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The Hyperion Street Bridge is a bridge that is a recurring location in BoJack Horseman. It is a recurring location throughout Season 5 and Season 6. It was first seen in Ancient History, in Season 5, though making a prominent appearance in Angela, in Season 6.

Physical Appearance[]

The Hyperion Street Bridge is a bridge. It is concrete and gray in color. The alleyway below it is very run down and very ruined, having water streams from the sewer going through it.

There are two buildings on either side. One is a purple, relatively small building and the other one is a camo-green tall building, it is unclear what these buildings are for.


Season 5[]

In Ancient History, BoJack and Hollyhock arrive at BoJack's house after he picks her up from the airport. However, as Hollyhock stands in the doorway she starts experiencing anxiety. BoJack asks her what's wrong. Hollyhock explains that the last time she was at his house, she was secretly drugged by his mom, which may have been traumatic for her. BoJack promises her that it won't happen, because his mom is dead now, and the two agree to order pizza.

After she and BoJack finish eating pizza, Hollyhock goes to look in BoJack's fridge for ice cream—although he said he ate the rest the other night. She finds his vodka bottles labeled with the days of the week—BoJack explains its a new system he's trying, he's down to one bottle a day.

Hollyhock asks if it's "an AA thing," but BoJack snaps he doesn't need AA. Hollyhock asks to take his car to the ice cream. He refuses, but she attempts to grab what she thinks are the keys from inside his coat. However, she ended up grabbing his prescription opioids. She begins panicking, thinking BoJack put them in her pizza, and she dumps them down the garbage disposal. BoJack reveals they were for his back, making Hollyhock feel guilty.

Hollyhock apologizes for what she did, but BoJack tells her to not worry about it, as her generation was "brainwashed by McGruff the Crime Dog," but Hollyhock also reminds him that she overdosed on pills. BoJack assures her his pills were "good pills" and he actually needed them.

She asks if he can get more, but BoJack says that he can't just call up the pharmacy and tell them what happened since their opioids they'll assume he's a drug addict. Hollyhock says that he must know someone he can get the painkillers from, and BoJack says that he does.

Hollyhock and BoJack are waiting in a pediatrician exam room. BoJack explains this doctor is the "sleaziest and shadiest" when it comes to drugs. The doctor in question is Dr. Allen Hu. Dr. Hu reveals to BoJack after Sarah Lynn's death, he got sober at Pastiches Malibu and became "a brand new doctor." BoJack asks him for more drugs, but Dr. Hu refuses, due to the nature of the drugs he wants, and doesn't believe the story about BoJack's back.

As they drive, Hollyhock apologizes again, but BoJack assures her it's fine and they're spending time together. They go to Gina's house, as BoJack thinks he may have left some pills there, but the key under her doormat isn't there. Hollyhock goes out back to see if there's a window she can climb through. However, after she leaves, Gina arrives home.

Gina asks BoJack what he's doing here, he lies and says he just wanted to check up on her. She opens the door and almost sees Hollyhock climbing through a window. BoJack distracts Gina while Hollyhock searches for pills. BoJack says he wants to talk about their relationship, and lies and agrees with her that he wants to get back together.

As he tries to take off, as Hollyhock found pills, Gina admits she's had a lot of on set flings on all the shows she's filmed, and no guy has ever wanted to continue their relationship after filming was done. She always internalized that she didn't deserve being in a relationship—but now she feels like she does. BoJack quickly agrees as he races off and promises he'll call her. Hollyhock catches up and jumps in his car.

BoJack talks to himself about how and when he'll call Gina, but he assures himself that things will work out and they'll be happy. He won't hurt her in a way that’ll affect her for the rest of her life. Hollyhock grabbed the wrong pills, which BoJack scolds her for—but he quickly apologizes, saying it's just his back. He tells Hollyhock he has another idea as he tosses the pills out of the car. Hollyhock wonders if Gina needed those pills, but BoJack assures her she'll be fine, and that "Nobody needs pills."

Screenshot (3857)

Hollyhock and BoJack looking for drugs in Ancient History

BoJack takes Hollyhock to a shady place under a bridge. Hollyhock tells him she only has two hours left before she has to go back to the airport, but BoJack "nicely" reminds her they wouldn't have to be here if she hadn't flushed his pills. A van pulls up, and BoJack tries to ask for drugs. The drug dealer thinks he's a cop because of his Philbert costume.

