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Lovin that cali lifestyle!! is the 10th episode of Season 4 of the Netflix original series BoJack Horseman, and the 46th episode overall. It premiered on September 8, 2017, along with the rest of Season 4.


Diane leaks damaging information on Jessica Biel, Todd's clown dentist business hits a snag, and Princess Carolyn finds hope in an unlikely place.


NOTE: The episode then gives three separate stories covered in the same two-week time span.

The episode begins with BoJack, Hollyhock, Beatrice, and Tina playing UNO in the living room.

This is first seen through Hollyhock's point of view, and she appears to be dizzy. She has also lost a lot of weight, as her clothes are very loose, she keeps scratching herself and she is acting very anxious.

As BoJack boasts how he's winning, Hollyhock goes to get some water, only for the glass to slip from her hands due to her dizziness and breaks, giving her a cut on her forehead.

BoJack offers to help her out, but she tells him to wait as she heads upstairs to the bathroom.

Her dizziness gets even worse, as she stumbles into the bathroom, and tries to get a band-aid.

Just then, one of her fathers texts her to see how she's doing, and she hides the cut with her hair and sends him a reassuring selfie with the text "lovin that cali lifestyle!!" before collapsing.

Mr. Peanutbutter and Diane's Plot[]

With the California Governor Election coming to a close, it seems that Jessica Biel's approval ratings are higher than Woodchuck's ratings due to his lobster claws for hands. Later on, however, Woodchuck reveals that he has gotten new hands—and his new "Hands Up For Woodchuck" campaign raises his ratings higher than Jessica's.

Katrina, however, believes that they could use Woodchuck's new hands against him, and an analysis of the fingerprints reveal that his new hands used to belong to Ernest Contralto—a pedophile/murderer. This causes Woodchuck's ratings to drop even more.

Meanwhile, at GirlCroosh, Diane's boss convinces her to take Jessica out for lunch, and do an article on how they might be getting a female governor soon. Diane agrees and at lunch the two talk, with Biel mentioning how Mr. Peanutbutter would show her a magic eye poster; until she finally saw the illusion.

Then, Biel has a public meltdown, over having avocado on her plate, despite requesting not to have them. Diane decides to make it her new blog post. This causes people to backlash against Biel, for hating avocado, much to Katrina's dismay.

Despite Woodchuck believing that it may not matter, the results next week reveal that he won the campaign. While Mr. Peanutbutter is happy that he and Diane saved the campaign, Diane is annoyed because he was responsible for the problems in the first place.

Todd and Princess Carolyn's Plot[]

Todd is approached by Yolanda Buenaventura, a representative of the Better Business Bureau. She comes to him because his clown dentist practice is not getting great reviews, due to most of the dentists not being actually licensed; and most of the children finding them frightening.

However, Todd proposes that he could turn his business into an entertainment company, and makes a deal that if he could make an entertaining show for Yolanda in a week, she could make them a legitimate business. If not, he will dissolve the business and set the clowns loose into the woods, and Yolanda agrees to the deal.

Later, Todd struggles to get the clowns to practice, while Princess Carolyn has turned to drinking heavily due to the events of Ruthie. She is called back into work for a meeting with an inspiring writer, Flip McVicker. While Princess Carolyn is ready to shoot down his TV show premise, she changes her mind when she sees the script and that the title is Philbert, which was going to be the name of the baby she miscarried.

Now determined to get the project green-lit, she asks Todd to get her a meeting with Lenny Turteltaub before passing out. Deciding to use it as an opportunity to practice, Todd and the clowns manage to get Princess Carolyn to her meeting with Turteltaub. Turteltaub suggests that she pitch the show to, but when he asks who was the actor playing Philbert, she told him she didn't have a lead actor yet.

He tells her he won't pick it up unless she had a lead actor. She quickly listed multiple actors, but Lenny isn't interested in any of them. She then blurts out BoJack Horseman's name, who Lenny thinks would be perfect for it, although he ran out on both Secretariat and Ethan Around. He tells Princess Carolyn to make BoJack sign a contract to finish the deal (and to ensure he won't run off again).

One week later, Todd and the clowns present their show to Yolanda, but it fails to impress her, and Todd is forced to uphold his end of the deal. Meanwhile, Princess Carolyn's assistant Stuart reminds her about the pitch meeting to

She realizes that she procrastinated in getting BoJack to sign the contract. Despite trying to call him, BoJack hangs up, angrily saying he's busy, leaving Princess Carolyn to forge his signature.

BoJack's Plot[]

Continuing from the cold opening, (a week earlier) BoJack, Beatrice, and Tina continue playing UNO until they hear Hollyhock collapse in the bathroom. Hollyhock is taken to the hospital via ambulance. BoJack tries to see her, but cannot because he is not her legal guardian, even after he gives a heartfelt speech about what he knows about her, showing that Hollyhock has grown on him.

