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Isabel is a one-time character in BoJack Horseman. She was a reporter for The Tribune. Her only appearance is in Feel-Good Story, in Season 6.

Physical Appearance[]

Isabel is a human woman with slight wrinkles on her face, thin black eyebrows, with grey hair tied in a ponytail with a grey hairband.

She wears an unbuttoned navy trench coat, dark teal button-down collared shirt, light pink pants, a black eye patch, and brown work boots.


Isabel is a dramatic reporter with a somewhat mysterious persona. Little else is known about her.


Season 6[]


Diane and Guy interview Isabel, in Feel-Good Story.

In Feel-Good Story, Diane and Guy go to the art museum to talk discreetly, to a reporter from The Tribune, named Isabel. Isabel then makes a reference to The Great Gatsby, which confuses Diane. Isabel retorts Diane should read a book. Guy then tells her that she should be nice. Isabel says she wishes she had the energy.

Her obsession destroyed her relationships and obliterated her career for nothing. She had one contact on the warehouse floor, Matt Minnowman. Isabel says maybe that's their story. Diane questions why isn't it Isabel's story. Isabel says her editor thought she was becoming too obsessed with the Whitewhale beat so he moved her to the Holiday gift guide desk.


  • Diane and Guy's interactions with Isabel are a parody of Moby Dick. Isabel introduces herself by saying "Call me Isabel." The first sentence in Moby Dick is "Call me Ishmael." Isabel then discusses her "hunt" for the "beast" that is Whitewhale, in a similar manner to Captain Ahab, who spends the duration of the book hunting a literal white whale.
    • This is all humorously followed up with a Great Gatsby reference, while the more obvious Moby Dick parallels are ignored by the characters.