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Le Triste Apartments is where Diane moves after her divorce from Mr. Peanutbutter. It is first seen in a flashback from The Dog Days Are Over, in Season 5.

Physical Appearance[]

Le Triste is a run-down, tiny, gated apartment building. It has dark beige walls, glass windows, and a staircase. It has the logo written in cursive letters. The walls have a stone panel decoration on them.


Season 5[]

In The Light Bulb Scene, Mr. Peanutbutter picks up Diane from the airport. The two are still friendly with one another, but when they arrive back to Diane's Apartment, Mr. Peanutbutter gives Diane the signed divorce papers. They awkwardly shake hands before she gets out of the car.

In The Dog Days Are Over, Diane sits sobbing in her car. She goes into her apartment, packs a bag, and heads for the airport where she gets a ticket to Hanoi, Vietnam.

Dog Days Are Over 195

Diane moves in

In a flashback, Diane moves into a shabby studio apartment. BoJack helps her move in, and tells her apartment is a "shithole." Diane says she likes it, and that it's all she can afford. BoJack tells her if she ever wants to crash at his place, she can.

Diane invites BoJack to come with her to Mr. Peanutbutter's housewarming party. She then goes to Girl Croosh but sees the office has been tented, and Stefani tells her to work from home for the next month.

In a flashback, Diane tries to work from her new apartment, but its crappiness prevents her from doing so—she goes over to BoJack's. They have some wine, as Diane tells him about her newfound freedom. A few hours later, they're both drunk.

In another flashback, BoJack shows up at Diane's apartment to pick her up for Mr. Peanutbutter's housewarming party and finds her with a new haircut and outfit. BoJack tries to give her a compliment, but Diane's response is taken the wrong way. She tells him they should leave, but BoJack is frustrated because he thinks she's acting weird since she hates parties.

BoJack leaves, after telling her that her new haircut looks great, and Mr. Peanutbutter will love it.

Later, Diane arrives at the airport, and Mr. Peanutbutter is waiting for her. He drives her home and gives her the divorce papers. They shake hands awkwardly, but before she leaves, Mr. Peanutbutter tells her about how he's seeing someone romantically. In a flashback to the party, Diane spots Mr. Peanutbutter kissing Pickles, the waitress from the restaurant. She gets upset, as it reminded her he'll never kiss her like that again—and drives off crying and heartbroken.

Back in the present, Diane tells Mr. Peanutbutter that she's really happy for him.

In BoJack the Feminist, BoJack, and Diane are at Diane's apartment, looking over the scripts for Philbert. BoJack tries explaining the plot lines to Diane, admitting he doesn't understand them either—but what's important right now, is to prove their not sexist. However, Diane says they are sexist, but BoJack counters he has to go on a show saying they aren’t, and he wants her to tell him what to say.

Diane admits what Vance said was right—Philbert is trying to deconstruct toxic masculinity, but it's just using that as an excuse to relish in its own excesses. She then vents about how more people will watch Philbert than read anything she writes, and how being a woman isn't just a hobby, and men get a lot more advantages then women do.

BoJack tries to cheer her up and says they can promote feminism and destroy the patriarchy if they take down Vance. Diane tells BoJack in a resigned tone to say whatever he wants and asks him to leave because she has work to do.

In Ancient History, Todd visits Diane at her apartment, asks for her help, brainstorming something nice to do for Emily. He tells her she likes sex, which Diane replies is good that she knows her own body before she gives it to someone else. Todd forgets what they were talking about, and Diane reminds him it was sex. He suddenly gets an idea and runs out.

In Head in the Clouds, Mr. Peanutbutter and Diane arrive at her apartment. She compliments his performance on Philbert. He thanks her, saying they got picked up for more episodes, but Diane reveals she isn't going back to Philbert. She wonders why Mr. Peanutbutter does things for her because she's such a disaster, but Mr. Peanutbutter says she's just Diane and that he'd do anything for her. Diane invites Mr. Peanutbutter to come into her apartment.

In The Showstopper, BoJack goes to Diane's apartment and tells her that he knows she's the one who slipped the note under his door. She tells him she didn't and asked who else he pissed off that week.

BoJack's voice-over says she's right, and Philbert wonders why someone would hurt the chief because of it. 

Season 6[]

In Feel-Good Story, after returning home from her trip to Chicago, Diane walks into her apartment and sees the letter from BoJack. She reads it and then calls Guy.

The episode ends with Guy picking up the phone and she narrates to him a story, about how when she first moved to L.A., she used to make herself grilled cheese sandwiches. Diane goes on to say, she was dirt-broke and didn't have friends or a job, but she got obsessed with the art of perfecting her grilled cheese sandwich. She says it was a good distraction from how miserable she was, and also partly because it was cheap. Diane says she wants to make a grilled cheese sandwich again, because she loves them, and the best part is that they can be made anywhere. They both smile at this.

In Surprise!, Diane moves to Chicago, Illinois to be with Guy, her new boyfriend, after Mr. Peanutbutter and Pickles' surprise wedding.

Episode Appearances[]

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Season 6[]


  • The time frame for Diane moving in her new apartment and her divorce from Mr. Peanutbutter is not specified:
    • It is assumed to be sometime between the end of Season 4 and the beginning of Season 5.