However, Officer Meow Meow Fuzzyface arrives wearing an obvious "teen" disguise and asks for drugs to bust the drug dealer. Despite BoJack and Hollyhock clearly seeing he's a cop, the dealer gives Meow Meow Fuzzyface the drugs, leaving him to bust the dealer, and cops swarm the location.

BoJack and Hollyhock make a run for it, but get corned in an alleyway divided by a fence. However, BoJack is able to boost Hollyhock and himself over the fence, which surprises Hollyhock—as BoJack was complaining the entire night his back was hurting.

Hollyhock and BoJack make it back to the car. Hollyhock asks how he was able to lift her over the fence, and if he really needs these pills. BoJack goes off and says that she doesn't know what it's like—he's always in pain all the time. She only had one bad experience with his mom, but he's been in pain for his entire life. Hollyhock says he should probably take her to the airport.

BoJack and Hollyhock arrive at the airport. BoJack apologizes and confesses that it's possible that he doesn't really need the pills. Hollyhock offers to take a semester off to be with him, but BoJack stops her and insists that she live her own life at college and that he'll be fine.

Hollyhock makes him promise to not take drugs again unless he gets hurt again and the drugs from a real doctor. She tells him that she loves him, but he doesn't say it back, still struggling to get close to anyone—he only smiles sadly. She gets out of the car, and they sadly wave goodbye to each other.

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Margo holds Todd "hostage" in Angela

Season 6[]

Screen Shot 2020-04-28 at 10.12

Helen has a panic attack

In Angela, in Todd's parents' home, Todd and Maude are having dinner with Jorge. Todd asks how his mother is able to make her famous Frito pie but is too sick to come down and eat with them. Todd then says he wants to see her for himself and heads for the stairs. He is stopped by Jorge who tells him his mother is at Zumba. Todd asks if she is at Zumba or if she's sick. Jorge tells him that is mother was sick but she thought Zumba would make her feel better.

Todd says this was a mistake as he and Maude head back to Maude's car. Todd then sees the shadow of his mother in the window shutting the curtain. Jorge runs out and confesses his mother is not really at Zumba. Todd then tells Jorge he can see his mother in the window. Jorge tells him that's a mannequin and Todd tells Jorge to stop lying. Jorge finally admits his mother is ashamed because Todd donated his kidney to her and she feels like a mother shouldn't owe her child her life.

Jorge then says if she could save his life in return there might be a possibility she would see him. Todd ponders over this and gets an idea.

After Maude and Todd leave, Jorge and Todd's mother Helen sit at the dining table. Helen remarks that Todd's girlfriend seems nice and he seems healthy. Helen then asks what Todd's job is. Jorge then tells Helen that he thinks Todd runs a daycare but he talks about the babies like they are his co-workers so it's impossible to know for sure. Helen then expresses regret at not being at dinner earlier. They then get a phone call from someone saying Todd has been kidnapped.

Maude and Todd are seen at their apartment with Character Actress Margo Martindale who is reading off cue cards. She tells Helen to bring her famous Frito pies under a bridge. After hanging up Todd thanks Margo for her help. Margo then tells him it's the least she can do and expresses remorse for making Todd buy an addictive video game that sent her down a ruinous path.

Under the bridge, Margo pretends to hold Todd ransom for the Frito pies. Helen begs Margo not to hurt her son and says she never got to make things right with him. Helen goes into a panic attack and Todd admits it was a "classic Todd shenanigan" to get her to speak to him again. Todd then explains Margo Martindale is just an actress and Margo says she was too convincing.

In the hospital, the doctor tells Helen she had an anxiety attack and to avoid stressful situations like fake kidnappings under bridges. The doctor tells Jorge to take care of the paperwork. After Jorge and the doctor leave, Helen apologizes to Todd for kicking him out saying that at the time she thought it was the right thing to do. She tells him she wanted him to grow up not leave forever. Helen then says as more time passed she didn't know how to make things right.

Todd tells her he did grow up and Helen's plan worked. He didn't have a mom for so long he no longer needed one. Helen then asks what they should do now and Todd tells her his idea for robot suits for babies so they can do grown-up things. Helen says that sounds dangerous and Todd says he guesses it is. She then suggests the robots could be powered by the energy from babies sucking on pacifiers.

In court, Margo tells the judge her mission was to bring Todd and Helen together again. The judge is about to sentence her to prison for killing a lot of people when Nicole Holofcener walks in and says she needs Margo to act in her new movie. The judge then finally agrees that sounds good and lets her go.