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Karmen is a one-time character in BoJack Horseman. She is one of the patients at Pastiches Malibu. She makes her only appearance in A Little Uneven, Is All, is Season 6.


Karmen seems to be very troubled, having sold her baby to a gang of leeches. Her voice is very hoarse and she seems very scared and confused. Little else is known about her.

Physical Appearance[]

Karmen has light brown messy hair and long bangs framing her face. She has acne all over her face and lower neck and dark circles under her eyes.

She wears a navy tank top accompanied by an ankle-length maroon skirt with white drawstrings. On her left wrist, she has a purple beaded bracelet.


Season 6[]

In A Little Uneven, Is All at Denise's going way party, Doctor Champ tells BoJack that rehab is especially for people in crisis. BoJack responds with "In crisis of being too cool, maybe, right Karmen?"

Karmen asks if she can see her baby, Doctor Champ tells her she can't because she sold her child to a gang of leeches for some crack. She becomes sad and walks away, to which BoJack says "Classic Karm."


  • There is a possibility she could be going through withdrawal symptoms as she appears to be scared and confused.
  • The subtitles on Netflix spell her name as Karmen.