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Henry Fondle is a recurring character in BoJack Horseman. He is a sex robot created by Todd for Emily in Ancient History, in Season 5.

Physical Appearance[]

Henry has a blender head, attached to a vacuum body with wheels, with a Speak & Spell for a chest, rubber gloves attached to sticks for arms and hands, and pink, teal, and dark purple sex toys.


Henry's randomly programmed sex phrases are mistaken for actual commands and conversation replies.



Henry Fondle is the sex robot created by Todd for his best friend Emily in Ancient History.

Season 5[]

In Ancient History, Emily is at Todd's apartment, where Todd has set up romantic candles and is wearing a robe, although he says he blew a fuse earlier and didn't have time to change clothes. He then reveals to her his new invention—Henry Fondle, a sex robot, which has dildos on it and says "sexy phrases" from a Mr. Spell toy.

Emily is dumbfounded by this, and she tells Todd she doesn't think he knows how sex works. Todd defensively affirms he does know—it's his first time building a robot, in one afternoon at that. He thinks it turned out pretty great for a first attempt. Emily tells him it was a sweet gesture. However, Henry Fondle knocks over some candles and sets the floor on fire.

In Head in the Clouds, Todd says goodbye to Henry Fondle but his sex robot says "Let's get down to business," making Todd think it wants to go to work with him. Henry repeatedly saying "Yes" convinces him. Todd leaves Henry Fondle in his office and warns him to be on his best behavior as he heads out. However, Henry Fondle makes his way out of Todd's office.

Henry Fondle ends up managing to "convince" the CEO of to give him his job. Todd is unsure about this, but the CEO seems to be moved enough to go through with this. The CEO has Todd take Henry with him to the Philbert premiere after Henry "insists" by saying "I’m coming. Oh God, I’m coming."

Later, at the premiere of Philbert, Todd asks Henry Fondle how he liked the show, and the robot says "More, more!" and "Give it to me!" Princess Carolyn hears this and tells Flip that they're being renewed for a second season.

In The Showstopper, BoJack barges into Todd's office and goes off on a tangent as Todd tries to say it wasn't him. Todd does end up revealing that he gave a pharmaceutical the rights to use Philbert characters to sell their products. BoJack accidentally knocks over multiple cardboard cutouts made for this, and Henry Fondle turns on, with a Fritz cutout stuck to the front of him. BoJack thinks "Fritz" is going to shoot him.

He is later fired and Philbert is canceled after a series of accusations against him.

In The Stopped Show, a female employee at WhatTimeIsItRightNow is called to come into Henry Fondle's office. She takes no offense to his usual sexual phrases, but when he begins to say phrases like "insufficient power," as he is losing battery power, and "sleep mode," she believes she is being discriminated against and harassed.

This leads to multiple allegations of sexual harassment against Henry Fondle, which is seen being discussed on MSNBSea. As a result, Henry Fondle is put on an indefinite paid leave, and WhatTimeIsItRightNow is forced to scale back, refocusing itself as a website that tells you what time it is, which leads to most of its employees getting fired, and Philbert getting canceled.

Todd and Henry Fondle are walking out of, when another executive offers Henry a job, despite him just getting fired for sexual allegations—the executive says that just means he's learned his lesson and ready to start over. Todd tells Henry Fondle he wants to show him something.

Todd takes Henry Fondle out to a field with a lone tree on it, telling him this is his special thinking spot. As Henry Fondle continues to say lewd sexual phrases, one of them being "I love it when you call me father," Todd "kills" Henry by electrocuting him with a taser. As he "dies," Henry Fondle's phrases distort into "I love you, father." Todd, with a sense of relief now that all of this is over, removes his suit to reveal he had his normal clothes under it the whole time and walks off.

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