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This article is about Katie Rabitowitz. You may be looking for Katie (BoJack's High School Classmate).

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Katie gives birth in Old Acquaintance

Katie Rabitowitz is a one-time character in BoJack Horseman. She the wife of Rutabaga Rabitowitz. She is seen in Old Acquaintance, in Season 3.

Physical Appearance[]

Katie is a brown and white lop-eared rabbit woman. She wears a light pink lipstick.

In Old Acquaintance, she is seen wearing a short-sleeved teal dress with pink trim, a pair of white floral leggings, and pink and black flats with a slight heel.


Little is known about her personality.


Season 2[]

In The Shot, Rutabaga suggests that he and Princess Carolyn leave Vigor, and start their own agency. She agrees, the two make arrangements to start a new business, with all the paperwork under Princess Carolyn's name.

They engage in a romantic relationship, that lasts three months. He never divorced his wife Katie, Princess Carolyn got upset and realizing her name was under all the paperwork, left Rutabaga in the dust while she moved on to her new agency.

Season 3[]

In Old Acquaintance, on New Year's Eve, and Rutabaga and Katie, are in marriage therapy. The therapist, Dr. Janet, is telling them their marriage is officially fixed.

Rutabaga then gets a call from his partner, Vanessa Gekko, who tells him that the new David Pincher film, Flight of the Pegasus, lost its lead and they need a new actor immediately.

He tells Katie he has to take care of work but promises he'll be there, by the time she gives birth. He heads into the office, where they decide that Chuff Hollister, should be the replacement lead.

Later in the episode, she gives birth to their seven children.

Episode Appearances[]

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