Maggot & Sons Funeral Home is a one-time location in BoJack Horseman.

It is the funeral home where Diane attempted to arrange a funeral for her father in Live Fast, Diane Nguyen in Season 1.

Physical Appearance

The exterior of Maggot & Sons Funeral Home is a red brick building. The sign is brown with a grey border. The name of the funeral home is written in white lettering with skulls and leaves at the bottom. There is a white and navy striped awning above the glass door.


Season 1

In Live Fast, Diane Nguyen Diane and BoJack go to Maggot & Sons Funeral Home for a funeral package for Diane's recently deceased father.

When asked by Bob Maggot about her father Diane states he was "an abusive alcoholic who delighted in seeing [her] fail."

Bob then suggests the "Piece of Shit Dad Package." Diane then states that would still be too good for her father. Bob then suggests the "Piece of Shit Dad Package Would Be Too Good For Him Package." Diane agrees the second choice is the right one.

Bob tells her she has made a good choice.

BoJack then tells Diane she should loosen up and be more like her brothers. Diane says if she was anything like her brothers, nothing would ever get done.

Later, Diane is at the funeral with BoJack, but her mother and brothers do not show up which angers Diane after all the arrangements she made. She questions where the body is, to which Bob says his goons went to Diane's family home to pick up the body, but nobody was home.

He then offers Diane a loner replacement body if she wants one.

Diane and BoJack then find her family at a bar and she goes off at them for not showing up at the funeral. They reveal they had the body chummed to be thrown at Derek Jeter's face, as their father had a one-sided rivalry with him.

Diane then throws a fit in the bar and then leaves with the truck carrying her father's remains. Later, the container holding the remains falls off the truck and is seen rolling through Boston. It is then seen knocking down an old goat lady who Derek Jeter is seen helping cross the road. Jeter then steals her purse and flees the scene.


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