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This article is about Ivy (Real Person). You may be looking for Ivy Tran (Fictional Character).

Ivy is a minor character in BoJack Horseman. She is an employee at the Trauma clothing store in Chicago. Her only appearance was in Good Damage, in Season 6.

Physical Appearance[]

Ivy is a human female with black hair that is bleached blonde at the tips and tied back in a small bun at the top of her head in a halfway-up, halfway-down hairstyle. She wears a dark magenta lipstick and purple eyeshadow.

She wears a yellow long-sleeved crop top, purple pinstripe overalls, black polka-dot tights, and black Doc Martens, similar to the fictional Ivy Tran character.


Ivy appears to have been the inspiration for the Ivy Tran character. Diane appears to have borrowed the real Ivy's first name and appearance (albeit aged-down) to create the character. Little else is known about her.


Season 6[]

In Good Damage, Diane is seen trying to sort through her childhood memories at the mall. In particular, she tries to remember the times her father was abusive towards her, but her memory is still foggy.

Diane is seen attempting to start the draft of her books through the crude sketches. She has trouble sorting out her ideas. She then gets distracted seeing two women walk into a trendy clothing store called Trauma that is having a spring sale.

Diane is seen in the fitting room trying on a yellow tube top which does not fit her. Diane peeks out the door and asks a sales associate if they have a larger size. The associate tells her they don't use clothing size numbers at Trauma. Diane gets frustrated with this and puts her own shirt back on.

Later, Diane is seen trying to write again and recall her father's abuse. Out of those memories pops out a fictional character named Ivy Tran who is a teenage detective who solves mysteries in the mall. Diane then snaps out of her fantasy and looks at her computer and realizes she has written about Ivy Tran, Food Court Detective.


  • Her last name is unknown.