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Lady is a minor, unseen character in BoJack Horseman. She is the ex-wife of Guy and the mother of Sonny.

Physical Appearance[]

It is not known what Lady looks like. Judging by the species of her son and ex-husband, it is possible she is a bison as well.


Not much is known about Lady's personality, though it seems that she and her ex-husband, Guy, hate each other as mentioned by Diane in Xerox of a Xerox.


Season 6[]

In Feel-Good Story, Diane and Guy are packing up in their hotel room. Guy tries calling his ex-wife Lady presumably tells him his son doesn't want to talk to him. Guy is seen kicking his suitcase in frustration.

Diane and Guy are driving in the Girl Croosh van when Guy says he's only in Chicago for a week and doesn't think it's selfish to want to see his son. Diane points out he could have at least given his ex some notice first, and he asks her whose side she's on. Diane then changes the subject.

In Angela, Diane goes to the book signing for her book Ivy Tran, Food Court Detective. Diane then gets a call from Guy. Guy tells Diane that his ex-wife Lady is moving to Houston for her dream job and taking Sonny with her as she has full custody of him. Diane then tells Guy she can write anywhere and she's sure they need cameramen in Houston. Guy says he couldn't ask that of Diane and Diane says if Sonny's going to Houston they will also go to Houston.

In Nice While It Lasted, it is revealed Guy and Sonny moved to Houston and Diane joined them later.


  • Guy and his ex-wife and son, Lady and Sonny respectively, all have gendered titles as names—Guy and Lady are literally a guy and a lady and Sonny is their son.