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Lapin Place is the apartment Todd moves in with Maude in The Horny Unicorn, in Season 6.

Physical Appearance[]

Lapin Place is a white apartment building with windows and balconies. The front entrance has double doors with stairs leading up to it. The building logo is navy blue with rabbit ears. The exact location is unknown, but it is located somewhere in Hollywoob, California.

The only known residents are Todd and Maude, who move in at the beginning of The Horny Unicorn.


Season 6[]

In The Horny Unicorn, at Todd and Maude's new apartment they set their duffle bags down and declare themselves moved in. Todd then decides to call his mother. His step-father Jorge picks up the phone and asks Todd if he can take a message as his mother is resting. Todd then tells Jorge he wants to tell his mother he has nothing to prove to her as he now has a stable job and has moved into his new apartment.

Jorge tells Todd that's wonderful and they would love to see his home once he's settled. Todd then angrily tells him he is settled and invites Jorge and his mother to his sophisticated, grown-up housewarming party. Jorge then asks what they can bring to the party and Todd tells him they can bring two chairs before hanging up.

Screen Shot 2020-04-27 at 10.31

Todd and Maude in their empty apartment.

At Todd's apartment, he has the furniture delivered from the set of Birthday Dad and prepares the actors playing the guests for what they should say.

Outside, Mr. Peanutbutter runs into Princess Carolyn and Judah and tells them sadly he is giving away Pickles' favorite alcoholic energy drink seeing that he doesn't need it anymore, as Pickles no longer lives with him. After Mr. Peanutbutter walks inside Princess Carolyn points out that they forgot to bring a gift and Judah tells her they can share the two gifts he brought and say they are from both of them.

Later, BoJack and Vance show up at Todd and Maude's apartment with a plant as a gift. Maude answers the door and gets Todd. Todd tells BoJack he can't risk anything happening at the party because he hasn't seen his mom in ten years. BoJack asks what Todd thinks is going to happen and Todd replies he doesn't know as BoJack is always dealing with his own stuff. BoJack replies he is now sober and nothing will happen. Vance drops the plant and Todd tells BoJack he'll see him around before shutting the door. Vance then remarks they paid thirty bucks for the plant.

Screen Shot 2020-04-28 at 9.41

Todd, Maude, and Margo Martindale in the now furnished apartment.

In Angela, Maude and Todd are seen at their apartment with Character Actress Margo Martindale who is reading off cue cards as part of their plan to hold Todd fake hostage to get Todd and his mother Helen speaking to each other again. She tells Helen to bring her famous Frito pies under a bridge. After hanging up Todd thanks Margo for her help. Margo then tells him it's the least she can do and expresses remorse for making Todd buy an addictive video game that sent her down a ruinous path.


"Lapin" Means "Rabbit" in French:

  • This would explain why the building logo has rabbit ears.
  • The name is also a possible reference to "The Laughing Place," the African American folktale, featuring Br'er Rabbit as recounted among Joel Chandler Harris' Uncle Remus stories. The tale recounts how Br'er Rabbit outsmarts and escapes his captors by promising to take them to his "laughin' place."