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Jeffretariat is an unseen and minor character in BoJack Horseman. He is only mentioned in The Shot in Season 2. He was the brother of the famous racehorse Secretariat.

Physical Appearance[]

Since Jeffretariat is never seen, it is not known what he looked like, though he may have been a horse like his brother Secretariat.


It is not known what Jeffretariat's personality was like.


Season 2[]

In The Shot, it is revealed Jeffretariat died in Vietnam, having been sent to war in his brother's place. The episode begins with a flashback to 1972. Secretariat is in the Oval Office begging President Nixon to not send him to Vietnam, as his celebrity status will cause a major backlash from protesters. Nixon tells him ominously an arrangement could be "...arranged."

A while later, young BoJack is watching Secretariat on The Dick Cavett Show on TV. Secretariat has placed first in a race and he voices his support of the war and Nixon, mentioning how his brother Jeffretariat is fighting in Vietnam. It is assumed that Jeffretariat was sent in Secretariat's place as part of a deal with the president.

In present-day, while shooting in the Nixon Library, Kelsey directs BoJack, saying he has been told his brother is dead and it's his fault, "but this moment is bigger than that. This is the moment that Secretariat stops running. Because this is the moment you realize something inside you is broken and it can never be fixed." It can be inferred from this that Secretariat felt guilty about his brother's death and that it had a big impact on the rest of his life.


  • Jeffretariat's name rhymes with his brother's, but contains the common human name "Jeff," as if to denote how he was an everyman type, unlike his brother who was a famous celebrity.