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I Will Always Think Of You is a juxtaposed duet sung by Honey Sugarman & Eddie in different time periods in The Old Sugarman Place. It is also briefly sung by Crackerjack Sugarman and Honey Sugarman at the beginning of the episode.

It is played once again by Crackerjack in The View from Halfway Down on his trumpet in a performance with his 'younger older' sister Beatrice Horseman.


Season 4

The song is featured twice in The Old Sugarman Place. It is first briefly sung by Honey and Crackerjack Sugarman, her son, at the piano in the Sugarman Summer Home, until Joseph interrupts them, which is all seen in a flashback to 1944. Crackerjack died in World War II a few months later, leaving Honey to become depressed and emotionally unstable.

In the present, Eddie sings parts of this song to distract the party-goers at a barn/restaurant while BoJack steals the wind vane that was taken from his grandparents’ summer home.

At the same time, in 1945, as the audience sees the past and present juxtapose, Honey, trying to cheer herself up, and Beatrice go to the same barn for a party to celebrate the end of the war.

However, Honey sees the piano and begins to sing parts of the song by herself, as the party goes stare, and she and Eddie “duet." After they finish, Honey drinks heavily and has a breakdown, while Eddie begins crying, as the song reminds him of his deceased wife Lorraine, whom he accidentally got killed.

Season 6

In The View from Halfway Down, in BoJack's dream, Herb Kazzaz invites an aged Beatrice Horseman, (who is now in her debutante dress, from Time's Arrow) up to the stage. She curtsies as Crackerjack begins to play I Will Always Think Of You.

Beatrice ribbon dance

Beatrice is holding a ribbon stick and begins to dance rhythmically to the music. She does a front flip off the stage and lands next to BoJack, who is the only one seated in the audience. She continues to dance, and as the song comes to an end, she whispers to BoJack, "This is the hard part," she jumps and soars high above the stage. She sighs and says "And now, the easy part."

Crackerjack stops playing his trumpet but the music still goes on. He responds to the stunt with "Golly!" As more instruments tune in, the ribbon wraps around Beatrice, who is still in the air, and Crackerjack wraps the ribbon around his waist and says "Over and out" before jumping through the door. The black tar from the door consumes Beatrice, leaving only the ribbon on the floor. The music ends on a dramatic high note as BoJack freezes in shock.

These are the last appearances of Beatrice Horseman and Crackerjack Sugarman in the series.


I will always think of you
I see your face when each day is through
And days go past (Oh so fast)
* But memories, they last

Summer, winter, year by year (Year by year)
I'll hear this song inside my ear
(Try to restart) That'd be smart
* But thoughts of you haunt my heart

No, I don't wanna be alone now
Just biding my time
I need somebody dearly
And darling, you'd be sublime

Honey Sugarman:
Spring and autumn, up and down (Up and down)
I keep trying to escape this town
(And I just might) I'll take flight
* Maybe tomorrow, not tonight


* - Sung together

() - Sung by the other person