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I love you, Princess Carolyn

—Judah to Princess Carolyn, Angela


Judah Mannowdog is a recurring character in BoJack Horseman.

He is the former assistant of Princess Carolyn in VIM through Season 3 until he was fired in Season 4, in Ruthie. In Season 6,in The Kidney Stays in the Picture, he returns to VIM as their Chief-of-Operations. He confesses his love to Princess Carolyn through a song he wrote for her in Angela and marries her shortly before the finale.

Physical Appearance

Judah is an adult human male. He has blue-green eyes and long brown hair. He has a long brown beard and mustache. According to the model sheets, he is about 6 ft tall. He wears thick brown glasses.

His work attire is a light blue collared shirt, dark teal necktie and pantsuit, and dress shoes. His hair is usually tied in a bun.

For Judah's casual look, he wears his wavy hair down and it falls to shoulder length. He wears a grey plaid collared button-down shirt, black jeans, white socks, and black and white sneakers.


Judah is hard-working and very loyal to Princess Carolyn. He is usually dry, deadpan, and serious, but appears to be a kind and caring person with a gentle soul. He takes things very literally, often causing jokes to go over his head. As a result, he thinks very carefully about everything he says, with great precision, and means exactly what he says.

Judah is rather reserved and prefers to keep things constantly professional and not personal. When he wants people to know he is getting emotional, he will simply state it in a very as-a-matter-of-fact way and not really show it. Even when he was berated and fired by a drunk Princess Carolyn, he only takes a deep breath and calmly thanks her for her time. It is revealed at the end of Season 6 that his emotions are hidden in his songs as a musician. He likely writes personal songs because it helps him express his emotions through an artistic medium, as he has to keep a professional demeanor at the workplace.


Season 3

In Start Spreading The News, Princess Carolyn is walking around her new agency, VIM, making sure everything is in order—albeit appearing to be a little flustered. In the meantime, her new assistant, Judah Mannowdog reminds her about calls she has to make. In particular, the conference call with BoJack and Ana started seven minutes ago, and Diane has been stalling.

Princess Carolyn picks up the call and asks how the press junket is going. BoJack says that it was endless, whereas Ana says that it was exquisite. Diane informs them that they are doing well social media-wise. BoJack says that he's exhausted and that being a movie star is really hard. Princess Carolyn tells them that she set up an interview for him for Manatee Fair.

Ana insists BoJack isn't ready for a magazine feature, but Princess Carolyn assures her it'll be fine.

Judah intervenes in the meeting and reminds Princess Carolyn to call Mr. Peanutbutter. She puts BoJack on hold, which annoys both Ana and BoJack. Princess Carolyn calls Mr. Peanutbutter to remind him about his meeting with Pinky Penguin today. Mr. Peanutbutter is actually already in the meeting, and an annoyed BoJack asks if he needs to be on this call.

Princess Carolyn is extremely stressed with running her agency. Judah says that he'll take up more responsibility, but that they need to focus on the clients that they already have. Princess Carolyn thinks this is a great idea.

In Love And/Or Marriage, Judah walks into Princess Carolyn's office and tells her that he's settled on a dental plan, and he also asked her for a stake in the company, and she agrees. He also tells her that she has a night off tonight, so she jokingly tells him to get her three dates, because she doesn't know when her next day off will be.

Later, Princess Carolyn learns that Judah actually got her three dates—one at seven, one at 8:30, and one at ten. She asks him to reschedule two of them because she was joking, but he says it's going to be a really long time until she gets another day off.

In Old Acquaintance, at Vigor, Charley Witherspoon, who has been running the company ever since his father croaked, talks to Judah about merging the two companies. Judah tells him that he'll bring it up to Princess Carolyn when the time is right.

Judah comes in Princess Carolyn's office, and she reveals BoJack didn't get either movie, he tells her they're going to have to cut costs. She yells at him in frustration, apologizes, and tells him to just go home. He wishes her a happy new year as he does. Princess Carolyn looks out the window to watch the fireworks. She gets a call from BoJack, but hits decline, as she sighs.

Season 4

In the episode Ruthie, Judah was fired by Princess Carolyn for rejecting Charley Witherspoon’s offer to merge their companies without informing her about the offer at all or even getting her input.

Season 6

Judah returns after assistants go on strike in The Kidney Stays in the Picture.

