Joelle Clark is an actress who played Olivia, The Horse’s oldest adopted child, on Horsin’ Around.


Joelle starred as Olivia, the oldest of the three orphans adopted by BoJack's character Horse on Horsin' Around. After the show ended, she moved to England, became a theater actress and developed a British accent.

Herb says that she is an actually talented actress. It is revealed that during the run of Horsin' Around she developed an eating disorder because of the writers dressing her in a pumpkin costume on an episode of the sitcom and then writing "fat jokes" about her character.

She currently works at the West End Theater in London, where she plays Juliet's Nurse. She seems to have acquired a British accent from her time spent working on theatre in London.


Joelle has blonde hair and blue eyes.

On Horsin' Around she had her hair in a short bob, and she wore a light grey off shoulder top with a blue, red, yellow, and green pattern, a purple and blue skirt, a necklace with a green pendant, and brown boots.

In the last seasons of the show her hair is longer, and she wears a black zip up crop top with a purple floral and green leaves pattern, blue jean shorts over purple leggings, and black boots, a black belt with gold oval belt buckle, purple and silver bracelets on her left wrist.

In Still Broken, she wears a black outfit consisting of a peplum black blouse with elbow length sleeves and black skirt, and black high heeled pumps with straps, and a black ladies hat, and silver pendant with a black stone in the center on a silver chain, and gold bangle on her right wrist to Herb's funeral. Her body has also gotten noticeably curvier.


In flashback scenes from the set of Horsin' Around, Joelle is portrayed as a stereotypical child actor who doesn't feel that she is getting enough screen time, feeling jealousy toward Sarah Lynn in particular.


  • Horsin' Around


Sarah Lynn

Joelle has shown shades of jealousy toward Sarah Lynn due to her character dominating the show in its later years, leaving very little attention for Joelle's character.


  • Her character Olivia on Horsin' Around is strongly reminiscent of DJ Tanner from Full House.
  • Joelle herself appears to be strongly based on Candace Cameron Bure in terms of looks. She may also bear a slight resemblance with Jodi Sweetin as well.
  • She is voiced by Alison Brie, who also voices Diane Nguyen
  • On one episode of Horsin' Around, Joelle wore a pumpkin costume and the characters made fat jokes about it, which led to her developing an eating disorder. This is a joke about child actress Tracey Gold who developed an eating disorder after the sitcom “Growing Pains” made her the brunt of fat jokes for multiple episodes.