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Princess Carolyn meets the Stilton in The Judge

Loophole is a minor character in BoJack Horseman. He is one of the sons of Sissy and Missy Stilton. His only appearance is The Judge, in Season 4.

Physical Appearance[]

Loophole is a young male mouse, with beige fur and a tan patch around his mouth. He has a double chin and appears to be overweight. 

He wears a red zip hoodie with a plain white shirt underneath, grey sweatpants, a yellow beanie, and yellow and white tennis shoes, similar to Todd Chavez when "Todd-style" was in fashion.



Loophole is the nephew of Ralph and Stefani Stilton and the son of Missy and Sissy. He seems very attached to his bright yellow cell phone and is rarely shown without it.

Season 4[]

In The Judge, he is introduced to Princess Carolyn by Ralph Stilton's parents along with his two brothers, Nantucket, and Tweeds. When his mother tells them his name, Loophole grunts with apparent annoyance and doesn't take his eyes off his cell phone.

Later, he is seen during the Feast of St. Squeaky. He reaches for a piece of cheese on Stefani's plate but retracts his hand after she gives him a finger wag. When Sissy Stilton begins passing out cat ears, he grabs a bundle of torches and pulls a lighter from his pocket.

After his brothers have finishing reenacting the heroic defeat of the tyrant King Puss Puss, he is seen wearing a pair of pink at ears and texting on his phone.