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Lowes But Like A Animal Version is a store that parodies Lowes in the BoJack Horseman universe.

Physical Appearance[]

It is similar to the real-life Lowes Hardware.


Season 2[]

In Higher Love, BoJack visited this store (accompanied by Todd) to buy supplies for his auto-erotic asphyxiation machine.

It also appears that he hired Lowes staff to help build the machine. The elephant employee, that BoJack spoke to in the store, is later seen working on the machine in BoJack's home.


  • It is part of the recurring joke, in which real-life businesses, are given parody names with animal puns.
  • In the BoJack universe, the logo in the animal version of Lowes seems to share the same orange and white color scheme as Home Depot. Whereas in real-life the logo is navy, white, and orange.