At VIM, Lenny notices someone sitting in his chair. Judah turns around tells him he's three minutes late for their meeting. Judah then says if he's serious about negotiating with the assistants it is imprudent to send the message he doesn't respect their time. Judah then suggests they adjourn for the day and start tomorrow. Lenny then questions what that was about. Princess Carolyn simply says to let the negotiations begin.

In The Face of Depression, at VIM Princess Carolyn and Lenny meet with Judah, trying to wrap up the strike negotiations. Judah agrees with the contract Princess Carolyn gives him except for getting rid of office birthday cakes—while he agrees everyone hates office parties, in a stressful work environment employees crave any small morsel of satisfaction. Princess Carolyn finally gives in by saying they can group birthdays so they only happen once a month.

Judah says they accept those terms, and there is one last thing left to deal with, the matter of treating assistants like garbage. Princess Carolyn hands Judah another part of the contract that now states assistants will be treated like recycling. She says there is a new understanding that all assistants one day may be up-cycled to a higher status. Princess Carolyn and Judah shake hands in agreement.

Outside, Princess Carolyn tells Judah she meant to reach out, but Judah tells her there is no need to explain, he knows she's been busy with Ruthie and work. Princess Carolyn says the strike is the most amount of time she's been able to spend with Ruthie. As Princess Carolyn watches Judah ride off she tells him she's the best assistant she's ever had. He tells her she does not need to use "ever" in that sentence as it's implied. Princess Carolyn smiles at this.

Later, at VIM Princess Carolyn offers Judah a job as Chief-of-Operations, which he gladly accepts. She then tells him she needs every third Friday of her schedule cleared so she has time to spend with her daughter and asks him to investigate the burning smell from the copy room. She thanks him as he leaves, and he says it’s his pleasure.

In Angela, at VIM, Princess Carolyn questions Judah on whether he is in a band. She tells him she saw the flier and heard others around the office say they were going to his gig. Judah says he thought about inviting Princess Carolyn but didn't want her to feel obligated. Princess Carolyn then receives a phone call from Lenny Turteltaub. Lenny tells her he wants her to run Turtletaub's new female-focused studio division called Girtletaub, indicating that the studio is in trouble due to two decades worth of executive sexual harassment.

Lenny also tells Princess Carolyn her reputation for success is exactly what he needs to front the female-centric production company. Princess Carolyn asks if Lenny wants her to pitch her dream movie studio and he tells her he needs the pitch by tomorrow morning. Princess Carolyn then asks Judah to get her box office numbers. She tells him they need firm financial figures to frame how fans flock to films with female leads. They then list off the titles of several films. Princess Carolyn then asks Judah about his gig and he reassures her he has time as what they are working on is important.

At VIM, Judah tells Princess Carolyn he's completed a projection of female-led films over the past five years. Judah says it is encouraging yet vague as he needs to know the specifics of her dream slate. Princess Carolyn sounding discouraged wonders if she ever had dreams, to begin with. She tells Judah if he leaves now she can still make his show. Judah tells her it's his job to be at work when she is.

Princess Carolyn then advises Judah not to give his whole life to this job, because if he does one day someone will finally ask him what he wants, and he'll realize he doesn't even know anymore. Judah says OK to this and Princess Carolyn apologizes for missing it. Judah tells her that missing it will make eye contact easier for them tomorrow which Princess Carolyn laughs at.

At his concert, Judah's bandmate asks if everyone from his office is here. Judah sadly replies that not everyone is here.

At VIM, Princess Carolyn is attempting to type her dreams on her computer. She picks up the flyer from her desk and decides to go to Judah's concert. When she gets there his bandmate announces that their lead singer had to go back to work and therefore they will be playing only instrumental versions of their songs. Princess Carolyn subsequently leaves and heads back to VIM.

Princess Carolyn returns to VIM and finds Judah in her office. Judah says he would much rather prefer being with her. After she asks Judah to play her one of his songs, it's revealed that Judah wrote a love song for her and he plays it on his guitar which Princess Carolyn smiles at.


Judah playing guitar for Princess Carolyn in Angela.

In Nice While It Lasted, Judah and Princess Carolyn get married, however, it is revealed when BoJack and Princess Carolyn are dancing that it wasn't their actual wedding but rather an industry wedding and publicity stunt to garner more clients for their company and their real wedding was actually a week ago.


Episode Appearances

Season 3


Judah Band Model Sheet

Season 4

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Judah Guitar Model Sheet


  • His name is a pun on the phrase "You da man now, dog!"
  • The episode Angela reveals he plays in a band and that his guitar is a Gibson.