhock's mother after all.

BoJack uses the method of distracting Marcy, to steal her scrapbook to find out the other potential candidates who could be Hollyhock's mother, by having sex with her behind the couch while she recites obscure Horsin' Around trivia which BoJack quizzes her on.

Season 6[]

Marcy is mentioned in the interview with Biscuits Braxby in Xerox of a Xerox.

Biscuits asks BoJack if he has an established pattern of inappropriate relationships with women. She then brings up examples like Marcy Jerominek the former president of his fan club and Penny Carson. BoJack tells her he doesn't know what having power over women means and says he barely has power over himself. Biscuits then suggests he abuses his power over people repeatedly and grooms women.