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Kevin and Vincent in Princess Carolyn's apartment

Kevin is a one-time character in BoJack Horseman. It is implied that he and Vincent Adultman are in fact the same person. His only appearance is in After the Party, in Season 2.

Physical Appearance[]

Kevin is a male with light brown hair, blue-green eyes, freckles on his cheekbones, and multi-colored braces.

He wears a dark orange short-sleeved t-shirt with a green dinosaur on it and the word "COOL" written in teal lettering above it. A pair of light blue cuffed jeans, grey socks, and navy sneakers.


Kevin seems to be a nice, yet often nervous and awkward child when talking to Princess Carolyn. He even has tantrums like his "father."


Season 2[]

In After the Party, Princess Carolyn is driving and stops the breaks as she almost hits a woman and a young boy, who looks just like her boyfriend Vincent.

She believes that was his wife and son and Vincent has a secret family. Angry, she turns the car around to her house with Todd and leaves a voicemail for Vincent demanding him to call her back. The doorbell rings and she makes Todd shimmy down the drainpipe and waits in her car. It is the boy from the crosswalk, who introduces himself as Kevin. He says that his father, Vincent, is looking for parking, and uses the bathroom.

Vincent arrives at Princess Carolyn's door. He says that Kevin is his son and he is divorced. He is eager to leave, though Princess Carolyn stops him and asks why he didn't tell her. He says that he didn't want her to be annoyed with Kevin. She suggests he check on Kevin, who is supposed to still be in her bathroom.

Kevin appears to Princess Carolyn, saying that Vincent is now peeing. She gets him a glass of water. Vincent and Kevin are now both there with Vincent holding a newspaper, blocking his face. Princess Carolyn begins talking to him, angry with his lack of reply, and Kevin asks for chocolate.

She leaves the room and when she comes back, Kevin is gone and Vincent has put down the newspaper, saying he sent him away because he was getting on his nerves. Vincent requests she turn around because she has a pretty figure. Kevin returns to receive the chocolate. Vincent now has a towel on his head and the bowling ball is gone. Kevin says he threw the bowling ball out the window and Vincent is wiping his face with the towel.

Princess Carolyn comes back into the room to find Kevin is gone and Vincent with chocolate on his face. Vincent says he kissed Kevin and got chocolate on his face. She asks what they're doing and realizes that she was looking for something when they met and wanted to believe their relationship was it. She says that believing something to be real isn't the same as it actually being real and their relationship isn't. She breaks up with him.



  • Little is known about his home life, other than his mother attends night school, judging by his dialogue.
    • Possibly, she is a single mother, judging by how he seems to have a firm grasp on the concept of divorce.