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Like I say: No one knows chickens like chickens!

—Levi to Todd Chavez, Chickens

Levi is a one-bit character in BoJack Horseman. He is the owner of Gentle Farms and serves as the primary antagonist of the episode Chickens.


At first Levi seems like a caring and kind farmer who cares for his chickens, but it is soon revealed that he doesn't really care about the chickens he breeds and slaughters them in a cruel way.

Physical Appearance[]


Season 2[]

A commercial for the fast-food restaurant, Chicken-4-Dayz is shown, which is followed by a commercial for Gentle Farms—a chicken-owned farm which is a Chicken-4-Dayz competitor. The owner of the farm, Levi, prides himself on giving his chickens a good home, as they inject them with hormones since birth to make them into "food chickens." They are built and act like real-life chickens before they’re eventually turned into food.

Later a chicken from Chicken-4-Dayz escapes and as she is on the run from the cops, she winds up with Todd Chavez. He believes to be in love with her and gives her the name Becca. However, Diane convices Todd that Becca is not a regular chicken, and they drop her off at Gentle Farms. Levi assures Todd that Becca is in good hands, and Chicken-4-Dayz won't be able to get her back. Todd sadly says goodbye to Becca.

Todd and the others leave the farm. Diane says that Gentle Farms seems like the best place for her until she's killed. Todd suddenly decides they have to get Becca back, saying all his life he's been a screw-up—but with Becca, he was finally responsible for something. Diane quickly swerves the car around and they go to break Becca out.

Todd, Diane, and Irving Jannings return to the farm. However, they wake up Levi, who's prepared to shoot trespassers. Diane tells Irving to wait in the car while she and Todd break out Becca. They go into the chicken coop and find Becca and set the other food chickens free. They run and hide but end up hiding in a slaughter shed. Todd apologizes to Diane for getting into these situations all the time, but Diane says that's just what your twenties are supposed to be like. She says she's supposed to be the adult and she's a total mess, but Todd says she's the coolest person he knows. Irving drives the car into the shed and they escape with the help of Levi's wife, who is tired of killing chickens.


  • Levi's wife
  • Levi's son


  • Although his name is not revealed in the episode or in the credits, his name can be seen in the English subtitles.