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Maddy Ginsberg is a minor character in BoJack Horseman. She was the best friend of Penny Carson and is the girlfriend of Peter Pocket. Her only appearance is in Escape from L.A. in Season 2.


Maddy was a teenage girl, who loved to party during the time period of Escape from L.A.

It is unknown what she's like as an adult.

Physical Appearance[]

During the time period of Escape from L.A., Maddy was a human teenager with tan skin, wavy dark brown hair tied in a half-up, halfway down hairstyle, tan skin, and pink lips.

According to her yearbook picture, her everyday attire was a yellow sundress with white daisies and light yellow eye-shadow.

For prom, she wore a dark teal strapless prom dress with a lace bodice, an empire waist with a teal flower, and slit going down the center of it.

She wore a pink flower corsage with green leaves and a white band around her wrist, a dark lavender clutch purse with a metal clasp, and heavy blue eye-shadow and magenta lipstick for make-up.

Her hair was in its usual style, but with white star-shaped hair clips.

It is currently unknown what she looks like as an adult.


Season 2[]

Maddy Ginsberg was a high-school-aged human girl during the time period of Escape from L.A.

She was Penny's current best friend (a replacement for Alison F.), and Pete Repeat's prom date, who accompanies Penny to the prom; along with BoJack.

She tries to sneak a Red Bull and vodka mixer to the prom. After BoJack discovers this, he buys bourbon for her. Maddy is seen drinking the bourbon and getting increasingly drunk as the night continues.

Screen Shot 2020-06-22 at 2.27

Maddy and Pete on prom night in Escape from L.A.

She is taken to the hospital after Pete Repeat expresses his concern that she might have alcohol poisoning.

Season 6[]

In A Quick One, While He's Away, Hollyhock meets Peter Pocket at a party when she has an anxiety attack and he uses grounding techniques to help her calm down. They decide to head outside for fresh air.

Peter and Hollyhock sit on the fire escape. Hollyhock takes a sip of her beer but coughs it out. Peter tells her it's supposed to taste better over time. He then tells her he didn't actually drink all throughout college, because of some things that happened in high school. He then starts telling her the story of a girl in his town. He hesitates, saying it's a long story. Hollyhock insists she wants to hear it.

Peter starts narrating the story of a girl who had a man living in her house. Hollyhock asks if the girl had more than one dad and Peter explains there was just one dad and then this other guy. Hollyhock comments that's weird. Peter explains the girl was best friends with his girlfriend Maddy and that they all went to prom together him, his girlfriend, the other girl, and the guy living with her. Hollyhock expresses disbelief that the man went to prom with them. Peter then tells her the man bought them bourbon and practically forced them to drink it. He also tells Hollyhock his girlfriend got alcohol poisoning and he just ditched them at the ER.

Hollyhock asks if Peter's girlfriend was OK. He tells her it was scary at the moment it was happening and his girlfriend had her stomach pumped and she survived. Peter also tells her himself, Penny, and Maddy are all fine now. Peter then says it wasn't anyone else's fault, just some bad guy's fault. Hollyhock agrees with this. Peter then tells her the craziest part of all, the guy is famous and he's actually a movie star.

Hollyhock questions who the guy was and Peter hesitates to tell her. Peter opens his mouth to respond, but the episode cuts him off before he speaks.

In Good Damage, in New Mexico, the reporters Max and Paige are outside of Rattlesnack's Diner. Paige is updating her fiance Baxter on their progress on their Penny Carson crusade. She tells him they have tried contacting three out of four people living in New Mexico named Penny Carson. Paige states would love to go on their honeymoon with him but she cannot as she and Max are hot on the trail of their story. Max sees Penny waitressing at the diner through the window and points her out to Paige. Paige tells Baxter they have found their deer.

Later, the reporters are seated at the diner. Penny approaches them and gets ready to take their order. They tell her they want information and question her about Sarah Lynn. Penny asks if this has anything to do with BoJack. She then tells Max and Paige she hasn't seen BoJack or Sarah Lynn in years. They try to press her further but Penny leaves the diner and drives away. The reporters also leave and tailgate after her when they realize their lead is escaping.

The reporters then ask if Sarah Lynn and BoJack were intoxicated. Penny retorts by saying is there ever a time BoJack is not intoxicated. Paige then asks if Penny would be willing to go on the record. Charlotte cuts in and says Penny won't. Penny then asks Paige if she thinks BoJack got Sarah Lynn drunk. Paige then presses Penny by asking her the same question. Charlotte tries to stop Penny from saying anything else to the reporters.

Penny says she's not a little kid and they should tell the reporters about Maddy. Paige questions her on who Maddy is. Penny tells her Maddy was her high school best friend. She goes on to narrate how BoJack was living with her family and he went to prom with her and her friends and he bought them alcohol which is how Maddy got alcohol poisoning.


  • She also appears to be an alcoholic seeing that she readily accepts bourbon from BoJack and snuck a mixer of Red Bull/vodka to prom.
  • She is voted "biggest hair" in her school's yearbook
  • In A Quick One, While He's Away, it is revealed by Peter that after the events of Escape from L.A. Maddy did survive after having alcohol poisoning but needed to have her stomach pumped.
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