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Jurj Clooners is a recurring and minor character in BoJack Horseman. He is a parody of real-life A-list actor George Timothy Clooney.

Physical Appearance[]

Jurj is a middle-aged man human with combed over grey hair with light grey highlights. His hairline appears to be slowly receding. He has slight wrinkles on his face and thick black eyebrows.

At the award ceremonies, he is seen wearing a black tuxedo consisting of a white button-down collared dress shirt, black jacket, dress pants, shoes, and a black bow tie.

It is unknown what he wears as everyday attire.


Jurj is known to be a fan of pranks and one of the top big-name actors. He is an exaggerated version of the real George Timothy Clooney. Little else is known about him.


Season 3[]

In Brrap Brrap Pew Pew, at the Golden Snowflake Awards, Jurj Clooners wins the award for Best Actor in a Motion Picture or Vine. This upsets BoJack, who was also nominated for SecretariatAna tells BoJack that his time will come at the after-party.

At the Leonard Maltin Awards, the Malty goes to Bread Poot. BoJack runs into Jurj Clooners at the bar, and the tow begins to talk, and BoJack says that since Bread won this night, then maybe next time it will be him.

Jurj says that he isn't going to win because his name isn't a real name, meaning he isn't as big as the other nominees, and the shows are rigged in their honor.

Jurj then pranks BoJack when they shake hands and he shocks BoJack with a joy buzzer.

BoJack, wanting to get back at Jurj Clooners for pranking him, disguises himself as his driver to the Image Choice Spirit Awards and plans to hit him in the face with a baseball bat to prove how stupid pranks are.

The plan begins to go smoothly, with BoJack speaking with a fake accent and wearing a fake mustache to disguise himself.

However, to BoJack's shock, Ana gets in the car with Jurj, revealing she's his publicist too. Jurj then asks his driver to make a few stops for him and to go into the stops for him so he downstairs gets mobbed by fans. BoJack's true stop is denied but Ana demands he listen to him.

BoJack has finally made it to the Image Choice Spirit Awards with Jurj and Ana. Jurj asks him to drive back so that they can pick up his wife but a frustrated BoJack reveals himself.

He is hurt, as he believes Ana went behind his back by supporting Jurj, and thinks that's the reason her clients win every year—she supports everyone, meaning she's not actually a good publicist. Ana sternly says she's a marvelous publicist, and this behavior doesn't look good for him. BoJack fires Ana and demands she and Jurj get out of the limo.

Season 6[]

In Nice While It Lasted, it's revealed through a Drama Weekly magazine that he went to prank rehab.


  • His running gag is that he likes playing pranks on people.