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God dammit, Honeydew!? Jesus, why does cantaloupe think every time it gets invited to a party, it can bring along its dumb friend, honeydew. You don't get a plus one, honeydew!

BoJack Horseman, Hank After Dark

Honeydew is a pale green ovoid muskmelon, which's innards are eaten after being skinned and chopped up. It is commonly served in fruit bowls at parties and other public snack bars, usually included alongside such chopped fruits as cantaloupes, watermelons, and other fruits from the gourd family.

It is a running gag in the BoJack Horseman series for the eponymous character BoJack Horseman to come across said fruit and get angry, ranting about how disgusting honeydew is.


Season 1[]

In One Trick Pony, BoJack complained that there was too much honeydew in the fruit bowl backstage at the filming of Mr. Peanutbutter's Hollywoo Heist. Princess Carolyn shared equal displeasure for the musky melon, claiming it was "garbage fruit." However, Mr. Peanutbutter later voiced his love and admiration for honeydew, but BoJack couldn't hide his dislike for the fruit.

Season 2[]

In Hank After Dark, while at MSNBsea, BoJack got anoyed when he saw some honeydew on a fruit plate and ranted about how whenever cantaloupe was present, honeydew was bound to be included and compared their togetherness to cantaloupe inviting honeydew to a party as it's plus one. Princess Carolyn later found honeydew on her fruit plate and briefly griped about it.

Season 3[]

In Stop the Presses, Ana told BoJack that honeydew was her favorite fruit and BoJack groaned in disgust and asked if she was serious. Ana told him that it didn't matter, whether she was serious or not.

Season 4[]

In What Time Is It Right Now, Hollyhock lamented to BoJack about her overpriced fruit cup, which she noted was 90% honeydew, infuriating the latter. Hollyhock likened honeydew to the unwanted actor, Jared Leto.

Season 5[]

In Planned Obsolescence, Gina tuned out BoJack's rambling, as she knew it was going to be yet another honeydew rant. BoJack tried to justify his monotony, by saying that his rant was "in the honeydew area" and the specifics of his complaints is what keeps it "fresh" every time.

Season 6[]

In The Face of Depression, during his AA meeting, BoJack saw a massive fruit plate, comprised solely of honeydew and cursed.

In Nice While It Lasted, BoJack, on a whim, tried honeydew for the first time at Princess Carolyn and Judah's wedding and quietly proclaimed that the fruit was "not bad." This is the last mention of honeydew in the series.