Hours later, her eight fathers come and angrily reveal to BoJack that she overdosed on amphetamines, much to his disbelief. This only furthers infuriates the fathers and they question how he didn't notice how Hollyhock had lost so much weight. Despite BoJack asking to see Hollyhock, the fathers blame his negligence for Hollyhock's overdose and refuse to let him see her ever again.

BoJack rushes home and to his horror finds some of his pills in his bathroom medicine cabinet spilled out. Thinking Hollyhock was taking them, BoJack frantically throws all of his medication into the toilet, flushing them down before he collapses as he has a panic attack.

One week later, Beatrice asks BoJack where Hollyhock is, but he tells her that she's gone, to which Beatrice replies "Oh yes, I took her didn’t I." (This implies even in her state of dementia Beatrice possibly recognizes Hollyhock as the same baby). BoJack admits that while Beatrice was a terrible mother, he blew it more as a father, and then declares that he and Beatrice deserved each other.

Beatrice once again asks where Hollyhock is and claims that she made coffee for her. At first, BoJack scoffs at her obsession with the coffee, before he has a terrible epiphany. Horrified, Bojack rushes into the kitchen and asks Beatrice what she put in the coffee. Beatrice only tells him that it was an "old family secret." Upon closer inspection, BoJack finds a large bottle of weight loss pills in the coffee bag inside the cabinet. Ultimately, BoJack confirms that it was Beatrice who had caused Hollyhock's overdose by sneaking them into Hollyhock's coffee and Beatrice admits she did, saying "only until she learns to take them herself."

An enraged BoJack lashes out at a frightened Beatrice for ruining the one good thing he had in his life before declaring that he is not giving her any more chances. BoJack takes Beatrice to a retirement home, that is even worse than the last one she was in, and puts her in the worst available room.

Before leaving, BoJack spitefully tells Beatrice that this is how her life has ended up, her living all alone, and says "Best of luck, see ya never!" However, just before he leaves, Beatrice finally recognizes him and says his name, much to BoJack's surprise.


Actor Character
Will Arnett ... BoJack Horseman
Amy Sedaris ... Princess Carolyn
Alison Brie ... Diane Nguyen
Paul F. Tompkins ... Mr. Peanutbutter
Aaron Paul ... Todd Chavez
James Adomian ... Stuart
Lake Bell ... Katrina Peanutbutter
Jessica Biel ... Jessica Biel
Andre Braugher ... Woodchuck Coodchuck-Berkowitz
Kelen Coleman ... Woodchuck's Advisor / Dr. Picarello / Crowd Member
Kimiko Glenn ... Stefani Stilton
David S. Jung ... Gregory Hsung
Rami Malek ... Flip McVicker / Jose Guerrero
Wendie Malick ... Beatrice Horseman
Natalie Morales ... Yolanda Buenaventura
Aparna Nancherla ... Hollyhock
Keith Olbermann ... Tom Jumbo-Grumbo
Jay Pharoah ... Dashawn Manheim
J. K. Simmons ... Lenny Turteltaub


  • This episode takes place during January 2018.
  • Some of the medicine in BoJack's medicine cabinet includes:
    • Menoxidil: forehead reducer. This is used for certain types of baldness
    • Heart Burn medicine
    • Avanafil, a medicine used for erectile dysfunction
    • Fluvastatin, a medicine that lowers high cholesterol
    • Bupropion, a medicine used to help quit smoking and/or help prevent types of depression, namely seasonal affective disorder (SAD)
    • The blue pentagon-shaped pills are likely a form of dexamethasone, which treats inflammation
    • Pain Free, which is likely just ibuprofen (pain killers)
  • This is the first appearance of Hollyhock's fathers.
  • It is revealed Beatrice had been slipping "Chub-B-Gone” weight loss amphetamines into Hollyhock's coffee since she started making it for her in Stupid Piece of Sh*t.
    • This explains Hollyhock's odd behaviors in Stupid Piece of Sh*t and The Judge, and why Hollyhock appeared slightly skinnier in the latter episode and was constantly seen drinking coffee and rejecting food.
  • Beatrice finally recognizes BoJack, a scene that continues at the end of the next episode.
  • After BoJack tells Beatrice Hollyhock is gone, she replies with "Oh yes, I took her didn’t I?". She is referring to the fact that after Hollyhock was born, she took her away from her mother Henrietta, and refused to let her hold her baby.
  • While playing UNO, BoJack at one point says, "I’m gonna put my thing down, flip it and reverse it back to Tina,” a reference to the Missy Elliot song Work It.
    • The actual lyric is "I put my thing down, flip it, and reverse it."
  • The pamphlets at the hospital receptionist desk include:
    • 5 Facts You Don't Know About Mange
    • Trap Neuter Release teens!
    • Pamphlets and YOU
    • Microchip clinic: Infants-Teens-Adults-Seniors
    • Coping With The Worms
    • What NOT to eat off the floor
    • "Leave It!" Impulse control
    • Overcoming Bath Time Anxiety with Hydrotherapy.
  • This is the first episode appearance of Flip McVicker.