This is the image gallery for INT. SUB, the 7th episode of Season 5.

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Intro Differences

Diane's therapist wants to tell her mediator wife, Mary-Beth, about her week with her clients, but due to doctor-patient confidentiality she changes the clients' names and defining characteristics. As such, BoJack becomes "BoBo The Angsty Zebra", and the opening theme now depicts him as a zebra. He is also shown as a zebra on the TV in the living room and part scenes, and on the magazine hanging outside his bedroom Horsin' Around becomes Stripin' Around.


The "A" Plot


Mary-Beth suggests to Dr. Indira that she could talk about her clients if she changed their names and main characteristics. Dr. Indira then begins to talk about her week with "Bobo the Angsty Zebra" (BoJack).

Dr. Indira is shown in a session with Diane, who she renames "Diana, Princess of Whales", for her story.

Diane is telling her about the BoJack tape Ana gave her with BoJack confessing that he almost did something to a girl, which Diane says that must mean she was young. She wonders why BoJack didn't tell her about it.

Dr. Indira then suggests Diane puts boundaries between herself and BoJack.

The "B" Plot


Mary-Beth begins to talk about her week, while also changing the people's names and characteristics.

Her story involves Todd, or "Emperor Fingerface" and Princess Carolyn, or Tangled Fog of Pulsating Yearning in the Shape of a Woman". In the morning, Todd tells Princess Carolyn to have breakfast, but she assures him she’ll just grab whatever’s at work. Princess Carolyn later goes to Todd's office at WhatTimeIsItRightNow, and asks him for her own office on set.

She hands him the paperwork for it, but just when Todd is about to reach for his pen in his jacket, he suddenly blames her for eating his last string cheese. When she denies it, he says they have to get a mediator to help them solve this argument they are having at work.



Model Sheets


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